Monday, August 15, 2005

State Futsal Trials

Hey peeps! How are ya? Banh's been saying that my blog's becoming slack. I agree to a certain extent, because of the extreme workload and the many events that have been yoked upon me. Many things have happened in the past two days, but i'll only include the really interesting ones. haha! Please remember to tag! You're the ones that inspire me to keep the blogging uppy!

Jerusha and I went for the State Futsal Trials on Saturday. I went with a half-hearted motive as i've never played futsal much, and i knew that i wouldn't be able to compete with players that train every week. When I got there, i learned that they were gonna pick a team for a trip to Sydney for the Futsal State Championships. So yea, i wasn't too keen on going, but i thought that it would be a good i gave it my best shot. There were about 25 dudes that rocked up, and every single one of them were pro. Seriously, i don't usually call soccer players "pro", so yea.. these dudes are elite, the froth on the cream of the crop. haha!

The coach was really strict. He said that we would have 10 minutes to impress him on the field, and we had to put in our full 100% during that period. There were 25 dudes, and only 5 were allowed on the field at a time. I felt extremely fatigued when it was my turn to shine, i got onto the field. And yea...made a complete fool of myself. The defenders would press hard on me whenever i got the ball. There was literally NO SPACE to manuvere! Thus, I lost tons of possession. I don't believe i played so badly! I mean... i didn't stuff up or anything, the others just outshone me.

The coach told me to come off after 5 minutes or so -.-" I got a drink, went to the toilet and splashed my face with cold water. Then i prayed. About 20 minutes later, the coach put me back on. This time was a completely different story. I managed to shove the defenders away from me, shield the ball, gain some room, make some delicate touches, and pass it off accurately. I made two amazing through passes which ended up in goals, and i did this spectacular dribble past two markers. Yea, i reckon that impressed the coach a little. Well, all's not lost yet, i've got next Saturday to impress him.

During the hectic and demanding Friday night's indoor soccer and Saturday's Futsal trials, an old injury in my right knee ligament acted up again -.-" Sigh... it hurt whenever i blasted the ball and when i run too hard. So i've decided to go on a self-imposed rehabilitation program. I'm gonna be doing light weights during every lunchtime till my knee ligament gets strong enough. Please pray for me!

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