Monday, June 06, 2005

30 Pages -.-"

It looks like i'm gonna have a really hard time coping with all my work at the moment. I don't believe it. The exams are over and i've still got work due -.-" An English book report and an Analytical essay. As i mentioned yesterday, i've just started a 233 page book entitled "Holes" today. I've gotten as far as the 30th page. lol! I don't know how i'm gonna finish it by Thursday!

School was pretty good today. I was happy to get an A+ for my Psychology exam. I thank God for that. We watched the show "Enemy of the State" during the double History that i had. Erm...School's a real bludge right now besides English, Maths and Vis Comm. Yea, that last subject just makes my blood boil. My crappy model got selected, somehow, to be displayed at the open house -.-" loL! My model has the ability to make eyes bleed. I don't really mind it getting displayed, the only problem is that i've gotta get my folio into 'top' condition. Sigh... i've got an axonometric drawing to do, some pictures to take and tons of rendering to do -.-"

Saw Peter, Brendan, James and Michael on the train back from school today. I was surprised that they could last one day without any contact with gals :P haha! I was with my usual group: Marcus, Harish, Welson, Shunni, Steven, Josh, Anthony and Zac. I witnessed another one of those we-want-to-uphold-our-pride phenomenons again. Peter and his group were just one carriage away from us There was more space on our carriage, so i asked them to come over, but they refused -.-" I don't know what Peter's up to. I used to think that he was lost and was in desperate need of help. But now, he seems to know very well what he's gonna do. So....i'll just sit back and let him do his stuff.

There's soccer training early tomorrow morning. I hope few people turn up. Tons of people turned up for the last training session we had, and it was total chaos. I was informed that Matt Horat may be taking my first team spot in the soccer team. Johnny's the one that calls all the shots now, not Turk nor Denholm. Matt and Johnny know each other really well as they play for the same soccer club. Well, Matt's a good friend of mine, and i don't mind stepping down to the bench if he seriously wants my spot. Harish, Marcus and i were joking about making a strong B-team that would defeat the A-team in the finals. haha! If only that were reality.

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