Tuesday, August 09, 2005

SG National Day!

Hey peeps! I'm being weighed down with tons of work right now, but i just had to come online to do a quick post. It's Singapore's National Day today! Yeeha!!! Happy Birthday Singapore! Oh...i really miss home, but i still have 4 months to wait. I can still remember the good old days when we use to sing those lovely national day songs.

Hey, please read to the end of this post. Or just skip to the end bit. I've got something important right at the end. It's a poll!

The dudes and i carried out Mission X yesterday. Okay, i'll reveal the secret now. I've been planning this surprise present for Jase since last week. Banh, Tommy and i went to get a slick orange and black Man Utd ball from him. I managed to get about 14 dudes to chip in, and we secretly signed the ball. It looks fully-sick as! Anyway, Jase apparently knew about all thanks to a slip of the tongue by Joash! -.-""""

We went to Happy Cup after school today to celebrate Joyce's birthday. haha! We're about a week late, but yea...it's the thought that counts. There were quite a few people there. Yea... we had cake, and a cup of bubble tea. It's a pity Tommy couldn't make it.

Sigh... i've been dying to take a jog for ages. the X-Country's coming up really soon, and i've gotta start training. Also, i'm gonna try out for the state futsal team this Saturday, and i've gotta regain my stamina. Sigh... the only thing stopping me is the unbelievable amount of work i've got. I've got, literally, 10 major assignments due soon:

1. Science Experiment Project
2. German Film Assignment
3. German Cultural Assignment
3. English Webquest Project
4. English Book Review
5. Cad Presenation
6. Maths Assignment
7. Gerography Assignment on China's pop.
8. Geography Assessment task 2
9. English Analytical Essay on Catcher in the Rye
10. Business Management - ASX Assignment

Anyway, i took off sometime today to compose a poem for the optional poem competition coming up. Here goes!

Final Destination

Walking through a lush green field,
Listening for a sound.
Colourful petals and barky trees,
With flowers all around.

Peaceful tranquility,
Fills my tired brain.
The cool air,
Drowns out all the pain.

I shut my eyes,
In a gentle breeze.
Pondering my life,
With little ease.

I think of home,
And little Jim.
When we were young,
When he was slim.

Time has passed,
With dreadful realisation.
What comes next?
My final destination.

God & Isaac

I've got two more poems below. But i don't really know which one i should submit. Could you peeps help me out? Just put the title on the tagboard! Thanks!

My Hope

Why should I live,
In this world of agony?
Weak in the flesh,
With nothing left for me.

Living each day,
In simple repetition.
Searching aimlessly,
For a humble consolation.

But I put my hope,
In your unfailing love.
You are the bright light,
That shines from above.

All my dreams,
Have rolled down the slope.
But in your Love,
I will have Hope.

God & Isaac
*Time Unknown*


I see nothing before me,
But a dark black space.
I stand on nothing,
But a small round base.

A step forward,
Could seal my fate.
And a step back,
Would prove too late.

I am trapped forever,
For the lack of faith.
The chill around me,
Makes me feel unsafe.

It is through faith,
That light can abound.
Believing by nothing,
That Hope is found.

God & Isaac
*Time Unknown*

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