Sunday, June 19, 2005

Needles - A Cure for Pain

My mind is engulfed with bone-breaking thought of the excruciating pain i had just undergone. After church, my mum looked up the asian version of the yellow pages in search of a chinese doctor/physician open on Sundays. Well, she found one by the name of Mrs. Zhang and made an appointment in Wheelers Hill at 11.30am.

When we got there, Mrs. Zhang took us into one of the smaller rooms in her grand, fully-furnished house. I told her, in mandarin, that my knee ligament would hurt after several vigorous actions, and she diagnosed the problem. She told me to lie on the bed. What happened next gave me the fright of my life.

She opened a pack containing something metal, but i couldn't see what it was. I looked around the room and saw some medical posters of various acupoints in the human body. Then she said, " Ze bu hui tong de, zhe she yi dian dian suan." - which, in direct translation, means "This won't hurt, it'll just be a little bit sour". I was like...WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?!?! ACUPUNTURE?!?!?!?! My parents didn't tell me that i was gonna have needles stuck into my knee! -.-"""

As the first needle went in, it only felt like a small ant bite; nothing i couldn't handle. Then she started to twist and turn it, and i was like (@@##%%%#!!?!?!!. The pain was just excruciating! It wasn't the normal type of pain, it was at a totally different kind of pain at a totally different level! Sigh... That was only the first needle. I shut my eyes and bit my tongue, refusing to scream as another went in....then another....and another...and another. 6 in all. Then she lit a fire above every one of those candles. I could feel the heat slowly advance toward me delicate flesh and down into the sensitive nerves. Oh, i was suffering from serious trauma. I tried my best not to twitch my leg muscles at all through the 40 minute session as they would hurt even more. After the heat treatment, she attached some metal clips to each of the needles - electric shocks -.-" I couldn't really see what she was doing throughout the whole session as i was lying down, and that really freaked me out. I could only feel the pain with no clue what she was doing to my knee.

Needles - A cure for pain....sure hope so.
Alright, i've gtg for Fungus now. Hope i'll be ready for tomorrow's indoor soccer tournament!

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