Thursday, June 02, 2005

More Results...

2 more results came back today. I was really confident about acing both of them, but i ended up a little dissapointed. I really hate it when the teacher's giving out the exam papers, and you're sitting in your chair, awaiting your name to be called out, awaiting the verdict. haha! I had a dissapointing A for History, and an A+ for English. I was really dissapointed with my History, because of several reasons. My teacher apologised for "not teaching" us about some portions of the Chifley government, and thus, we couldn't do well for the first part of the exams. Also, she's an EXTREMELY tight marker. I missed A+ by 3 marks, but i'm gonna try appealing tomorrow. I studied way too hard for it to get a mere A.

During chorale, Mr.Balis announced that we were supposed to be fully-prepared for a song presentation in two weeks time -.-" It was our first time listening to that dumb song. It was SOOOO boring! Urgh....sounded like 10% pop, 20% Baroque, and 70% Opera. -.-" I'm not gonna sing it. It's unbelievably gay.

The soccer dudes and i caught the bus down to the crappy Como park again for soccer. It was more organised this time, the real teams were finally set - A and B Teams. Jason, Jin, Brad, Steven, Myself, Chalky, Tommy, Duc, Turk, Denholm and Jamie made up the A team. I was shocked when Marcus and Harish were omitted. I couldn't believe it! Chalky had taken their spots! -.-""" What's this world coming to? This seriously shows the corrupted nature of the selective trio - Denholm, Turk and Johnny. Johnny in particular, he's not liked by anyone, hated by everyone, and is still able to hold his head high in utter arrogance. The fact is...he's not even good at soccer! Sigh... i'm gonna make sure that Harish and Marcus are in the subs at least.

I did something really bad to Marcus today. I really didn't mean it, but i think he's angry at me considering that he didn't talk to me throughout the train ride home. I was playing the defence and he was playing in an attacking midfield role. We were going against each other. They had been isolated for long periods of the game, but there was a sudden break. Marcus made a burst of pace, brilliantly exchanged passes with Calvin and Steven. I made a dash toward him, but Steven unintentionally stuck his arm out. I collided into it and slumped into an awkward position - my feet were running really quickly, and my body was stationary. It wasn't funny, I had my studs pointing up, straight at Marcus' shins. I was engulfed in panic, all this happened in a matter of seconds. The next minute, Marcus was rolling on the ground in agony. I felt sooo terrible. I apologised to him profusely, but he only gave a unconvincing nod. He probably thought that i did it intentionally. I wanted to explain it to him, but he didn't look like he wanted to listen. Sigh...he's a really good friend of mine.

Got to Glen Waverely at 3pm. Harish and i went to KFC for wicked wings. haha! We wanted to ask Marcus along, but he was busy doing something at GW Secondary College. Yes, i just have to say it. Wicked Wings ROCK!!!!!

I promised Jin that i would write something about him in this post. Hmm... He defied all the odds by making it into the A Team! Yippee! Well Dont Jin! He's one of the best left-footed player's i've ever seen. "Player" - On, as well as Off the field. haha! I can identify with Jin because both of us came to Australia last year. This is our second year of schooling in Melbourne, so we can called...erm... "The FOB Duo"? lol! He's a really funny dude, but he can get really serious when it comes to his personal affairs. Especially when it concerns Banh a loud quote from Jin "No One Hurts Banh!!", "I want Banh!" and "Banh likes this hot chick on the train." Yea, i'm proud to have such a good friend in a fellow MalaySingaporesian.

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