Friday, September 30, 2005

12 Hours of Sleep

Slept for 3 hours at Tommy's house yesterday - from 12.30am to 3.30am. That's considered as luxury compared to Tommy's 10 mins, Jin's 30 minutes and Victor's 20mins. I just spoke to Tommy and Jin today, and we're having a sleep-a-ton sort of thing. haha!

Tommy slept for 18 hours in all
Jin slept for 19
Victor's probably still sleeping. haha!

I slept from 3pm to 7pm yesterday, and 11pm till 7am this morning - that makes 12 hours in all! haha!

I'm really glad that all the dudes enjoyed the Futsal Competition yesterday. Of all the events that i've organised, there are always people who would pull out at the last minute and cause lotsa unwanted problems. But the dudes awesome... i was shocked when almost everyone turned up right on time. haha!

My objective for today is to finish the last 100 pages of my book. So, chill out!

Rememer: Sleeping's good for ya!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fantastic Futsal

Hey peeps! How're you guys going? Please leave a tag before you leave.

Victor, Jin and i stayed over at Tommy's house last night, and i just wanna thank him for being so hospitable. His mum was so kind as to cook fried Char Kuay Teow for dinner and bacon and eggs for us in the morning! haha!

Jin was going skitz about backyard cricket. It was my first time palying, and Jin hit a full 6 on my first bowl. The tennis ball flew high into the sky and landed on the neighbour's roof. haha! That was hilarious. Tommy said that his neighbour's a really temperamental person who gets angry really easily. But we managed to retrieve the ball after some smooth talking.

I slept for about 4 hours, and i woke up at 3.30am to find the rest watching "My Sassy Girl". haha! According to Jin, the dudes watched porn on some fashion channel while i was asleep. They even took photos of me sleeping -.-"""" Anyway, we were all dead tired by the time the Liverpool VS Chelsea game started. It was really entertaining depite the stalemate. Sigh... Liverpool really should have won!!! I'm extremely pissed....

The dudes met up at Flinders at 10am, and Turk was the last one there (as usual). Then we went down to the Pitts Building for the Futsal Tournament. I'd done some detailed planning and oragnising before today and i wanted everything to go well. And indeed, everything went smoothly for the first hour or so. We booked the court for 2 hours. That cost us $110! lol! We had to pay $8 each as there were 14 of us (excluding banh, jonno, jerusha and Adem).

Despite the good start, everyone started to get tired and the atmophere turned sour. But all in all, i think everyone enjoyed it. Our team: Marcus, Denholm, Jack, Victor and I won all our round robin games easily, but we "lost" in the finals in a penalty shootout as there was "not enough time" -.-"

Anyway, i'm dead tired now...gtg soon.... i'm feeling dizzy...and everythings....shakey....

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Liverpool VS Chelsea

I've just embarked on a short term goal: To finish a book called "Gifted Hands" by the end of this week. haha! I've read a hundred pages in the past two days, and i've only got another hundred more to go. But yea, it's an amazingly inspirational book, and i would like to recommend it to you all. It's an autobiography of a black dude called Ben Carson, and how he broke through the thick barrier of racism in the US to become, argueably, the World's best Neurosurgeon. Seriously, read it!

I'm gonna be extremely busy for the next three days. Blee and James have invited tons of people (>20) for a movie at Glen Waverley to celebrate their birthday. haha! They were born on the exact same day! Anyway, Tommy's one of the 20 people were invited, and i'll be going to his house straight after the movie.

I think Jamie, Jin, Darren and some other dudes are staying over too. Why? Cuz it's Liverpool VS Chelsea tomorrow morning! Yea, we're gonna wake up real early to catch it. Aww... i really hope Liverpool wins, although it's against all the odds. But i'll pray!

After that, i've actually organised a mini Futsal tournament at 11am tomorrow. So yea, i hope we'll have a great time there. There'll be three relatively equal teams battling it out seriously. haha! I can't wait to hear Tommy's whining when his team loses! :P

On Friday, Denholm's organising some Indoor Soccer at some far out place. Somewhere near Frankston. lol! Anyway, i composed another poem. Enjoy!

My Help

Oft i fall,
Into snares of sin.
Sweet temptations drag me,
Back to where i've been.

Sin and lust,
My will deny.
But may may hands and feet,
To the Lord glorify.

My feet are weary,
My lips and dry.
I stumble in pools of sin,
Unable to keep up the lonely vie.

But when i fall,
I know You're always there.
Deliver me O God,
For i know You care.

& Isaac

Monday, September 26, 2005

Day of Rest

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Today's been a pretty boring day. But there has to be a few days of study set apart during the holidays. I can't believe how quick time flies... i've got another 6 days before school reopens, and a month or so from now will be my End of Year Examination. Sigh.. i don't feel prepared for it at all.

I spent about an hour or so on MSN this morning... and i wondered if there were anyone that spends most of their time on MSN. I mean... in my opinion, it's almost a complete waste of time. I don't see a need to spend time talking (on MSN) to people you see everyday. I use it to keep in touch with my old friends in Singapore, and to remind my friends about stuff, but i don't spend more than 30 minutes "socialising". haha! I know i sound anti-social... but... aren't there better ways to be social?

I was thinking about the meaning of life yet again, and i wondered why people live. I mean, what purpose do you live for? Yea, let me pose that question to ya, "What do you live for?"
What do you aim to accomplish? To get a good education, obtain an awesome job that you're dying for...and to marry the girl/man of your dreams? What comes next? Have children, buy a house beside the seashore after you retire. And then? What comes next???

I composed a poem along those lines in the morning...have a good read, and a nice day!


Many live in an endless persuit,
Chasing relentlessly for unclear goals.
Yet i feel pity,
For such hopeless souls.

Spending their lives,
In rush and hurry.
Wanting more and more,
Yet are still hungry.

But patience and humility,
Calm the restless brawl.
While Love and Faith,
Bring Hope to all.

Life's not a circus,
It has a purpose.
To love and serve Him,
The One who gave us Hope.

& Isaac

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Trip to Philip Island

Read the top before viewing the pictures below!

Most of ya must be thinking that i've abandoned this blog. But i'm far from doing that! I was camping at Philip Island for a cell group retreat, and i just got back. I had a great time there! Jerusha didn't come as she had to represent the state in Futsal up in Sydney.

I expected the trip to be really boring because the only "teens" around "close to" my age were Danica(13) and Rachel (12). I got to know them a little bit more, and that change my entire impression on them. haha! I used to think that they were all materialistic and all, but now...nah.. just a little.

This 4 year old girl, Elisha, used to hate me bitterly because i did something really nasty once. She's got an amazing memory...she remembers that incident from the start of last year! But it's so nasty that i won't even mention it. haha! I was playing with her throughout the camp, keeping her company and all. And she treats me as a "big bro" now. lol! I'm good around kids :)

Alright, should stop blabbering now. Here are some of the pictures i took. Enjoy!

That's the cell group Posted by Picasa

Nobbies! Posted by Picasa

That's a random photo of Tim's Birthday Party! Posted by Picasa

That's Elisha! Posted by Picasa

My dad and i at Philip Island Posted by Picasa

Alright, here's a treat - Mating Seagulls! Posted by Picasa

The beach at Philip Island Posted by Picasa

That's me at Nobbies! Posted by Picasa

Isn't it Awesome? Posted by Picasa

Don't you just love the waves? Posted by Picasa

That's me at Nobbies! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Respect. It's meaning has been crudely changed in today's modern society. It relates itself to proud and arrogance. Something that people fear yet long for, is highly respected. Do you want respect? Well, i sure do. At least a little! -.-" I don't believe how i was treated today.

Before i start, i just wanna thank Joyce for organising the mini-party we had at her place. There were about 15 of us there - Wan He, James, Joy, Emma, Linda, Blee, Eugene, Jerusha, Mel, Yvonne, John, Joyce, Jung, Peter and i. We watched a few spastic movies, played Mahjong (some asian game) and had wraps for lunch. Yummy!

The guys came over to my place, and we played table-tennis for a bit. We were actually planning a Birthday surprise for Jung, James and Blee who had the same birthdates! haha! Anyway, Blee was a little late, and i came up with some sneaky ploy to get Jung and James away from the house. Well, all went well and they were surprised. haha! Not THAT surprised...but more of shock. Anyway, the cake was yum! Chocolate Fudge and Stawberry...

What really pissed me off then... was when i walked into Jerusha's room and found Eugene and Mel doing something that they weren't supposed to be doing on my sister's bed -.-" I was gonna ask them out for cake, and i did, but they said that they didn't want any. And then i insisted, and so they agreed. I'm very pissed right sis told me after they left that she chased them out before and warned them not to do it again. Mel and Eugene even THOUGHT about using MY BED instead! -.-" I don't believe the level of immaturity i'm faced with. Sigh...

Just when i was beginning to think that they were half decent...

Well, i should't brood over it. Why should i respect those that have abosolutely no respect for me? It's Tim's Birthday tommorrow, and i wanna take this opportunity to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMY! haha! I'm gonna crash his party tommorrow! =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I don't know if my dad's still angry with me today. I've already settled the issue with my mum. But i was shocked when my dad left for work without saying goodbye. Later on in the afternoon, i received a really long email from him counselling me about last night. My dad has done this many times before, and i think it's a good practice. Usually, i would just read it, learn from it and let it go. But this time, i replied him with another long email. And i just received another reply from him.

When he came back just then, i spoke to him as though everything was resolved. But he showed some dissaproval toward me. He wasn't talking much, and his tone was on the low side. Sigh...i think he's still holding a grudge against me. I really don't want my dad to be angry with me. I put myself in his shoes, and i can see a heart of bitterness. I don't know, guess i would feel the same way. Forgive me Lord.

I was determined to get some work done today... spent 3 hours in all finishing all 5 exercises of maths. haha! I'm pretty happy with that. I've gotta buck up and kick outta the complete relaxation mode i'm in at the moment. I've got a Science experiment, a BM assignment and an English book report to work on. Anyway, i'll be spending the next few days with my friends. So yea, i'll take a short break for now =)

Why do i contridict myself so much?

Remember me telling you that Fungus was gonna use one of my songs in the album that they're ognna publish in October? Yea, i brought the lyrics to Fungus yesterday and Stanley (The AWESOME guitarist) made some changes to the tune. He made it inch-perfect! Seriously... it sounded so much better, so much livelier than before. I feel like putting it on my blog, but it's not fully done yet. haha! Make sure you peeps buy the album when it comes out!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Troubled Joke

What was meant to be a joke turned out to be a flaming matchstick that ignited a burning rage of fury.

Argh... i don't believe it. Do you really think that i'm out to get ya? You know me well enough. Do i look like the kindda person that would have the intention to hurt you? Sigh... i look at my friends talking about their parents and i think that it would never happen to me. But now, i freak out at reality. How true can this "phenomenon" be? I don't like calling it a "phenomenon" because it's serious.

You should know how much i love you. I thank God everyday for you. I know what you've done for me and all you've given me. I know of all the sacrifices you've made just to provide me with many opportunities. Sigh... how could i ever repay you? And what do i do... i make you angry. Argh.. what's wrong with me.

My mum just shouted at me," You may not think so, but you're getting conceited!" Sigh... am i really getting conceited? In my mind, humility is one of my top priorities, but could i have been too busy, to concerned with other stuff that it's just slipped outta control? She's railing her guts now... i know her temper... she takes a while to cool down. But why was i so obstinate?

Her ranting forms deep cuts in my heart. Our argument was nothing huge, nothing of much importance at all - parents buying clothes for us, and using too much water when washing the dishes. But it's just been blown up so much. MISCOMMUNICATION - That's what's going through my head at the moment and i listen to what she's telling my dad. I'm dying to go out there and correct what she's saying, but she'll only think that i'm being conceited and obstinate.

I had a great time with Quentin and the gang today, but i'm not in the mood to go into much detail. There were about 16. We slept over at Quentin's to watch the Liverpool VS Man Utd match last night, which ended in a 0-0 draw. Today, we played soccer for about 3 hours, hung out at Hungry Jacks for 2 hours and then Reuben had some trouble with his mum as well. Somehow, we ended up going to my house and then payed Tim and Joyce a visit as they lived really close by. I had a GREAT day. Thanks Quentin and gang!

For all the soccer dudes from MHS, i've booked a futsal court. They're charging $55/hour. I booked it for next Thursday. I haven't told them how long we'll be playing though. So give me a ring to tell me if you're going. (IMPORTANT! Call me!) And i'll tell you the exact time and location =) Oh yea, don't forget to tell the others about it. Please do! We need at least 12-14 people!


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Anxious Wating...

"The difference between players is not always the quality but their mentality." Rafael Benitez, Liverpool Coach.

It's a relief to know that Benitez has a whole chunk of wisdom stored up somewhere beneath his balding scalp. Liverpool's form has been really erratic, and i hope he'll solve the problem once and for all with a dramatic win over Manchester United tomorrow. Jerusha and i will be stayed over at Quentin's house to watch the game. Nick, Gabriel and Shaun will be there too. haha! I can't wait for it. It's gonna be great!

I agree with that quote above. Some soccer players i know are really good, not just good, rather a great deal better than i am. But what makes a sportman "good"? Would you judge a sportsman but his quality, or his humility? Sigh... it's a great pity. Of all the soccer players i know, i can only think of two persons off the top of my head that have excellent skills, and yet are not proud. I won't mention these people by name, but for those of you reading this, i hope this makes sense.

Chinese school was a complete bore today. It was a hundred times more boring than a usual bore. haha! We sat through a 3-hour movie before going for another 2.5 hour VCE seminar -.-" the only good part was when we went to the Far East Cafe near Century Walk for lunch during the one hour break. Mel was going on about "Jargophiles" (She ate TONS, literally) and "Dumble berries", Yvonne was on about how much she loved for brother, Blee was silent and James was trying to restrict his gay tendencies. A bunch of wierd people =P

The holidays have started and i don't really know what to do. Sigh... i promised the soccer dudes, about 17 of them, that i would book a futsal court and organise a mim-tournament on one of the days, but i failed to get the booking number off Mr.Pritchard -.-" Argh... i'm gonna start on my Science experiment now. I'm planning to get all my work done by the first week and then take the second week off.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Last Day of Term 3

Today's Last Day of Term 3 and it will remain in my short memory for a very long time. School was the usual bore. We had the last English lesson with Ms. Mejias. She's going to be leaving for another school. Another highlight of the day was how some girls from some posh private school sung for us during the assembly. Whoa...their performance was superb compared to ours. Sigh... we stuffed up 3 outta the 4 pieces that we sung. haha! All the students simply forgot most of the lyrics for the 2 of the songs. It was hilarious =)

After school, Jin, Turk, Jase, Jamie, Harish, Marcus, Haran, Phan, Leo, Banh, Duc, Darren and myself, a huge gang of 13 went to a isolated restaurant in the city called Kum Den for lunch. My dad was going on about how good and cheap the food there was, and i wanted to give it a try. We took about 10 minutes to find the exact location, but the food compensated for the lost time. All of us were having the special lunch deal for $5.50. Turk was complaining about the excessive amounts of oil and fat, and he didn't know why they put ginger in the food (I made him eat a piece) and he refused to eat the beef tendons. lol! Haran didn't know how to use chopsticks, so he requested for a fork and a spoon. Well, that's one advantage of having a range of diverse multi-racial friends.

After the splendid meal, i spent great deal trying to convince the dudes to go lanning. Marcus had to go for some appointment and Jase was just anti-social (He went home to read a book called "How to clean my room"). Anyway, the rest of the dudes reluctantly agreed, and we went down to AE and then to IZONE, but they were both fully-packed. Sigh...

We resorted to Plan B - Strike. I had a great time playing pool there. The only down part of the day was the cost -.-" It cost $8 per hour of pool. There were 7 of us playing, but i ended up paying $4 -.-" haha! It really spoils your day when you keep glooming over it. But it's the last day of school, who cares?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Futsal Report

Hey peeps! How're you guys doing? This blog averages around >10 viewers everyday currently, but it soared up to about 30 viewer/day two months ago. Sigh... i really don't want it to die out. haha! It reminds me of the extinction of dinosaurs and the teletubbies. When the demand goes down, so does the supply. So please leave a tag! Thanks for coming!

Today was a pretty exciting day, and i'm not referring to school. We had a vital weekly dose of futsal at MSAC today. Whoa! Just as i expected, the atmosphere was fantastic, and everyone was fully-pumped and ready to rip the nets apart. We had four teams:

Team 1 (All-Star Team)

Team 2
Darren Lobo
And Two other AZN Dudes

Team 3
A jap dude
A curry dude
And an Azn dude

Team 4 (Our Team)

Anyway, it was somewhat like the Nike advertisement when teams of three take on each other in this metal cage. haha! Although our team wasn't made up of all-stars, we sure got the job done! The highlights were Paul's double in the first game, and Harish's mad left footer curler. We had to play each team once, and these were the scores:

Us vs Team 1 (All Stars)
3 - 0
Harish scored two and Paul scored one.

Us vs Team 2
Paul scored 2, I scored one and Darren scored one.

Us vs Team 3
Harish scored

This shows that you don't need the best players in the squad to be the best team. Well, the games were all played with good sportmanship. However, a few players in the All-Star team got pretty pissed with each other. But other than that, it was a day to remember.

PS. The Man Of All the Matches was the legendary Marcus Wong! (He sweeps the chicks off their feet with his dashing looks. And he's still single!)
PPS. He told me to write this XD

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Rage. A period of sheer insanity, of reckless and careless actions that could lead to humiliation. What do people still go there? Why do people get all flared up and all upset? Well, i had a taste of the bad medicine myself in school today.

I placed two drop-dead important documents in my student diary - my VCE Subject Selection Form and my Science Draft. During Maths class, Jason and Banh "stole" my diary and grafitied it with tons of nonsense. But i'm pretty used to it. Sure, it still does irritate me, but i've gotten over it. I can still remember the time when Banh omited all the dates on my diary and changed them to a day ahead. That really cheesed me off. I gave the teacher the wrong date (a day ahead) when he asked for the due date for a particular assignment -.-"

Anyway, Jase continued his attempts to steal my diary during German class. But he was unsuccessful. After lunchtime, i opened my diary to retrieve my Science Draft only to find that it was missing, and so was my VCE Subject Selection Form -.-" Yea, i really blew my top off after that. My Science Draft was due TODAY, and my VCE form was due tommorrow. I was smashing on the locker door with all my might like a mad man. Seriously, i don't know what came over me... but i really regret the way i reacted.

The Selection Form was extremely important, i had it all filled out and signed all ready to hand in tomorrow. But someone just had to "steal" it. Sigh... I asked Jase and Banh whether they took it, but both of them denied responsibility. And it got my fuminf mad when Jase ran up to me, chucked the soccer ball into my locker and sprinted away laughing -.-" Seriously...what kindda friend is that?

Fortunately, Banh was more understanding. He tried to help me find the missing documents, and listened to my immature ranting. lol! Anyway, i decided to get another copy from the coordinator instead of sulking over it.

I went to the Mr.Besetto's office straight after school, but he was fuming mad too. lol! He was busy reprimanding this dude for lying or something along that line. Well, i knew that it would be pretty hard to ask him for a favour when he's in such a bad mood, but i went in anyway.

Besetto: Isaac! Now, what do you want?
Me: Oh, my VCE Subject Selection Form got stolen. Could i please get a new one?
Besetto: *Starts laughing* Stolen?!
Me: Yea, seriously. Someone took it. *catches on to the laughing mania*
Besetto: Who do you think you're kidding?
Me: I'm dead serious! I got it all fill in, signed and all!

Fortunately, Ms. Devlin was there and she gave me the form. haha! Mr. Besetto was just trying to pull my leg. I think he's still a little angry because i wagged the previous All-Schools Athletics Meet a week ago. haha!

I rushed down to the Staff Centre and got Mr. Marotta to sign the form to allow me to do Business Management (Units 3 and 4) next year. Then i ran outta school, just in time for the tram. *Phew!* Thank God for that! Fixed all trouble in 15 minutes.

When i think back at it. There really wasn't much to get all angry about. I mean, it sure is irritating and nerve-pinching, but i really shouldn't have gotten that mad. The question now is whether i should give Jase a bashing tomorrow or not?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Stupid Idiot

The term's finally coming to an end. It's only been 10 weeks or so, that's not too long, but it sure feels as though it's been ages since the last semester. I got my Business Management assignment back today, and i got full marks for it! haha! Mr. Janus even wrote "A++" on the grading sheet. Yea! I just wanna thank God for that. All that hard work finally paid off.

Oh, here comes the funny part. This happened on the way to East Richmond yesterday after school. The tram was fully-packed as usual, but the dudes managed to squeeze in "like a can of packed sardines". Anyway, we were held up be heavy traffic and the tram driver refused to open the door although we were just a few metres from the tram stop. So, Andrew (Chen) pulled on the "stop" line relentlessly. haha! It was hilarious. The tram driver got so mad that he got outta the cabin and started yelling his guts out, " You stupid idiot! Stupid idiot! Stop pulling da line you stupid idiot! stupid idiot, idiot." lol! His heavy indian accent made it all the more humourous. You would have laughed your guts out if you were at the scene.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Hey peeps! Just in case you didn't know, it was September 11 yesterday - The day of fear. But it didn't seem that scary though. I can still remember it as though it were yesterday. Just four years ago, i was at a coffee shop in Singapore watching a Liverpool match and all of a sudden someone changed the channel to a news broadcast about the Twin Tower tragedy. Yea, just take a moment to commerate all the innocent victims on that day.

If i were to mention the word "Slacker", who would be the first person to pop up in your mind? I know that all of us are born slackers; it's human nature! But as far as i'm concerned, i'm trying not to be a slacker.

Trent, Peter, Jason and I had to do our Webquest presentation today. We were setting up a mock radio show which discusses the topic: Is capital punishment suitable for rape offences? Anyway, Peter was supposed come up with the conclusion to the discussion on the weekend, but he never turned up. And sure enough, we gave me an innocent look in school today.

Sigh... we ended up doing a mediocre presentation. I wonder how such people live with themselves. But i guess everyone has a different personality and we've got to except them for who they are.

Tommy, Steven Tran, Anthony, Victor and i had an interesting conversation today during our free double Business Management period. haha! Mr.Janus probably forgot that he had a class on. Anyway, we were on the topic: What would you do if a dude threatened you from behind and asked you for your wallet?

Robber: Give me your wallet.
You: Do you have a knife?
Robber: Yea, and i'll kill ya if you don't hurry up.
You: Is it rusty?
Robber: Don't make me stab ya!
You: What did you want again?
Robber: Your wallet!
You: What are you gonna do with the money?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Treasures On Earth

Hey, i'm starting to get slack nowadays. I've gotta keep the motivation up, and you peeps can help by constantly poping by to post something on the tagboard. Oh yea, and PLEASE add my page to your Favourites. haha! Cuz i KNOW that it IS your favourite website =)

We went to the Youth Service at FGA today instead of the normal service at Crossway. The worship was fantastic! Some of the youths did this awesome skit on the stage, there was poppy music to complement their fully-sick dance moves. haha! It was really funny an entertaining.

After the service, we popped down to Box Hill for lunch. I had Vietnamese Char Kuay Teow. haha! It was mouth-watering. Urgh...i can't wait to try it again. After that, we went for a soccer game with Quentin and the others. Dropping by the field just opposite to Wembley (The homeground of the club i played for last year) gave me a nostalgic feeling. I just felt... like i was at home...but not really. haha!

There were about 30 people rushing for the ball, and it was extremely un-coordinated. But i must say that all of us had a great time there. haha! I didn't play too well. Joyce kept chasing me around the field trying to "mark" me, Tim was knocking my head of with his left foot, Shaun was jumping all over me and i got nutmegged by this 7 year old girl -.-"

Oh yea, i just wanted to talk about Pastor Chris' message during church today about storing treasures up on earth. It touched me greatly as i thought about all my life's persuits. I was aiming to get a 95 or more for my ENTER score, to represent my school in various sports and to be a fully-sick guitar player. But what can they earn me? What would i have after i die? I really thank Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins, for giving me a second chance. My motivations should not be self-centered. Instead, it should be to yearn for the salvation of others. To impact the lives of the friends around me.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Late Night Shift

I'm gonnna make this real quick. It's half past eleven now, and i'm still working on my Geography assignment. Today was awesome. About 30 dudes turned up for futsal today! Anyway, i'll skip all the details. Erm... I was in the all-star team this time, consisting of Jin, Duc, Harish, Marcus, Jamie, Steven and myself. We beat Turk and Tommy's team 5-2, but we ended up losing some noob team 1-0. haha! I think we grew a little too cocky.

Anyway, i was talking to Blee just then, and she showed me this really cool poem thingo.
Try reading it once, and then read it from the bottom up the second time =)

You don´t mean anything to me.
And I´ll never use again the phrase
I love you!
Sorry, but I must tell you the truth:
I already forgot you!
I`ll be lying if I say that
I still want you, as I always did.
I feel inside that
Nothing was in vain.
I`m sure that
I don´t love you anymore.
I couldn´t ever say that
I preserve a great love.
I feel more and more that
It´s too late...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Addition to the World of Cliches

The World of Cliches never fails to get bigger and bigger. I find myself repeating this phrase over so many times that it has totally lost its meaning. "I've got too much work to do." Banh and Jase have been bagging me constantly about being a "wimp" that keeps going on and on about too much homework. I gave it some thought and found what they said really true.

Anyway, i'm supposed to be working on this english script right now until i got ditched by Trent and Jase at the last moment -.-" Jase had to go out for some fancy dinner (Probably with Fiona), and Trent had to attend his best friend's birthday party -.-"""

Today was casual clothes day, and school ended at 1.30pm because the teachers had some admin meeting. Oh yes, i got bagged tons today because i "skipped" a chance to represent the school in the All-Schools Knockouts yesterday. My reason being that i couldn't miss my double Geography period =) Apparantly, the team managed to win without me. -.-"

Duc, Harish, Marcus, Turk, Leo, Shervin, Jin, Phan and i were initially gonna catch a movie at Crown until the dudes found some way to cheat the arcade machines at Galactic Circus -.-" That left Jin, Harish, Phan and myself. We managed to get 5-dollar tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just in time... and we successfully smuggled some fast food from KFC this time. I remember spilling the entire cup of sprite in my bag the last time -.-"

The show was alright. Phan and Harish were utterly dissapointed with the show while Jin was trying to bury his anger. haha! I's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! What can we expect? I knew it was gonna be a gayish show, but it didn't turn out to be as gay as i thought it would be. haha! It was pretty exciting actually, but i guess all of us know the entire story already. So that just took the "fan" outta the "fantasy" 0.-"

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fathers' Day!

Wow, i can't believe how much has happened in the last few days. And no one has tagged me since thursday! -.-" hey, please patronise my blog! It's what the "cool" people do! *rolls eyes* Please read to the end of this post. But before i start rambling on, i wanna wish all the dads, and soon-to-be dads out there a Happy Fathers' Day!

I had a delicious lunch at Jin's house after school on Friday. It was awesome! His mum cooked chicken, potato and dumplings. Whoa, thanks Jin! And thank your mum for me too! Jin and i were all pumped to take on our bitter rivals, YOBO United, in a indoor soccer game that night. It was a pity, however, that someone mistook the starting time for 6.30pm instead of 5.15pm -.-" So yea, we forfeited the game and came second place in the league table. We've got a shot at the semi-finals next Friday though =)

I don't know what came over me yesterday(Saturday) during Chinese school. I started asking myself what love actually was. And then i pondered deeply over it. This may sound extremely childish, but i feel that girls seek and long for a dependable male to lean on. It gives them a sense of security to have someone big and strong look after ya. On the otherhand, dudes long for the company of a girl; for someone to hold tightly and carress in their muscular arms. Well, that's not ALL love is. But i feel that this theory can be quite true. What do you think? Please post your comment! PLEASE! =)

I've been working my guts out for the past few weeks. After working through my entire weekend last week, i expected to take a break this weekend. But no. In Melbourne High, "resting" seems to be non-exisitant. Fortunately, we went for dinner at Sofia's to celebrate Fathers' Day. That place is full of Italians and Greeks. Seriously. The dinner was fantastic, we had tons of pasta, lasgna and calamari.

Quentin gave his debut message at Fungus today. It was about change, about having constant changes in your life; to strive for something new and improved; to aim to achieve the unachieveable and do the undoable. haha!

On the way back from Fungus, Joyce suggested playing soccer out of the blue. Jerusha and i started cracking up because of her randomness. lol! Joyce's random request was granted as we ventured down to the park for a kick. Had a pretty fun time heading the ball, playing "monkey" and coming up with fancy soccer freestyle tricks. None of them seemed to work, except of Joyce's J-trick and Tim's T-trick. haha! I'm planning to do them in school tomorrow.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Futsal Revival, State Relay, Pritchard Praise

"Each passing day can adds on to one's bank of sweet memories."

Today was a day worth remembering. It involved a new discovery of an awesome futsal stadium, the results of the All School Relay that i took part in, and an amazing apraisal from Mr. Pritchard(My sports co-ordinator). Please read to the end, and add a funny tag.

I had sport for periods 6 and 7 today, but i went to Mr.Pritchard's office to ask for a sports change - i was in Table Tennis, but i was dying to do Futsal. However, I knew three other dudes that had their requests rejected. Mr.Pritchard is notorious for his "tightness". Anyway, I just wanna give all credit to God before i go on. This is simply amazing, and i just wanna thank Him for it all. Here's exactly what happened:

I walked into Mr.Pritchard's office.

Mr.P : Isaac! What do you want?

Me: Hi Mr.Pritchard, i want a sports change.

Mr.P : Which sport are you doing now?

Me: I'm doing Table Tennis

Mr.P: And what sport do you want?

Me: Futsal

Mr. P: *Frowns* Look mate, Futsal's full. I've got 32 boys doing it.

Me: But... i chose Table Tennis because i wanted to get into the school team. But since the Table Tennis competition coincides with the Athletics All Schools Relay today, i decided not to take it up. However, it was too late. And yea...

Mr.P : Are you really eager to do it?

Me: I'm dying to get in.

Mr.P : *Starts writing on a green notepad* I'm only doing this because you're an outstanding sportsman.

Isaac: Erm...thanks.

Mr.P : In the entire cohort of 300 , there are only about 25 boys i'll do this for. *Tears the sheet of paper out and hands it to me* Goodbye!

Isaac: *Stares in amazement* Thanks!

haha! I was delighted beyond imagination. I ran to MSAC to join the dudes for futsal. Whoa, i was taken aback by the amount of space we had. The futsal courts were top-class and we had to all to ourselves. There were 4 teams.
Marcus and I formed a team with Duong, Michael and some dude. We played Tat's team and won 3-1. Then we played Tommy's All-star team and won 4-3.
Marcus, you rock! Anyway, we had an awesome time there.

After that i rushed down to Olympic Park 20 minutes before my 100m x 4 race. haha! The dudes were pretty pissed at me for tiring myself out. But i assured them that i still had the "goods" left in me. Yea, I was the first runner, Matthias was the second, Tim ran third and Chumith was the last runner. There were 5 heats for the 4x100, with 8 teams in each heat -.-" 40 teams in all.

The dudes were getting demoralised as the competitors were all looking buff and tanky. But when the 'gun' went, i burst off from the stocks with all my might and passed it on nicely to Matthias. Matt, Tim and Chumith put in awesome runs, but we only came second. An hour later, Matthias checked the scoreboards and sadly annouced that we didn't make the finals -.-"

The teams that finished first in each heat got through to the finals, but only two out of five second-placed teams would get through based on their respective timings. We clocked in at 48.40 or something like that just behind a team that had 48.39 secs -.-"""" Argh! We lost out by 0.01 seconds. I still can't believe it. I guess all of us came here not expecting to win anything at state level, we didn't even train. But we currently hold the tenth position in the state. Boo yah! Thank God!