Wednesday, August 31, 2005

House Cross-Country

Today's five kilometre run was a torture. Marcus, Jase, Jin, Harish, Anthony, Shervin, Tommy, Phan and i were chatting along the way to Albert Park lake for the Cross-Country. I don't believe how pov the school is; they can't even afford to hire buses for us students. Not only that, we weren't allowed to take public transport. Sigh... the walk from our school to Albert Park was probably about 3km -.-"

Anyway, tons of people were bagging me about deciding to run in the Under-15 (year 9) age group -.-" haha! I AM Under-15! I was aiming to come in the top 10, but my hopes were all in vain. I started off on a good stride, but i began to feel the resistance halfway through the course. There was still a very long and winding way to go, but i kept my head up telling myself that i can make it. haha! It was a torturous. Seriously. We had to run against the chilling wind that blew hard at us. It was so strong that it blew water from the lake onto the running track.

Anyway, i ran the whole way, fought hard against the temptation of walking and sprinted my guts out in the last 200 metres. haha! I just had to, the dudes were all lined up on the sides of running track screaming "Go Isaac Go! You can do it! Beat the Year 9s!" haha! So yea, i overtook a ton of people on my sprint and clocked in at 18minutes and 50secs. However, my overall position in the age group was 64 -.-" I was shell-shocked when i heard about my poor position. i mean, i did pretty well, i ran my guts out and all. But there are 63 Year 9s fitter than i am -.-" The Year 9s this year are absolute guns! I should have run in the Under 16s! I could have gotten more points and a better position if i did -.-"

Shervin, Marcus, Anthony, Jin and Harish were kind enough to wait for me after the run. We took a tram down to Spencer Street, a train up to Flinders and then a train home. Oh yea, i just remembered my bet with James. haha! I don't know what was his timing, but i reckon i beat him. =)

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