Thursday, June 30, 2005


I'm leaving for the Fungus "Dare to Be" camp in about half an hour. For all who are reading this, i thank you for wanting to know more about my lowly existance. However, i apologise for any inconvinence caused as there will be no new posts for the next 4 days and thus, you will have to find something else to do for the spare 20 minutes you will have. For the readers that enjoy laughing at my humiliating mistakes in life, scorning at my mishaps and smirking at my embarrassing encounters, i suggest this blog to you as a temporary substitute. (Click Here)

Things you can do in your spare 20 minutes:
- Bunge Jumping
- Swimming in the Yarra
- Sky Diving
- Go to the Zoo
- Sing India's National Anthem
- Get a haircut
- Skin a cat
- Set a bush ablaze
- Watch a Fraser

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