Thursday, August 18, 2005


So i guess the verdict is that Faith is needed for a significant change to happen. Hey, please keep the tagging up. Ya know what? The Hit Counter has hit 900 in just a month! I just wanna thank all you peeps for dropping by frequently =)

I've been taking the 7.06AM train to school for the past few days for table-tennis training, and i'm feeling fatigued right now. I just wanna thank Michael and Andrew for brushing up my table-tennis skills. I tried out for the school team today. Apparently Mr.Bushell was pretty impressed, and he arranged a game for me against the Year 9s next Tuesday . I'm not in the team YET, but i sure hope i'll make it.

Sigh... i'm representing the school in Table-Tennis, Soccer and Athletics now. I'll be missing a few days of school pretty soon. Argh...i hate it when that happens. I'm running three events for the All Schools Relays on the 30th of August and the 1st of September. Those are the days before and after the Cross-Country run on the 31st -.-"""""" loL! That'll be three fully-packed days of hardcore running for me. Argh!

Yesterday was awesome. We were released from school at 1pm, and i decided to do some lanning at AE with Peter and his "gang". haha! A few friends asked what i was doing after school, and they were shocked when i told them that i was lanning -.-" The word spread like wild fire... even Peter somehow knew about it -.-" What's wrong?! When i told Leo, he was like 0.0" "Isaac? Lanning?! LOL!" -.-""""""

They refused to believe me when i told them that i used to play CS everyday back in Singapore. Sigh... why do people take me for a nerd?! -.-" I mean...i've only lanned once at N2C since i came to Australia, i never went back as it was too expensive.

Anyway, Duc, Nam, Luan, Duong, Phan and i went to AE after school. haha! Guess what? I top-fragged 2 outta 3 games! haha! Kong was taken aback when i told him that today. Anyway, the morale of this incident is that one shouldn't judge another too quickly, there can be hidden talents hidden deep within =)

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