Thursday, September 01, 2005

Futsal Revival, State Relay, Pritchard Praise

"Each passing day can adds on to one's bank of sweet memories."

Today was a day worth remembering. It involved a new discovery of an awesome futsal stadium, the results of the All School Relay that i took part in, and an amazing apraisal from Mr. Pritchard(My sports co-ordinator). Please read to the end, and add a funny tag.

I had sport for periods 6 and 7 today, but i went to Mr.Pritchard's office to ask for a sports change - i was in Table Tennis, but i was dying to do Futsal. However, I knew three other dudes that had their requests rejected. Mr.Pritchard is notorious for his "tightness". Anyway, I just wanna give all credit to God before i go on. This is simply amazing, and i just wanna thank Him for it all. Here's exactly what happened:

I walked into Mr.Pritchard's office.

Mr.P : Isaac! What do you want?

Me: Hi Mr.Pritchard, i want a sports change.

Mr.P : Which sport are you doing now?

Me: I'm doing Table Tennis

Mr.P: And what sport do you want?

Me: Futsal

Mr. P: *Frowns* Look mate, Futsal's full. I've got 32 boys doing it.

Me: But... i chose Table Tennis because i wanted to get into the school team. But since the Table Tennis competition coincides with the Athletics All Schools Relay today, i decided not to take it up. However, it was too late. And yea...

Mr.P : Are you really eager to do it?

Me: I'm dying to get in.

Mr.P : *Starts writing on a green notepad* I'm only doing this because you're an outstanding sportsman.

Isaac: Erm...thanks.

Mr.P : In the entire cohort of 300 , there are only about 25 boys i'll do this for. *Tears the sheet of paper out and hands it to me* Goodbye!

Isaac: *Stares in amazement* Thanks!

haha! I was delighted beyond imagination. I ran to MSAC to join the dudes for futsal. Whoa, i was taken aback by the amount of space we had. The futsal courts were top-class and we had to all to ourselves. There were 4 teams.
Marcus and I formed a team with Duong, Michael and some dude. We played Tat's team and won 3-1. Then we played Tommy's All-star team and won 4-3.
Marcus, you rock! Anyway, we had an awesome time there.

After that i rushed down to Olympic Park 20 minutes before my 100m x 4 race. haha! The dudes were pretty pissed at me for tiring myself out. But i assured them that i still had the "goods" left in me. Yea, I was the first runner, Matthias was the second, Tim ran third and Chumith was the last runner. There were 5 heats for the 4x100, with 8 teams in each heat -.-" 40 teams in all.

The dudes were getting demoralised as the competitors were all looking buff and tanky. But when the 'gun' went, i burst off from the stocks with all my might and passed it on nicely to Matthias. Matt, Tim and Chumith put in awesome runs, but we only came second. An hour later, Matthias checked the scoreboards and sadly annouced that we didn't make the finals -.-"

The teams that finished first in each heat got through to the finals, but only two out of five second-placed teams would get through based on their respective timings. We clocked in at 48.40 or something like that just behind a team that had 48.39 secs -.-"""" Argh! We lost out by 0.01 seconds. I still can't believe it. I guess all of us came here not expecting to win anything at state level, we didn't even train. But we currently hold the tenth position in the state. Boo yah! Thank God!

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