Friday, June 03, 2005

Train Frenzy

I was dissapointed that i didn't get any papers back today. Actually, i did - Visual Communications. haha! That's my Art elective, and those of you who know me well should know that i HATE Art! I didn't know that Vis Comm was all about technical drawing, designing Art galleries, design processes and all that crap. I tried my best, but it looks like i'm bound to be an Art tool. There were two parts to this exam. Part A required Technical Drawing (Axonometric Drawing), which was REALLY easy for people who can draw a straight line (not me) and Part B was a written section about the design processes and all the factual stuff. Well, i did extremely well for Part B, and i couldn't be stuffed making an attempt on Part A. I ended up drawing a few random lines on the page. LOL! Well, had 9/30 for Part A and 52/55 for part B, giving me a poor, but satisfying, grade - B. =)

School was a bludge today. Ms Bryan, Berlin and Ms O'Reiley weren't in school today. Argh...i was soo looking forward to getting my Psychology exam paper back from her. Harish was even more pissed. Class periods were bagging periods. Turk and Harish, esp Turk, called me "Darth Apple" and started cracking up in German class. LOL! German was a total bludge, Mr Wright played some of his "fully-sick" German punk rock, and tried to shut us up with really tasty biscuits. I don't know what's wrong with that little Turkish brain. He kept trying to "convert me to the dark side" LOL! It was hilarious.

It all started off like this. I was at my locker, trying to get my stuff out for History and Turk kept proding me from behind. I got pissed, shoved him a little and shouted "Piss Off!", and he's like..."Ooooh....what did you say? Christians have to be good, they can't hurt people." -.-" From then on, he kept trying to "provoke" me to anger. Kicked me in the head during soccer, punched me in the guts during Maths, pushed me into the latrine in the toilet, stole my shoe, chucked my bag in Ms Fry's fish tank, sprayed me all over with Banh's disgusting deo and shared some of his eye shadow with me. -.-" What more do you want from me Turk?!

The train ride home can only be discribed as chaotic. There were so many people on the train today - Marcus, Harish, Josh, Shervin, Phan, Andrew, Branny, Brendan and his year 9s, James, Anthony and myself. Brendan was pimping with his new year 9 gal, think her name's Joy. Yea, and Branny's eyes were all over her. Marcus, Harish, Josh, Anthony and i were teasing Brendan throughout the entire train ride. He made a desperate escape to the next carriage; Mel was in that carriage with more Year 9 despos. Well, i couldn't believe that Brendan actually flirted in front of his ex. I don't know what's happening, but there seems to be a craze for Year 9s of the opposite sex ?.?"

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