Tuesday, August 23, 2005

1000 hits!

Hey guys! The hit counter's finally hit a thousand! Yee ha! I still remember when i started this blog in October last year....hasn't even been a year yet. I can still remember when my post count was around 20, and now, it's about 290. haha! How time flies....it really does..

Argh...i tend to think of the good times i had while i was still young...how immature i used to be. It cuts my heart deep whenever i think of the past. I remember when i was in kindergarten and my teacher scolded me for standing on the toilet seat. haha! I wasn't tall enough to look out the window! -.-" Anyway, things like that make childhood experiences precious.

I've gotta rush off now...i've got lotsa work to do. Keep coming, and enjoy your childhood people!

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