Sunday, September 11, 2005

Treasures On Earth

Hey, i'm starting to get slack nowadays. I've gotta keep the motivation up, and you peeps can help by constantly poping by to post something on the tagboard. Oh yea, and PLEASE add my page to your Favourites. haha! Cuz i KNOW that it IS your favourite website =)

We went to the Youth Service at FGA today instead of the normal service at Crossway. The worship was fantastic! Some of the youths did this awesome skit on the stage, there was poppy music to complement their fully-sick dance moves. haha! It was really funny an entertaining.

After the service, we popped down to Box Hill for lunch. I had Vietnamese Char Kuay Teow. haha! It was mouth-watering. Urgh...i can't wait to try it again. After that, we went for a soccer game with Quentin and the others. Dropping by the field just opposite to Wembley (The homeground of the club i played for last year) gave me a nostalgic feeling. I just felt... like i was at home...but not really. haha!

There were about 30 people rushing for the ball, and it was extremely un-coordinated. But i must say that all of us had a great time there. haha! I didn't play too well. Joyce kept chasing me around the field trying to "mark" me, Tim was knocking my head of with his left foot, Shaun was jumping all over me and i got nutmegged by this 7 year old girl -.-"

Oh yea, i just wanted to talk about Pastor Chris' message during church today about storing treasures up on earth. It touched me greatly as i thought about all my life's persuits. I was aiming to get a 95 or more for my ENTER score, to represent my school in various sports and to be a fully-sick guitar player. But what can they earn me? What would i have after i die? I really thank Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins, for giving me a second chance. My motivations should not be self-centered. Instead, it should be to yearn for the salvation of others. To impact the lives of the friends around me.

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