Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Race

So many times we ponder, we doubt, and we are unsure. But we push on for different reasons ultimately. Some do it just because they have to, some because they're good at it. Yet the greatest is the one who does it not because he knows he can, but because he cannot.

I must admit that i'm not the least bit confident that i'm up to tomorrow's Atheletics Carnival. As the fastest runner in Yarra for the Under-16 Age Group, with a mediocre time of 12.4 seconds, i was chucked into the following events:
  • 100m Hurdles
  • 100m Individual
  • 400m Individual
  • 100m Relay

I don't think i can win a single one of those races looking at the fierce competition that i'm faced with.

Many people are so nervous, and they keep thinking about how they're gonna win it, or if they are going to win it... and that's what i've been doing in the past two years.

But i want it to be different this time. I wanna forget about everything else, and remember my Maker. It is he who has made me who i am today, taught me how to talk, how to walk, and how to run.

So i just wanna run for him tomorrow... i'm not going to look at my competitors, it's just gonna be me and my God.

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