Monday, April 10, 2006

Charity Match

I can remember donating a dollar or two to a charity event such as a piano performance, a rock gig, or some special performance by TV celebrities. But i guess nothing feels better than to be the actual person performing, raising money for charity with his/her skills and expertise. That's cool.

I mean, there's a limit to the depth of your pockets and an end to the kind generosity of your heart. But there's nothing that can stop you from doing what you do best, maybe except for fatigue.

There's gonna be a Charity Soccer Match at Lunch tomorrow. An elite Year 11 team versus the Year 12 team. And i've been given a chance to be the performer, it's a first. The Year 11 team consists of: Jase, Kev, Johnny, Turk, Laios, Tommy and myself. Though i'm not quite happy that Johnny's the captain, i'm delighted with this opportunity to do what i love doing for charity.

Well, i feel quite pressured to perform well tommorrow simply because the "Big Guns" are all playing. Laios said that he really wanted to play beside me in defence. There would be no room for error and all that. I know it's a just a Charity Match, but it's my first time playing alongside the likes of Laios. It's all cool. I hope that i'll outshine him. haha!

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