Thursday, September 15, 2005

Futsal Report

Hey peeps! How're you guys doing? This blog averages around >10 viewers everyday currently, but it soared up to about 30 viewer/day two months ago. Sigh... i really don't want it to die out. haha! It reminds me of the extinction of dinosaurs and the teletubbies. When the demand goes down, so does the supply. So please leave a tag! Thanks for coming!

Today was a pretty exciting day, and i'm not referring to school. We had a vital weekly dose of futsal at MSAC today. Whoa! Just as i expected, the atmosphere was fantastic, and everyone was fully-pumped and ready to rip the nets apart. We had four teams:

Team 1 (All-Star Team)

Team 2
Darren Lobo
And Two other AZN Dudes

Team 3
A jap dude
A curry dude
And an Azn dude

Team 4 (Our Team)

Anyway, it was somewhat like the Nike advertisement when teams of three take on each other in this metal cage. haha! Although our team wasn't made up of all-stars, we sure got the job done! The highlights were Paul's double in the first game, and Harish's mad left footer curler. We had to play each team once, and these were the scores:

Us vs Team 1 (All Stars)
3 - 0
Harish scored two and Paul scored one.

Us vs Team 2
Paul scored 2, I scored one and Darren scored one.

Us vs Team 3
Harish scored

This shows that you don't need the best players in the squad to be the best team. Well, the games were all played with good sportmanship. However, a few players in the All-Star team got pretty pissed with each other. But other than that, it was a day to remember.

PS. The Man Of All the Matches was the legendary Marcus Wong! (He sweeps the chicks off their feet with his dashing looks. And he's still single!)
PPS. He told me to write this XD

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