Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Drop Dead And Die

Drop Died And Die.

I wish that could happen to me. But it's not time yet. It's the time of the year when the school decides to suffocate students with tonnes of homework, sucking all the leisure time they've got. If you see Melbourne High boys with thick textbooks in their hands, mini posters, calculators, knives and egg beaters, don't be surprised. We're all going through tough times.

Sigh... i've got another 6 assignments pending, due sometime next week, and what am i doing? Blogging. Hey! Please tag! Anyway, i wanna tell you peeps about this free packet of chips i got from Coles yesterday. I didn't steal it! It was supposed to be on offer for $2.99, but i got charged $3.50. I went up to the cashier and told her that i was mischarged.

As she was checking the price and all, i saw my Glen Waverley train arrive at the station. I was said, "Miss, it's only fifty cents. Just forget it." But she held me back and said that i could get a refund, plus a free packet of chips. Yep, a free packet of chips... but i had to wait 20minutes for it though -.-" Made me miss my train.

Harish, Jase and Turk got me really pissed today. They kept touching my hair!!! -.-" It got me really pissed because i had a Athletics Photoshoot, and i didn't want my hair all messed up. But HARISH, just had to play the fool. He ran his dirty hand through my hair during German. I turned around and sunk my fist into his shins. lol! I can still remember his scream of agony.

Back to work!

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