Saturday, August 06, 2005

Whitehorse Soccer

Hi people! How're ya? Hope you're all doing fine. Hey, feel free to email me if you're bored, or if you like like pouring out your life problems to a wall. And keep the tagging up! I'm really glad to see that joce and lyd tagged recently. Hey joce, i'll reply ya soon =)

Anyway, today was full of exciting events. It started off with Chinese School. haha! really exciting stuff. Class was alright. We had a debate on whether sport is good or not, which seemed to go on forever. During recess, Jin, Brendan, Tat and some other asian dudes took on this hardcore gang of Indonesians in a friendly game of soccer. Yea.. we lost 2-1, but it was fun.

After school, we rushed to Box Hill for the Indoor Soccer Tournament. It was held at the Box Hill Aquatic Centre. Yea, we could only book the courts for two hours. One court was used for Netball, and the other for soccer. There were two Fungus teams, two Young Adult teams, one Burmese team and an Adult team that competed.

Nick, Jerusha, Germaine, Shaun, Gabriel, Aaron, Eammon, German (THE ABSOULUTE GUN), Pete and Trium formed Fungus ONE. lolz... i expected us to lose from the start. But anyway, we went into the first game with a bang. German and i created many awesome chances, but neither Jerusha, Gabriel nor Shaun were able to convert. Meanwhile, Nick were resolute in defence. The game ended in a 0-0 draw, sadly.

The second game looked really hard as we were up against Youth Adults One. Fungus have got a grudge against the Youth Adults. We beat them 4-0 in the past, and they were out to get revenge. Anyway, German scored a clinical goal 5 minutes into the game; the ball was cleared from our defensive area, he trapped it perfectly and slotted it past the keeper in style. Nick and I kept the defence water-tight, as we managed to pull through 1-0.

We made it into the semis with that win, and we were up against Fungus Two next. Their name suggests that they should be inferior to Fungus One, but that really isn't the case. They lashed out at our defense with sheer aggression early in the game. But we managed to score through two counter-attacks. German, the Legend, with two more clinical finishes. I really love his finishing. Especially when he flicked the ball over the on-rushing keeper into the empty net. It was simply sensational! We managed to keep another clean sheet for that game: 2-0.

We were in the Finals. I don't know why, or how, but we made it. And that's just that. haha! The only reason i can think of is that Quinton, German, Nick and Jerusha put on outstanding performances in every game to see us off into the finals. Anyway, guess who our opponent was? Yep...Young Adults One AGAIN -.-" We were being dominated in the early stages, but Nick and I managed to preserve the clean sheet. Unfortunately, we got chased out of the court as out booked time had expired. We were forced to resume the game on the footy pitch outside. The rules were extremely dodgy, but we managed to pull through with a 2-1 victory. Thanks to goals from Shaun and German (AGAIN!) haha! I had a really fun time with my new boots. Sigh... someone stepped on my foot at some stage and left a cut in my new boots! -.-"

Anyway, i've got a huge load off my back after completing my English analytical essay on "The Catcher in the Rye". Phew..Thank God! There's a barbe going on at my house right now...but i'm playing "nerd" in my room. -.-" The life of a Melbourne High Student.

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