Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Ever since the berth of my nickname "Apple", i've received constant bagging treatments in school. Currently, there are many variations to the name - Darth Apple, Green Apple, Rotten Apple, Apple Apple and !Apple. Well, Banh wants to spark the dawn of a new generation of nicknaming by "testing" the name "Crunchy" on me. -.-" Crunchy. do i look "crunchy" to you?

The day started of with a crunch; a crunch to my mood. I'm just using that word for the sake of it. haha! I caught the 7.06AM train and got to school at 7.50, just in time for soccer training. I got changed into my full sports gear (including boots) and trodded down to the oval, only to be informed that soccer training was cancelled because of the mud -.-" Sigh... i was so pissed. i reckon it should be cancelled for just Jason, the rest of us aren't afraid of mud =P

Two more days to go before ALL the soccer disputes are settled, before our soccer fate is decided. I'm already feeling the tension building up in my veins. Sigh... i don't believe that i almost got into a heated argument with Banh over Johnny. Fortunately, we didn't....but i sure hope he understands why i'm angry with Johnny. There was another heated quarrel between Turk and Johnny again. Turk was explaining his 5-3-2 formation, but Johnny insisted on his 4-3-3 formation, which looks like suicide to me. He even said that Turk "doesn't know shit about Soccer". He also shrugged off responsibility for the crap players in the team. Hmm...what a captain. Johnny has very little respect left, the only people i can think off who are still supporting him are Kev, Banh and Chalky.

Today was the first day of Term 3. Oh yea, the first thing that came straight into my head was the thought of the fresh air, the sweet-tasting food, the lovely beaches and the cudley animals in Singapore. But it's a little too soon to talk about that. Anyway, I've got McComb for Geography! -.-""""" My WORST nightmare was become a reality. ARgh... at the end of last year, i said that i would hang myself if i had McComb in Year 10 -.-"" I've got Mr.Jahanes for Business Management; he looks like a cool, but stern teacher. And i've got good old Ms. Poletti for CAD. Although TONS of students HATE her to the core, i kindda like her actually. haha! Don't even think about it!

Next, the "are-you-going-to-the-social" question. I'm being presured to go. If i don't go, i know i'll get jumped by Kev, Trent, Turk and probably Banh. I don't mind going, but the only thing giving me second thoughts is the 10 dollar entrance fee. -.-" What in the world?! I'm not paying 2/3s of my allowance just to dance and chat with some friends! That's insanity! PLUS, there's NO FOOD!!!! How can you have a party with NO FOOD?! Not even a hint of alcohol! I'm not even allowed to take a puff in there! Sigh... Anyway, i'll be having a sewing class on that night.

I took the 3.31pm train back today. I had a good time bagging Harish. He hasn't attended a single soccer training session, and for that reason, Ganella has put him in the B Team. lol! Little did i know that my sis was with Joyce in the third carriage -.-" I only learnt about it when i met them on the bus. I had a chat with Kev on the way back, i don't really like talking to Kev about Soccer. He just doesn't know people well enough to pass critical judgements. Although some of them may be true, like when he spoke about "glory-seeking" asians in the team. I thought that he would be a little bit more open, but as usual, i thought wrong.

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