Sunday, August 07, 2005

Poem Comp?

I just came back from Fungus with Joyce and Tim. (Thanks a lot guys!) At some point during our conversation, Joyce mentioned the statcounter on my blog. And i realised that it had hit 630 in just 3 weeks! I just wanna thank all you folks out there for visiting my blog faithfully =) haha! I know my life's really boring, but yea...what can i say? God's given me awesome friends! =)

Have you ever wondered if something you believed in, or thought strongly about, would be accepted by the modern "civilised" society out in the world today? I do. After adding a long english analytical essay to my torturous load of assignments, Ms. Mejias, my english teacher, informed the class that there would be a poem competition coming up this week and that she would be open for submissions. haha! Then she asked for a show of interest. No one raised their hands save for me -.-" Some of you may not know that i have a huge passion for composing Christian poems. (You can check them out in the archive pages) However, i'm faced with this question right now: "If i were to submit a Christian poem, would it be shunned away?" But i know God gave me this gift. I won't use it for anything else, except for Him =)

Fungus was awesome. We had a "party", pizza and all, instead of group discussions. It was supposed to be a belated celebration for the unbelieveable success of the Youth Rally. I feel awkward because i failed to bring anyone to the rally, not even one. Sigh... i'll try better the next time. Jin, Banh, Tommy, Harish, Marcus, Andrew, Turk, Trent, Jase, and all the soccer dudes, you guys better not turn me down the next time i invite ya!

Oh yes, i played two of my songs for Brian during Fungus. He seemed quite impressed, but i seriously doubt my judgements. haha! I really hate playing in front of people with a perfect pitch. They instantenously pick up mistakes that are oblivious to the average ear.

I've gotta get back to work. Oh yea! Hey peeps, you can choose to read on from here, or not to...but i can assure you that you won't regret it if you do. Seriously. I had to write up this script for a German assignment which the theme "Time, Light and Space". Yea, i had to come up with a synopsis of the play, which will be entered into a competition. Here goes!

It's about this young and innocent German boy named Matthias. His teacher, Ms Kingston, tells the class to bring an item which represents, depicts or expresses the meaning of "Time", "Light" and "Space". This task is due the next day.

At home, Matthias asks his mother what "Time" meant. She replies, "Time is something that is irreversible, something that money can't buy." He takes note of her comment and then goes into the living room. He finds his grandfather resting on the couch, and asks her what "Light" was. He replies, "Light is something that is neccessary, something which enables you to see clearly." Again, he takes good note of his answer. Finally, he walks into the kitchen and finds his grandmother doing some cooking. He askes her what "Space" was. She replies, " Space is a place of existence high above the skies". For the third time, we takes good note.

In school the next day, the teacher tells her students to present their respective items in front of the class. A girl named Sarah does her presentation on this fully-sick, posh, fanciful item and she gets a tremendous applause from the class. It was Matthias' turn. He walked up to the front slowly, feeling a little timid. He was holding something tightly in his hands. The entire class started giggling at him when he pulled out a picture of a mid-aged man with gray hair. A tear rolled down his eyes as he started to speak," This is my Father. He passed away two weeks ago due to leukemia," He coughed, and swallowed some saliva before continuing, " he represents Time as he can't be bought, or be brought back to life. He depicts light perfectly as he comforted me when i was down and enabled me to see clearly." The entire class, including Ms. Kingston, were in tears. "Lastly, i believe he is in space right now, a place high above the skies."

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