Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Race...Finished

Yarra came 3rd. Looks like it's gonna take more than a burning passsion to win us the Cockhouse. I had a really disappointing run that thursday; ran four finals and came away with one ribbon.

I can think of many explanations, one that i was made to run 5kms ther day before and two that i was really sick, but i won't go further. That's not the point.

I learnt that the race isn't all about winning. I've never ended a race anywhere behind 4th, but i had a taste of that in the 400m individual run. At the start, i paced it off nicely, but when i was about to sprint, i found that my hamstrings were sore and tired and they weren't responding. So i just jogged it out. But coming 5th was a humiliation, then again, maybe i needed to feel what it was like to be a servant once again.

This taught me that it takes more courage for the last man to finish the race, than for the winner to win it.

Thank God for that. But i feel that i've let my house down..

The only highlight was my 11.9sec Personal Best for the 100m individual race, in which i came 3rd. Matt and Tim came first and second respectively, and they both broke records! haha! But i'm happy cuz i was pretty close to that record too - 11.7secs.

I came fourth in the 100m Hurdles and last in the 100m x 4 relay.

I found it hard to run through my Bronchitus and Flu, but i ran my guts out with each breath in each race because i believed.

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