Saturday, June 11, 2005


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I had a really busy day yesterday and i couldn't find the time to post. Trent made an escape from school on a FREE flight to Sydney yesterday after "jumping" Ms. Fry. That lucky goat! Term Two is finally over, and i'll be having Business Management and Visual Communcations with Computers as electives. Yippee! I needed a change. I'm gonna take my studies a little more seriously this semester. These are my grades for my exams:

Maths - A+, A+
English - A+
Science - A+
History - A
Visual Communication - B
German - B+, A
Psychology - A+

There's no grade for PE, but i'll probably get a UG for not being Greek.

The FINAL soccer team sheet for the A and B teams came out yesterday. About a hundred students flocked around it -.-" The first competition is on Thursday. We'll be up against a few schools. According to Jason, just ONE loss could send us all the way back to the school on the hill -.-" I pondered over it... 5 months of soccer trials, practice and constant political squabbling could be over in just ONE game. Hmm... how facinating, i don't mind losing. At least it'll put a sock in all the big mouths.

A Team

Johnny (C)
Denholm (VC)

B Team (I'm not so sure about the B team, but that should be right :P)

Matt (C)
Nick (VC)

Harish (He should be in the As, it was probably a mistake)
Lil Joe

Turk was so pissed off because he didn't gain captaincy, nor vice-captaincy. Well, i told him that it was because he had too much hair. The only reason why Johnny became captain was because he remembered to shave before trainings. As i expected; Johnny started bragging about his position. The thing is, he now has the authority to "command" us on the field. Sigh...i don't wanna be under the command of a luny Greek! We're gonna call for a poll at the next soccer meeting to elect a captain that everyone likes... or at least...non-greek.

I can foresee a boring day ahead. No Chinese school, No soccer cuz of the bad weather, only the wet beaches of Frankston. My parents are having a cell meeting at Uncle Steven's house tonight, and that happens to be in Frankston. Unfortunately, they decided to go there at 2pm to check the beaches out -.-" Unfortunately, my sis and i have to tag along -.-"

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