Saturday, June 18, 2005

Social? Or Roadshow?

Marcus, Anthony, Banh, Prashan, Harish, lil Joe and i went to Hungry Jacks after the Junior Social last night. haha! We were all exhausted, but we were even more hungry. The city looked really unfamiliar at 11.20pm.

I found the social a bore. I expected it to be like a casual party, chatting with friend over some food and drinks. However, it was a full-on, rave-like dance party! -.-" My parents would literally burn my dog if they knew that the "Junior Social" was a rave party. Well, there was extremely loud music in the hall - hundreds of people dancing. But i didn't like the idea of that kindda dancing - jumping up and down, flinging your head around in circles and screaming your guts out.

I wondered how a calm and collected person in everyday life could turn into such a "ravaging" party animal at such an occasion. It was an contradiction in itself. That reminded me of the people that jumped around wildly during Christian worship services. Why was there such a similarity? Sigh...that really puzzled me. I know that the youths of this age look to rave parties as outlets of stress release, but my outlet is God.

Although alcohol was banned last night, i believe that that was a real-life simulation of a nightclub, or a late night bar, which would have alcohol readily available. Then i wondered, if the "parents" of this age disapprove of alcohol consumption, why then do they approve of them going to simulated bars or nightclubs? I believe dancing crazily would also causing people to do stupid things like smoking, sex, or even drug-taking Well, i spent most of the time talking to friends in the "chill out" rooms and along the corridors. I've learnt my lesson - not to go to fancy "socials" ever again.

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