Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wet Dribble

It's been a long time since i last posted; i've been way too occupied with homework and preparation for the BM SAC. Well, the SAC wasn't too hard, but i don't know... pray that i'll do well. It's a great load off my back, but the work that i've set aside while preparing for the SAC is taking it's toll on me. =(

Had a great day today. Fungus launched it new theme: New Denim Nation! haha! I don't know where Chris gets all his ideas from, but their dead ingenius. It's about viewing things with another perspective and focuses on the dual purposes of random stuff. haha!

After Fungus, the guys and a group of gals went for a game of soccer. Though it started to pour heavily halfway through the game, we were determined to play on in an exciting and thrilling match that ended 4-2. Quinton and Shaun scored one each for the losing team =P while Pete scored 1 and i claimed a hat-trick for our team.

Everyone was freezing cold after the game, but Quinton wanted to get some ice-cream form Maccas. So off to Maccas we went. Gabriel and i got a nice hot cup of Cappacino, while the rest stuffed themselves with huge cups of Coke and a large amount of fries. lol! The look on the faces of the diners at Maccas was hilarious as they watched a whole gang of about 20 Asians walking in =)

Anyway, i really enjoy being with this group of people and there's almost nothing else that'll stop me from spending my Sunday arvos with them =)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Race...Finished

Yarra came 3rd. Looks like it's gonna take more than a burning passsion to win us the Cockhouse. I had a really disappointing run that thursday; ran four finals and came away with one ribbon.

I can think of many explanations, one that i was made to run 5kms ther day before and two that i was really sick, but i won't go further. That's not the point.

I learnt that the race isn't all about winning. I've never ended a race anywhere behind 4th, but i had a taste of that in the 400m individual run. At the start, i paced it off nicely, but when i was about to sprint, i found that my hamstrings were sore and tired and they weren't responding. So i just jogged it out. But coming 5th was a humiliation, then again, maybe i needed to feel what it was like to be a servant once again.

This taught me that it takes more courage for the last man to finish the race, than for the winner to win it.

Thank God for that. But i feel that i've let my house down..

The only highlight was my 11.9sec Personal Best for the 100m individual race, in which i came 3rd. Matt and Tim came first and second respectively, and they both broke records! haha! But i'm happy cuz i was pretty close to that record too - 11.7secs.

I came fourth in the 100m Hurdles and last in the 100m x 4 relay.

I found it hard to run through my Bronchitus and Flu, but i ran my guts out with each breath in each race because i believed.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Three Seconds... What a Faithful God

Sprinting through that final 100m took everything outta me, it was an excruciating mental battle, as well as a physical one. Before every race, i looked up into the clear blue sky just to thank the Lord, and to ask him for help. Well, i wasn't too concerned with who i was competing with. All i wanted was to run it for God, to be able to do it with him help.

And i must say that He's been Faithful. I came 2nd in all my three races, and i'm filled with mixed feelings. One part of me says that i'll lose badly in the finals because i couldn't come first in the heats. Yet another part of me is grateful to my God for helping me to get through to three finals, and if he can do that... i believe coming first would be an issue.

Being in a race isn't all about getting that Blue ribbon, it's more about celebrating humanity and what one has achieved.

I wanna thank all the dudes up in the stands who gave me so much support, and that extra burst of energy that i so very much needed. For Jin who sprayed my hair PURPLE!!!! For Banh who kept my thighs warm by smacking them repeatedly!!! For Marcus and Harish who set aside their Chem homework to cheer whenever i was running... and all the other dudes out there! Thanks guys!

*Thank you God for being there when i needed you, for shielding the rain so that i didn't slip, and for holding me tight to keep me warm.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Race

So many times we ponder, we doubt, and we are unsure. But we push on for different reasons ultimately. Some do it just because they have to, some because they're good at it. Yet the greatest is the one who does it not because he knows he can, but because he cannot.

I must admit that i'm not the least bit confident that i'm up to tomorrow's Atheletics Carnival. As the fastest runner in Yarra for the Under-16 Age Group, with a mediocre time of 12.4 seconds, i was chucked into the following events:
  • 100m Hurdles
  • 100m Individual
  • 400m Individual
  • 100m Relay

I don't think i can win a single one of those races looking at the fierce competition that i'm faced with.

Many people are so nervous, and they keep thinking about how they're gonna win it, or if they are going to win it... and that's what i've been doing in the past two years.

But i want it to be different this time. I wanna forget about everything else, and remember my Maker. It is he who has made me who i am today, taught me how to talk, how to walk, and how to run.

So i just wanna run for him tomorrow... i'm not going to look at my competitors, it's just gonna be me and my God.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rally Hangover...

School was a sore for me today, not that i didn't enjoy it... but i reminded me that i'm still living in a real world where homework had to be done and deadlines met. Sigh... i've got a whole lot of work to get through now, and i feel heavy hearted. Yet, i find joy that i gave up my long weekend to serve God, and i'm glad my friends had the chance to hear about Christ's love. It's simply amazing.

Banh had Rays of Love on his MP3 last week, and he was singing along with the music although he wasn't Christian! haha! It's kindda wierd, but yea... i reckon God's moving in his life. And i've got a gut feeling that God is moving in Harish's life too. He's soo real.

My family drove down to Portalington, down on the tip of the Port Phillip Bay, on Sunday. We met the rest of the old cell group there, and we went to a flea market. There was a chocolate fountain, plenty of plants and other interesting craftworks and paintings. Yea, i bought 3 cacti for my room, which are right in front of me now! =)

Elysia's such a cute girl, i've gotta say. I really love kids, and their innocence. I find myself really attracted to innocence. i love to be around innocent people for some reason. haha! I'm wierd. I took a nap in the car, and Elysia kept probing me in the stomach and asking really funny questions. haha! I wish i had a lil bro, or a sis.

We then rushed back for the Fungus Rally as Jerusha and i really wanted to help out on the final night. Amazingly, there were no mistakes this time! haha! But we had to pack everything up by 11pm. The rally ended at 8.40, and we moved all the tables and chairs out immediately, all the lights had to come down, and so did the curtains.

Will and i were in charge of loading the truck up with all the tables and chairs and bringing them back to FGA. It was an extremely tough job, but the 8 or so dudes that came along showed amazing teamwork, and got the job done in around about an hour! Thank God for that!

My joy was shortlived though. When we got back to Blackburn High School, i hopped off the van and started walking in the direction of the hall. But at that same moment, Shaun jumped out of the front seat and he pushed the front door open with all his might -.-" The edge of the door went SMACK! right between my shoulder and the collar bone. Whoa! The impact threw me back and i landed on the ground. The pain was excruciating at first, but it died down. There was a pretty deep cut, but the injury was more internal than external. It hurt badly whenever i moved my shoulder joint. But it's getting much better now, thank God for that!

I miss all the bust and hustle of the activities during the rally. I miss interacting with all the youths there, although there was a lot of work to do. Hmm... i'm getting really sentimental. haha! But i just wanna say that i love God, i love Fungus and all the pple in it! =)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fungus Musical!

It's my 299th post. It's been a rather long journey looking back at my very first post. haha! Thanks for dropping by every now and then to check up on how i'm doing; i really appreciate it.

It was quite a while a ago, but if you're dying to know, the Year 11 Futsal team beat the Year 12 one with a scoreline of 4-0. It was a pathetic game. haha! Really... there was hardly any opposition. It's kindda like a tradition right now. We beat them 2-0 in Year 9, 3-0 in Year 10, and 4-0 this year. haha! A complete tradition. We'll be missing them as they'll be leaving for Uni next year.

The hardest job in life isn't the most busy one, but the one which receives no praise.

Good Friday. Easter. I've learnt that it's all about Servanthood and Love. Helping out in the Backstage Crew for the Fungus Musical has been a sheer, full-blooded muscle power job which involves moving tables, hundred of chairs, loading them into a huge truck, setting up cumbersome curtains, etc. I never knew it would be such a menial job. My arms are aching badly right now, they've never ached so badly before, but i guess it's a good sign.

The backstage trio - Josh, Darren and i, don't get do u call it... fame, or appreciation. But this has really reminded me of the true meaning of Easter. That God sent his Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us. He was God, and didn't have to, but he chose to because he loved us. He knew he was going to get rejected and despised, but love pushed him on to his death. Thank you Jesus.

Last night's musical went surprisingly well, with just one or two blemishes. But we'll perfect it tonight. Jin, Banh, Harish, Phan, Anthony, Jack and Victor are coming tonight. I really hope they enjoy themselves!

I admire servants, and this has completely changed my view of them. Humility. I love that word.

Lord, you are a Servant. Please make me one too.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Charity Match

I can remember donating a dollar or two to a charity event such as a piano performance, a rock gig, or some special performance by TV celebrities. But i guess nothing feels better than to be the actual person performing, raising money for charity with his/her skills and expertise. That's cool.

I mean, there's a limit to the depth of your pockets and an end to the kind generosity of your heart. But there's nothing that can stop you from doing what you do best, maybe except for fatigue.

There's gonna be a Charity Soccer Match at Lunch tomorrow. An elite Year 11 team versus the Year 12 team. And i've been given a chance to be the performer, it's a first. The Year 11 team consists of: Jase, Kev, Johnny, Turk, Laios, Tommy and myself. Though i'm not quite happy that Johnny's the captain, i'm delighted with this opportunity to do what i love doing for charity.

Well, i feel quite pressured to perform well tommorrow simply because the "Big Guns" are all playing. Laios said that he really wanted to play beside me in defence. There would be no room for error and all that. I know it's a just a Charity Match, but it's my first time playing alongside the likes of Laios. It's all cool. I hope that i'll outshine him. haha!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lazy Bum

I know i've got a whole lot of work to do, but i really can't be stuffed getting down to writing my Chinese essay -.-" haha! It rained again today, and i enjoyed it again. I love the way God made rain. It brings gloom to the frowners, but joy and refreshment for their seekers.

Today was full of Chemistry. Had to work with this dude named SiYuan on a Concept Map which contributes 10% to my total assessment -.-" I didn't have a choice, Marcus and Harish paired up, and Jin and Phan were working together. So i was left to the randoms. People say that he's a big slacker, but i reckon he did just enough. We've gotta learn to work with many different kinds of people anyway.

Marcus and i went down to Coles to buy some skewers before going to Glen Waverley Library to work on out Propene Model. Yea, we completed it pretty quickly but i started to rain the very moment we stepped outta the library -.-" loL! Marcus got SOOO worried about the model! Fortunately, we managed to get it back to the bus station in one piece, though some parts fell out along the way! haha!

I've gotta long day ahead of me tmr... cool, i feel like starting that Chinese essay now.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rays of Love

I'm doing a quick post while i'm uploading Rays of Love. I can't believe i haven't put it up on my blog since the time it got published! btw, Rays of Love is the song that i composed last year that was published by my youth group, Fungus. Yea... hope you guys like the song. It's sung by Adora and Joanne. Stanley and Bryan did the music and most of the other work. haha!

The weather can be rather deceiving. The sun was out and shining really brightly early in the morning, but it started pouring rain by 2pm. Well, it was the first time this year that it'd rained while we were playing soccer, but i liked it, ironically. I miss getting drenched in the rain, i miss kicking the ball when it's all slippery and wet, and i miss missing playing soccer. haha! Ironic, but true.

I remember the good old days when we used to play back in Avon Park just around Lobby 7. We would moan and groan whenever the rain prevented us from playing soccer, still the dudes (Troy, Daryl, Justin, Shannon, Junior) and i found other stuff to do, and we enjoyed ourselves. I miss them lots... but every time i go back to Singapore, i find that they are all going through rapid changes in their lives. It's all happening so fast that the dudes i used to play soccer with, joke around and play a fool with, would probably be dating seriously by the next time i go back to Singapore for NS. Hmm... Sentimental. A thought to cherish =)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ford Factory

Boy! I haven't blogged for quite a while. I've been caught up with work and all, and tonight's the first night in this year that i'm feel on top of my work. haha! I wanna bask in this comfort and joy for as long as it lasts. Each new day brings a new hope, a change in direction, and more work to do -.-"

I went on a Business Management excursion to the Ford Factory up in Upbridge -.-" That's at the end of the Upbridge line, which is Northwest of Melbourne and about 2 hours away from where i live -.-"""

Anyway, i was really surprised at the efficiency of the production lines, the potential and the capabilities of machines. The machines really did most of the work, the human employees were there for maintenance and to put screws into the cars. haha! I've never seen machines used in such a magnitude before. It's just amazing.

The machines looked like gigantic arms that could lift heavy car parts easily and mould them into the required shape almost in an instant. Fact is, a car comes off the production line every 47 seconds. And they get sent to the Painting Centre, which operates 24/7. This means that more than 1 Ford car is produced per minute 24/7 -.-"""" I don't see why cars still cost so much!