Wednesday, June 08, 2005

To Judge, Or Not?

I'm suffering from a memory wipe right now. I had plenty to write about this morning, but after some hazardous knocks to my head, courtesy of Turk, Tommy and Banh, my mind is totally blank at the moment.

I took the 7.45am train with Marcus, Harish couldn't join us as he's "sick". Sigh...tons of people are falling sick. We met up with Banh, Turk, Jin, Victor and Phan. It was just the 7 of us -.-" Jono couldn't find his sleepyhead, Duc was parent probs, Jamie was doing secret-ops in his bed and the rest were planning to kill Osama. We had breakfast at Maccas. haha! I had a free Deli-Choice coupon in my wallet and i felt reluctant to use it. No, don't get me wrong, i felt bad walking up to the counter just to ask for a free hamburger. But i did it anyway. Jin got me an Apple from Maccas. Yes, an APPLE -.-" [Darth Apple moans for his children]

3-on-3 soccer was pretty fun. It was Turk, Phan and Jin VS Marcus, Banh and myself. Turk was making semi-successful attempts on several FIFA Street tricks, but he would end up getting owned in the end :P Marcus and his brilliant dribble, Jin and his iron curtain, Phan with his dynamic left, and Banh with his thunderous roars.

After soccer, we met up with Tommy at about 10am. He was sitting on a bench just outside Myers. loL! I seriously thought he was waiting for some little girls. He looked really sick though and i decided not to bag him anymore...Tommy, be inspired! We spent half an hour walking around Myers. Turk, Marcus and myself were looking at soccer boots while Jin and Tommy were trying on some Speedos. Victor, Banh and Phan were...erm...on the bench.

I felt really wierd as i was literally the only dude in Melbourne city wearing shorts. People were staring at me as we strolled along the streets. I felt really warm and i didn't wanna put tracks on. haha! My poor calves got bagged again -.-" The usual dudes kept going on about how nice Jamie's house is, how big it is, how fun it is and how cosy it can get when the sun goes down. So Marcus and i decided to check it out; i spent more than 3 hours travelling today -.-"

We had to take all three modes of transport to get to Jamie's: Tank, Submarine and Spaceship. But it sure was worth it. His house is HUGE. The actual land space isn't that big, but it's 3 stories high and has a gigantic backyard. I finally got to see the Japanese garden in his backyard. was awesome. There was a fully-sick bridge. Oh yea...the bridge. The backyard was a sloping hill leading down to a river next to a golf course. This created a spectacular sight from the balcony. Marcus couldn't resist taking a photo of it. haha!

We had competitions for FIFA Street and FIFA 2005. I was really impressed with the soccer skills and tricks displayed in FIFA Street. It's an awesome game. If only Ronaldinho was that great in real life. Then we played live FIFA Street on the driveway. lol! Tommy was attempting skilful tricks, but they all ended in vain :P

We left the house at 2.30pm and headed back home. Had a good chat with Marcus on the train ride back. Hmm...i can recall being really resentful of Johnny. At some stage, Turk, Marcus, Tommy and myself were talking about the Soccer team and i full on cracked it. I was bagging the crap outta Johnny. lol! I don't believe myself, and i don't think they could either. Hmm...i should seriously learn to cool it. Well, God spoke to me while i was doing my QT today. He reminded me that HE is the ultimate judge, that true Christians will bless when they are curse, endure when being persecuted and answer kindly when slandered.

To Judge, Or Not?


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