Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Old Change New

Hey, please read yesterday's post if you haven't already done so. Don't freak out due to it's length! And don't forget to add a tag!

I had a normal day at school today, haven't had one of these in ages. Hmm...Peter was trying to tell me something, but i just didn't have the time to hear him out x.x" Sorry Pete! My knee's doing pretty well. I thought it felt worse than before in the morning, but the pain just went away by noon time. Oh yea...Inter-house Soccer's gonna be on this Thursday. I hope my knee will recover fully for that. It's the first injury that i've had that has ruled me out for several important soccer competitions. -.-" Sigh... I really hope Yarra wins this time.

Yea, today's post is one of the shortest post ever. Remember my trip down to Frankston some time ago? Yea, i've put the pictures up for you peeps =) I just realised all my friends in Singapore haven't seen my new hairstyle. haha! They'll be shocked. Enjoy!

At Frankston Beach

The Beautiful Horizon

My Cool Dad and i


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