Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Grazed, Scabbed, Infected, Amputated

Look at the title. Have a short guess. Keep that thought in your mind. I'll begin on my marathon post.

I woke up really early today, at 6 to be exact. I was told that i had to catch the 7.06 train to be in school by 8am for my soccer training. The information was wrong, i got to school at about 7.45 -.-" Stupid Peter! :P However, i finally got to meet Emma on the train. There was a really awkward presence on the train this morning. I was sitting down with 4 gals to my right, and the only person i knew was Joyce. I was extremely tired this morning, and i was caught in a daze. loL! the gals were in a conversation and i didn't wanna interrupt. Fortunately, Peter hopped on the train at the next station, Syndal, and i had an amusing chat with him. Then Michael and James got on at Mount Waverley. The train ride was really enjoyable from then on. The dudes have been trying to get me on that 7.06 train for ages, but i found it WAY too early. But it wasn't that bad after all.

Soccer training was awesome. Not that i liked the training, but it was really organised. Fortunately, Johnny wasn't there (Although he's the "captain"). Whenever he was in charge of the trainings, everyone ended up mucking around. However, we managed to get through some proper drills this time.

Ooh...the subject of the title happens here. I thought we had training on the Hockey field, and i didn't bring my boots. The runners that i was wearing felt like like a bar of soap in a bath tub. They caused me to slip on some rock-solid mud in the middle of the oval and i ended up grazing my right knee really badly. The entire knee was grazed, and i could literally feel the hinges of the bones moving when i walked.

We played Footy during the two periods of sport that i had. It my class versus Peter's class. I never knew Jono La was such a gun at Footy. lol! Even Peter was good. We were competing with each other; trying to get above each other for a specky. haha! Peter, you got OWNED! :P Well, halfway through the game, i slipped and slided; my grazed right knee rubbing hard onto the wet grass. The pain was excruciating. I could have screamed my head off right there and then. haha! Yea, i could even see some green chlorophyl on my open wound. But i couldn't be stuffed cleaning it up.

Well, that was one of the worst decisions of my life. My knee was KILLING me when i was playing soccer during lunch. The game was awesome, but my knee just took all the fun outta the game. It was, and probably still is infected. haha! The hot water literally burned as it flowed onto the scab when i was in the shower. That's probably the only place in the world where i would feel to scream, i did.

Lots of people have been noticing my new hairstyle lately. I could name 5 people off the top of my head. haha! It's kindda late. I cut it two weeks ago, and dyed it last week. Victor just left my a message on MSN: "You look like a gangsta with your new hairstyle" -.-" lol! Do i? Even Turk has been bagging me about being more like a gangster. Sigh...if i ever become a gangster, i'll be a good one. I'll rescue cats from tall trees, help smokers light ciggarettes, stop kids from sitting down on dirty train floors, reprimand the Coca-Cola rioters and save the Queen from a prophecied manicure assasination attempt on the 11th of September 2001.

Oh, i almost forgot, it's Trent's Birthday today! Banh, Jason and i got him an awesome Parker pen as a present. I wanted to make a card last night, but i couldn't be stuffed. haha! Trent's not such a good friend anway :P Instead, Banh and i made up a last minute "card" on line paper. loL! We wrote tons of random sentences like "Happy Birthday (In Chinese)", "Don't worry about the length, it's a radius that matters" and " I love peas!" It was hilarious!

Argh, my knee's killing me right now. Sigh... i'm gonna put some medication on it after this. Tomorrow's report writing day for all Melbourne High dudes. Hmm... i'm halfway through that book i'm reading. I'm gonna try to finish that by tomorrow. I don't really know what's going on at the moment, apparently all the dudes are gonna hang out at Jamie's, but i really don't wanna do that. It's really sad; playing FIFA Street and 05 on a holiday -.-" Marcus suggested taking me 1-on-1 on the school hockey field, first to a hundred wins. haha! And i never knew he played the violin. lol!

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