Wednesday, August 24, 2005

ASX Excitement

Do you remember those childhood days when you discovered fire? I used to be fascinated about the heat producing element. It's like...spectacular, new... and... uncertain. Anthony, Harish, Josh and i listed our group "Isaac's Sister" in the ASX Sharemarket Game. And we had our first shots at buying some securities today. I found Anthony's unsual fascination about the new game really interesting. He was jumping up and down as though he had won a million bucks!

Yea, my mum warned me recently about greed. My dad said "The love of money is the root of all evil". When i was younger, i thought that that went without saying...i mean, would i ever betray a friend for money? But my heart skips a beat at how much things have changed... at how much innocence has been lost. I don't puzzles me...i know i don't want to fall into greed, but whether i ever will is another question. Sigh... you want more of it don't you? Better sports shoes, branded surf clothes, nice hair gel, fancy tank-tops, special sports gear and equipment. I must admit that i've been severely tempted by these material treasures. I'm currently in a 50 buck debt (cuz of my indoor soccer boots). But i will have to put my trust in the Lord.

Jason gave me a shock in school today when he said that he wanted to go to a church. I almost burst out in laughter the next moment when he mentioned that he was going to a Catholic church. But anyway, that's a start. I mean...Jase is one of the biggest skeptics i've ever known... i'm really amazed that he sees, to a small extent, the importance of religion. God works in wonderful ways!

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