Friday, June 17, 2005

Draw the Sand in the Line

"Draw the Sand in the Line"

A famous quote from my good friend, Jason Lu. He's obviously not that smart, despite his "pro-keeping-mud-dodging-rain-fearing skills". But that phrase really made sense to me as i was doing my quiet time.

"Everything is permissible - but not everything is beneficial...No body should seek his own good, but the good of others."

Sigh... i felt really guilty as i read that. Am i being a little too self-centred? I feel that i've been seriously thinking too much about myself and have been neglecting my friends. I've been using really crappy words, saying really crappy stuff, and doing really crappy things. Sigh...i'm not setting a good example as a Christian.

I'm about to leave for the Junior Social tonight. It's gonna start at 7.30 and will end at 11pm. Hmm...i wonder what we'll be doing. Anyway, more people said that i'm a real "pimp" in school today, but i really don't want people to think that of me whenever my name is metioned! I'm NOT a pimp! I believe that there's more to it than just flirting around with girls. I believe there's a difference in "love" and "true love". If you really love someone, you wouldn't mind if she/he had a cut right across her/his face. If you really did love someone, you would think about her/his feelings BEFORE thinking about yourself.

Well, i'm gonna behave myself tonight and follow the example of Christ.

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