Tuesday, August 30, 2005

German Cultural Day

Hey peeps, please keep the tagging up! My daily visitor count has dropped to three. haha! i don't really know, but yea, it's really low. Anyway, i had an awesome day today in the city. I told my teacher, Mr.Wright, two days ago that i couldn't go for the German excursion(today) because i was representing the school in Athletics. However, i found out yesterday that my race was on Thursday, but it was too late to make any changes.

I decided to spend the day in school today while the German dudes went on the excurison, but i got persuaded by Jase almost immediately. haha! Jase, thanks for your persistence! I had to rush around school getting all the proper documents done and all, i even had to call my mum up for proper consent.

Anyway, we also had to take a Boostrix immunisation injection before we left. Yep, as i expected, i'm feeling extremely lethargic right now and my left arm is weak as. I'm determined to give my all in the House Cross Country tomorrow and i hope this won't affect my performance.

About 40 German students went on the excursiont to the Town Hall for some stupid German Cultural Promotional Event that was unbelieveably gay and boring. Seriously... Fortunately, Tommy, Turk, Shervin, Harish, Joash, Prashant and Jase were there. It got really funny when Tommy and Jase started arguing about who's more arrogant and then Turk would jump in and say, "Jase, you're uncommitted!" There were about 10 people who went up on stage to give speeches -.-" Seriously, 10 speakers! But it was really funny because everyone had music in their ears. haha!

The good part came after the boring event. We exited the Town Hall and walked quite a bit to this full-on posh German Restaurant. It even had two musicians performing live. I paid 20 bucks for a two-dish meal - Chicken Cutlet and Blackforrest Cake with icecream for dessert. Tommy, Jase and i had a decent conversation about what love is. Yea, i learnt something too.
I learnt that you can never like someone unless you learn to love them.

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