Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fungus Musical!

It's my 299th post. It's been a rather long journey looking back at my very first post. haha! Thanks for dropping by every now and then to check up on how i'm doing; i really appreciate it.

It was quite a while a ago, but if you're dying to know, the Year 11 Futsal team beat the Year 12 one with a scoreline of 4-0. It was a pathetic game. haha! Really... there was hardly any opposition. It's kindda like a tradition right now. We beat them 2-0 in Year 9, 3-0 in Year 10, and 4-0 this year. haha! A complete tradition. We'll be missing them as they'll be leaving for Uni next year.

The hardest job in life isn't the most busy one, but the one which receives no praise.

Good Friday. Easter. I've learnt that it's all about Servanthood and Love. Helping out in the Backstage Crew for the Fungus Musical has been a sheer, full-blooded muscle power job which involves moving tables, hundred of chairs, loading them into a huge truck, setting up cumbersome curtains, etc. I never knew it would be such a menial job. My arms are aching badly right now, they've never ached so badly before, but i guess it's a good sign.

The backstage trio - Josh, Darren and i, don't get do u call it... fame, or appreciation. But this has really reminded me of the true meaning of Easter. That God sent his Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us. He was God, and didn't have to, but he chose to because he loved us. He knew he was going to get rejected and despised, but love pushed him on to his death. Thank you Jesus.

Last night's musical went surprisingly well, with just one or two blemishes. But we'll perfect it tonight. Jin, Banh, Harish, Phan, Anthony, Jack and Victor are coming tonight. I really hope they enjoy themselves!

I admire servants, and this has completely changed my view of them. Humility. I love that word.

Lord, you are a Servant. Please make me one too.

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