Monday, June 13, 2005

Holiday - On The Road -.-"

I slept at 1AM last night and woke up at 6 this morning, i just couldn't get anymore sleep -.-" My eyes felt blistered and my limbs were still feeling the effects from yesterday's run. Today is the Queen's Birthday and almost the whole of Australia's celebrating it by declaring the day a public holiday. I love the Queen! I was intending to spend the day slacking at home, never had the time to do that since the last hols.

My parents wanted to go to Sorrento - the VERY EDGE of the Mornington Peninsula -.-" I was quite reluctant, but i thought that it would have a tinge of fun in it. Besides, i love the beach. I thought wrong. We left our house at 10.30AM, accompanied by Aunty Lily and her family, and Uncle Steven and his family.

However, our journey was lengthened by an hour as we had to pick up Jun Siang's friends. They are on a holiday all by themselves, and they were feeling bored. Argh... the car was like a can of packed sardines with so much compressed air occupying every iota of space. My dad and mum were in the front and i was sandwiched in between my sis and grandmother. I had the worst seat, i couldn't stretch my legs out. I couldn't even slouch! Sigh... Imagine holding that position, not for 1 hour, not 2, but THREE WHOLE HOURS!!!! -.-"

This is definately the worst public holiday spent - ON THE ROAD. That's SIX HOURS to and fro in a couped up, cramped, packed, stuffy, congested, contaminated and smelly car! Sigh... we didn't even do much at Sorrento! The beach wasn't that fact, we only spent 2 hours there. We had fish and chips for lunch, walked around a bit, and drove back. dumb could that have been????

I mean... the only good thing was the sweet-tasting, soft, tender flesh of the whiting. Oh Yea! The fish was awesome. Besides, i know how my parents love the beach, to travel and to "walk around". Well, despite the excursion being such a bore, and a complete torture, i'm sure they appreciate my company.

I just got home an hour ago, 6PM. Headed straight for the shower. Sigh... my entire body feels stiff right now. My thighs are sore, my head's spinning, my eyes are desert-dry and my fingers are aching. Argh...i've gotta go to school early in the morning for soccer training tomorrow. Adrenaline fills my body whenever i think about the soccer competition this thursday. I can picture Jason stuffing up. I just don't know if it'll be an own goal, a variation or an exact replay of the "mud-incident" that happened last year. haha!

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