Monday, June 27, 2005

Make Your Own JayJays Design!

Okay, here's a treat to the loyal readers of my irresistable blog :P Let me reveal a deep secret about myself. For the gals, you're gonna go.." Yuck!" and probably puke all over the ground. Hopefully, the floor will be a little cleaner. For the dudes, you'll think that i'm a disgustingand revolting sporty nerd. You'll disregard me as a friend, and name all your pet dogs "Caasi". Ofcourse, there'll be one exception. From my half-year study of psychology, i can deduce that if neither of the predicted results above take place, people from either gender would buy a bottle of petrol from the nearest COLES petrol station, buy a box of matches from the closest COLES supermart, buy a motorcycle from the automobile shop closest to the COLES supermart, drive to my house, spit on my front lawn, smirk and mumble "RENEGADE" before setting it ablaze.

I spent the first day of the holidays doing a detestable fitness drill - shopping -.-" Sigh...i seriously HATE shopping! I mean...i do it at 5 times a year at the most, but i hate walking around shopping centres just looking at clothes, most of which look utterly disgusting. If you look carefully at all the T-shirts in any clothing outlet, you'll find that 52% of them won't suit yourself, and 47% percent of them look gay and would only be worn by the 1% of the modern day society, gays. After three hours of hardcore shopping, i bought a long-sleeved T-shirt from JayJays and a fully-sick rip curl jacket from Planet Surf. Thanks mum and dad! And i thank God too! =) Oh yea, back to the point. So, according to my calculations, 70% of the clothes would remain unsold.

I was thinking about this problem a few days ago, and i told my mum about an ingenious idea. Well, someone must have overheard our conversation the other day. I picked up a attractive card from the cashier's counter at JayJays which the text " Want to Design a JayJays tee?" -.-" Well, if any of you are interested, go to .

I'm gonna get my community service placement tomorrow. Hopefully, i won't get turned down again. I've already contacted 6 different organisations, and i eneded up with 6 different negative answers -.-"

I don't know what i'm gonna do tomorrow. I can't do any sports at all because of my knee. Don't wanna go shopping. Don't wanna go for a movie with Emma's group. I'll just sneak away in my mum's car, take a slow drive down to Frankston to pay Denholm a visit. Then, pick Marcus, Harish, Banh before gate crashing Jason's gay strip party.

I guess you fell into my psychological trap of deception :P The secret i was gonna tell yea. Wait.. you've gotta get a bucket, a shovel, a billabong bag, a pair of Ushina thongs and a plate of Sashimi before reading on.................okay, the secret is... I LOVE PEAS!

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