Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fathers' Day!

Wow, i can't believe how much has happened in the last few days. And no one has tagged me since thursday! -.-" hey, please patronise my blog! It's what the "cool" people do! *rolls eyes* Please read to the end of this post. But before i start rambling on, i wanna wish all the dads, and soon-to-be dads out there a Happy Fathers' Day!

I had a delicious lunch at Jin's house after school on Friday. It was awesome! His mum cooked chicken, potato and dumplings. Whoa, thanks Jin! And thank your mum for me too! Jin and i were all pumped to take on our bitter rivals, YOBO United, in a indoor soccer game that night. It was a pity, however, that someone mistook the starting time for 6.30pm instead of 5.15pm -.-" So yea, we forfeited the game and came second place in the league table. We've got a shot at the semi-finals next Friday though =)

I don't know what came over me yesterday(Saturday) during Chinese school. I started asking myself what love actually was. And then i pondered deeply over it. This may sound extremely childish, but i feel that girls seek and long for a dependable male to lean on. It gives them a sense of security to have someone big and strong look after ya. On the otherhand, dudes long for the company of a girl; for someone to hold tightly and carress in their muscular arms. Well, that's not ALL love is. But i feel that this theory can be quite true. What do you think? Please post your comment! PLEASE! =)

I've been working my guts out for the past few weeks. After working through my entire weekend last week, i expected to take a break this weekend. But no. In Melbourne High, "resting" seems to be non-exisitant. Fortunately, we went for dinner at Sofia's to celebrate Fathers' Day. That place is full of Italians and Greeks. Seriously. The dinner was fantastic, we had tons of pasta, lasgna and calamari.

Quentin gave his debut message at Fungus today. It was about change, about having constant changes in your life; to strive for something new and improved; to aim to achieve the unachieveable and do the undoable. haha!

On the way back from Fungus, Joyce suggested playing soccer out of the blue. Jerusha and i started cracking up because of her randomness. lol! Joyce's random request was granted as we ventured down to the park for a kick. Had a pretty fun time heading the ball, playing "monkey" and coming up with fancy soccer freestyle tricks. None of them seemed to work, except of Joyce's J-trick and Tim's T-trick. haha! I'm planning to do them in school tomorrow.

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