Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Addition to the World of Cliches

The World of Cliches never fails to get bigger and bigger. I find myself repeating this phrase over so many times that it has totally lost its meaning. "I've got too much work to do." Banh and Jase have been bagging me constantly about being a "wimp" that keeps going on and on about too much homework. I gave it some thought and found what they said really true.

Anyway, i'm supposed to be working on this english script right now until i got ditched by Trent and Jase at the last moment -.-" Jase had to go out for some fancy dinner (Probably with Fiona), and Trent had to attend his best friend's birthday party -.-"""

Today was casual clothes day, and school ended at 1.30pm because the teachers had some admin meeting. Oh yes, i got bagged tons today because i "skipped" a chance to represent the school in the All-Schools Knockouts yesterday. My reason being that i couldn't miss my double Geography period =) Apparantly, the team managed to win without me. -.-"

Duc, Harish, Marcus, Turk, Leo, Shervin, Jin, Phan and i were initially gonna catch a movie at Crown until the dudes found some way to cheat the arcade machines at Galactic Circus -.-" That left Jin, Harish, Phan and myself. We managed to get 5-dollar tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just in time... and we successfully smuggled some fast food from KFC this time. I remember spilling the entire cup of sprite in my bag the last time -.-"

The show was alright. Phan and Harish were utterly dissapointed with the show while Jin was trying to bury his anger. haha! I mean...it's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! What can we expect? I knew it was gonna be a gayish show, but it didn't turn out to be as gay as i thought it would be. haha! It was pretty exciting actually, but i guess all of us know the entire story already. So that just took the "fan" outta the "fantasy" 0.-"

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