Sunday, June 26, 2005

Grateful Heart

I woke up at 8 today, and went for the 9am church service. Brett Mitchell's sermon is one of the best i've heard. He spoke about the topic "Following Jesus, Changing the World". It was simply fantasic.

Uncle Lawrence, Joyce's dad, gave me a lift to FGA for a Fungus meeting. Thanks a lot!! Fungus was great. Oh yea, the Fungus Youth Camp is starting this Thursday. It's gonna be held at the foot of Mount Buller, at a place called Mount Auka. lol! yea, I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!

I've been thinking pretty much lately, about certain things. A persistant thought, a good solution, would always penetrate the deep commotion in the inner midst of my minute mind and i just wanted to get it out. God's implanted a Grateful Heart within me, and it is that grateful heart that revives me from depressing, life-sucking obstacles in my life.

Coming into this foreign land at a young and tender age, i didn't know what God had in store for me. All the difficulties and hardships he has in stall for me will definately shape my character. Imagine starting all over again from square one. A uncertain finance plagued my mind as both my parents came to Australia jobless. I abandoned all my friends, dear friends i grew up with, close friends that i still miss, coming to a place unfamiliar world. I had no comprehension what so ever about the orientation of the place. I was a clueless.

I still don't know why he brought me here, but i know he did it for a reason - A good reason. And even if i don't know what it is... i sure know that he taught me how to be grateful. I thank God for giving my dad a job, for letting me play soccer for Box Hill Inter, for giving SOOO many great and wonderful friends, for my prestigous school, for my room, my house, my soccer mates and so many other things that seem to blend into the "take-for-granted" nature of the human mind.

I look at this specacular sight. I wonder at it everytime i see it. It's just... beautiful. I'd never be able to catch a glimpse as such in Singapore. The bright, visible rays that break through the heavy and dark clouds remind me that my Saviour's coming again.

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