Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Stupid Idiot

The term's finally coming to an end. It's only been 10 weeks or so, that's not too long, but it sure feels as though it's been ages since the last semester. I got my Business Management assignment back today, and i got full marks for it! haha! Mr. Janus even wrote "A++" on the grading sheet. Yea! I just wanna thank God for that. All that hard work finally paid off.

Oh, here comes the funny part. This happened on the way to East Richmond yesterday after school. The tram was fully-packed as usual, but the dudes managed to squeeze in "like a can of packed sardines". Anyway, we were held up be heavy traffic and the tram driver refused to open the door although we were just a few metres from the tram stop. So, Andrew (Chen) pulled on the "stop" line relentlessly. haha! It was hilarious. The tram driver got so mad that he got outta the cabin and started yelling his guts out, " You stupid idiot! Stupid idiot! Stop pulling da line you stupid idiot! Idiot...idiot...you stupid idiot, idiot." lol! His heavy indian accent made it all the more humourous. You would have laughed your guts out if you were at the scene.

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