Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lazy Bum

I know i've got a whole lot of work to do, but i really can't be stuffed getting down to writing my Chinese essay -.-" haha! It rained again today, and i enjoyed it again. I love the way God made rain. It brings gloom to the frowners, but joy and refreshment for their seekers.

Today was full of Chemistry. Had to work with this dude named SiYuan on a Concept Map which contributes 10% to my total assessment -.-" I didn't have a choice, Marcus and Harish paired up, and Jin and Phan were working together. So i was left to the randoms. People say that he's a big slacker, but i reckon he did just enough. We've gotta learn to work with many different kinds of people anyway.

Marcus and i went down to Coles to buy some skewers before going to Glen Waverley Library to work on out Propene Model. Yea, we completed it pretty quickly but i started to rain the very moment we stepped outta the library -.-" loL! Marcus got SOOO worried about the model! Fortunately, we managed to get it back to the bus station in one piece, though some parts fell out along the way! haha!

I've gotta long day ahead of me tmr... cool, i feel like starting that Chinese essay now.

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