Wednesday, August 31, 2005

House Cross-Country

Today's five kilometre run was a torture. Marcus, Jase, Jin, Harish, Anthony, Shervin, Tommy, Phan and i were chatting along the way to Albert Park lake for the Cross-Country. I don't believe how pov the school is; they can't even afford to hire buses for us students. Not only that, we weren't allowed to take public transport. Sigh... the walk from our school to Albert Park was probably about 3km -.-"

Anyway, tons of people were bagging me about deciding to run in the Under-15 (year 9) age group -.-" haha! I AM Under-15! I was aiming to come in the top 10, but my hopes were all in vain. I started off on a good stride, but i began to feel the resistance halfway through the course. There was still a very long and winding way to go, but i kept my head up telling myself that i can make it. haha! It was a torturous. Seriously. We had to run against the chilling wind that blew hard at us. It was so strong that it blew water from the lake onto the running track.

Anyway, i ran the whole way, fought hard against the temptation of walking and sprinted my guts out in the last 200 metres. haha! I just had to, the dudes were all lined up on the sides of running track screaming "Go Isaac Go! You can do it! Beat the Year 9s!" haha! So yea, i overtook a ton of people on my sprint and clocked in at 18minutes and 50secs. However, my overall position in the age group was 64 -.-" I was shell-shocked when i heard about my poor position. i mean, i did pretty well, i ran my guts out and all. But there are 63 Year 9s fitter than i am -.-" The Year 9s this year are absolute guns! I should have run in the Under 16s! I could have gotten more points and a better position if i did -.-"

Shervin, Marcus, Anthony, Jin and Harish were kind enough to wait for me after the run. We took a tram down to Spencer Street, a train up to Flinders and then a train home. Oh yea, i just remembered my bet with James. haha! I don't know what was his timing, but i reckon i beat him. =)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

German Cultural Day

Hey peeps, please keep the tagging up! My daily visitor count has dropped to three. haha! i don't really know, but yea, it's really low. Anyway, i had an awesome day today in the city. I told my teacher, Mr.Wright, two days ago that i couldn't go for the German excursion(today) because i was representing the school in Athletics. However, i found out yesterday that my race was on Thursday, but it was too late to make any changes.

I decided to spend the day in school today while the German dudes went on the excurison, but i got persuaded by Jase almost immediately. haha! Jase, thanks for your persistence! I had to rush around school getting all the proper documents done and all, i even had to call my mum up for proper consent.

Anyway, we also had to take a Boostrix immunisation injection before we left. Yep, as i expected, i'm feeling extremely lethargic right now and my left arm is weak as. I'm determined to give my all in the House Cross Country tomorrow and i hope this won't affect my performance.

About 40 German students went on the excursiont to the Town Hall for some stupid German Cultural Promotional Event that was unbelieveably gay and boring. Seriously... Fortunately, Tommy, Turk, Shervin, Harish, Joash, Prashant and Jase were there. It got really funny when Tommy and Jase started arguing about who's more arrogant and then Turk would jump in and say, "Jase, you're uncommitted!" There were about 10 people who went up on stage to give speeches -.-" Seriously, 10 speakers! But it was really funny because everyone had music in their ears. haha!

The good part came after the boring event. We exited the Town Hall and walked quite a bit to this full-on posh German Restaurant. It even had two musicians performing live. I paid 20 bucks for a two-dish meal - Chicken Cutlet and Blackforrest Cake with icecream for dessert. Tommy, Jase and i had a decent conversation about what love is. Yea, i learnt something too.
I learnt that you can never like someone unless you learn to love them.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Moods. In our modern society, dudes try to be sympathetic towards girls because of their mood swings. Seriously, i've seen a girl's happiness fade into complete sulkiness in a matter of seconds. But i wonder if dudes also have sudden, dramatic mood changes. I mean, not as sudden, and not as dramatic as the ones girls have, but... just periods of highs and lows. Hmm... i reckon they do, at least i do. We all try to hide it up, but it always spills out in one way or the other.

I'm supposed to be completely knocked out by now. I worked on my CAD assignment till 3AM last night. Sigh... i spent a total of 16 hours straight working on two projects. But i thank God. I thank God for my mum who stayed up to help me with my assignment. She really motivated me to push on to get the work done instead of succumbing to fatigue.

Argh... i better get an A+ for it. I'll cry if i get anything less, seriously...after all the effort i put into it. The House Cross Country's on this Wednesday, and i'll be having a long-awaited bet with James. The stake - the loser has to treat the winner to a dinner at any restaurant he chooses.

Oh yea, we'll be having inmmunisation jabs tomorrow. Sigh... i don't know why, i don't fall sick easily, but i'm really prone to needles. I don't like the idea of cold hard needles piercing into my flesh. I won't freak out or anything, but i don't like the after effects. I seem to get all feverish, feeblish and weak after injections. Argh...hope this won't affect my performance in the Cross-Country.

I'm also representing my school in an All Schools Relay this Thursday. I'm pretty nervous as i'll be competing in the Under 16 category at the state level. However, i'm also quite confident as we've got a good team.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Hey peeps, i'm really sorry about the last post. Things have been going badly for me and it's been made worse after i carelessly left my USB drive in the library -.-" It was gone the next day. But i'm still happy =) I don't know why... but i think God's taught me that life's not all about me...not about what i do for myself, what happens to me, or what i's what God's doing through me that matters! Anyway, please keep the tagging up! My blog viewership has gone down by 99%! haha!

Oh yea, about the last post. I had to store my information somewhere as i didn't have my USB drive with me, so yea... blogspot sounded like a good idea =) haha! The internet can be used for so many purposes!

This weekend's been a real bore. I stared at my laptop for about 5 hours yesterday working on my Business Management assignment, obtaining and compling information, anaylsing and interpreting graphs and all. I've just finished it today, but i've gotta get down to doing my CAD homework after this tag. There are some weekends that have to be sacrificed, but i don't mind because i actually like researching companies and studying the stock market. haha!

I must say that music has a huge impact on a person's mood. I was feeling really depressed after spending countless hours in front of the laptop, but i my shoulders instantaneously loosened up after i heard the song on my blog. haha! Music rocks!

Anyway, Turk decided to join us for Indoor soccer on last Friday night. And not surprisingly, he knocked in 10 solid goals to boost our team into first place with a comfortable 13-0 victory. Steve, Darren and myself added one goal each to our accounts. haha! Turk's such a gun, and i can't wait to see Tommy's face on Monday when he hears about it.

Peace out mates! Jesus loves ya!

Friday, August 26, 2005


Major Activities:
Qantas is widely regarded as the world's leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. It operates subsidiary businesses including other airlines, and businesses in specialist markets such as Qantas Holidays and Qantas Flight Catering.

Brief Background
The Qantas story is inextricably linked with the development of civil aviation in Australia. Qantas was founded in the Queensland outback in 1920 and was originally registered as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS). It started off with fragile biplanes carrying one or two passengers in open cockpits and progressed to advanced Boeing 747s flying some 400 people half way around the world in a day. Qantas was supported by committed staff and loyal customers as it persevered through war and peace to serve the nation and build an enterprise.

Through the years, Qantas has built a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, and customer service. Today, it is widely regarded as the world's leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. Qantas continues to provide outstanding service to its customers and is at the forefront of the international civil aviation industry.

Organisational Structure

Thursday, August 25, 2005


After two weeks of uncertainty, this was my chance to get into the intermediate table tennis team. It was my desire to represent my school in three sports - Soccer, Table Tennis and Athletics. But it was just a dream... a dream that started off in humility and ended in a nightmare of pride.

I don't know what came over me today as i succumbed to four year nine players -.-" My technique was rusty, and i foolishly splashed some water on the rubber of the bat just before the session started. But now that i think about it, i had so many chances to win those games, but i couldn't deliver the last blow. Something was stopping me... Sigh... maybe it's because i was getting a little too proud. Maybe it's because God doesn't want me to have too many committments... or maybe, i'm just a failure.

I've always gone about putting my 100% into stuff that i like, especially Soccer. And i don't like to lose for one. If i enter a competition that i've trained hard for, i don't expect to come anything below the top 3. But i'm starting to realise that... maybe, just maybe, i'm too idealistic.

I'm really confused right now. A long time ago, i remember telling someone older than me that i'll never be proud even if i was the best at something. But now, i don't know... do i boast? Sigh... i may even be boasting without knowing it. I used to think that a true, good sportsmen is someone who keep his head low in humility, who lets his actions do the talking and others do his boasting.

Argh.. i've got Athletics trials tomorrow, and i can't afford to stuff this one up. Table-Tennis was my third priority, and i didn't train much for it. But Athletics... it's a talent that God's given me... and i'm gonna run till my last breath with gratefulness and humility.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

ASX Excitement

Do you remember those childhood days when you discovered fire? I used to be fascinated about the heat producing element. It's like...spectacular, new... and... uncertain. Anthony, Harish, Josh and i listed our group "Isaac's Sister" in the ASX Sharemarket Game. And we had our first shots at buying some securities today. I found Anthony's unsual fascination about the new game really interesting. He was jumping up and down as though he had won a million bucks!

Yea, my mum warned me recently about greed. My dad said "The love of money is the root of all evil". When i was younger, i thought that that went without saying...i mean, would i ever betray a friend for money? But my heart skips a beat at how much things have changed... at how much innocence has been lost. I don't puzzles me...i know i don't want to fall into greed, but whether i ever will is another question. Sigh... you want more of it don't you? Better sports shoes, branded surf clothes, nice hair gel, fancy tank-tops, special sports gear and equipment. I must admit that i've been severely tempted by these material treasures. I'm currently in a 50 buck debt (cuz of my indoor soccer boots). But i will have to put my trust in the Lord.

Jason gave me a shock in school today when he said that he wanted to go to a church. I almost burst out in laughter the next moment when he mentioned that he was going to a Catholic church. But anyway, that's a start. I mean...Jase is one of the biggest skeptics i've ever known... i'm really amazed that he sees, to a small extent, the importance of religion. God works in wonderful ways!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

1000 hits!

Hey guys! The hit counter's finally hit a thousand! Yee ha! I still remember when i started this blog in October last year....hasn't even been a year yet. I can still remember when my post count was around 20, and now, it's about 290. haha! How time really does..

Argh...i tend to think of the good times i had while i was still immature i used to be. It cuts my heart deep whenever i think of the past. I remember when i was in kindergarten and my teacher scolded me for standing on the toilet seat. haha! I wasn't tall enough to look out the window! -.-" Anyway, things like that make childhood experiences precious.

I've gotta rush off now...i've got lotsa work to do. Keep coming, and enjoy your childhood people!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


I remember when i was young. When my parents and teachers, uncles and aunties, grandfathers and grandmothers would always tell me to push as hard as i can, to take every opportunity that comes in my way to excel. I tried hard, i really did...but there never seemed to be many opportunities.

Right now, i'm doing Soccer, Table-tennis and Athletics for school. And those commitments are weighing down on me like a ton of bricks. I mean, i can still cope with my work and all, barely, but still sustainable. That's the maximum weight of commitments. As most of you already know, i went to try out for State Futsal last week, and my second trial is suppose to be today, now actually. But i thought about it this morning, and i realised that it would "beef" up my "resume" in the future to have a "State Futsal Player" beside my name, but it would suffocate my academic life.

Sigh...i really want to try out and all. And we'll get to play in Sydney and in Adelaide. But the amount of time sacrificed to training and preparing, the amount of commit is just overwhelming. The priority for me now is to get into the school table-tennis team. I'm going for the trials this tuesday, but i'm not too confident. Argh... i feel really terrible. I used to long for opportunities, and i got what i wanted. All at one go. I'm just overwhelmed. I can't possible take up all of really hurts my heart to let a chance like this slip, but some sacrifices have to be made.

Then again, when i think about it. That's not the end of my life. I'm sure that tons of other opportunities will come my way. And i'm sure that i'll let more of them slip, but what matters is that i take as many of them, and make the best choice i can, one commitment at the time. I have to choose my VCE subjects in a few weeks time, and i'm still in a frenzy. Sigh... i'm approaching a point of utter confusion.

But i take comfort because i know this:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord.
"Plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."
-Jeremiah 11:29

Thursday, August 18, 2005


So i guess the verdict is that Faith is needed for a significant change to happen. Hey, please keep the tagging up. Ya know what? The Hit Counter has hit 900 in just a month! I just wanna thank all you peeps for dropping by frequently =)

I've been taking the 7.06AM train to school for the past few days for table-tennis training, and i'm feeling fatigued right now. I just wanna thank Michael and Andrew for brushing up my table-tennis skills. I tried out for the school team today. Apparently Mr.Bushell was pretty impressed, and he arranged a game for me against the Year 9s next Tuesday . I'm not in the team YET, but i sure hope i'll make it.

Sigh... i'm representing the school in Table-Tennis, Soccer and Athletics now. I'll be missing a few days of school pretty soon. Argh...i hate it when that happens. I'm running three events for the All Schools Relays on the 30th of August and the 1st of September. Those are the days before and after the Cross-Country run on the 31st -.-"""""" loL! That'll be three fully-packed days of hardcore running for me. Argh!

Yesterday was awesome. We were released from school at 1pm, and i decided to do some lanning at AE with Peter and his "gang". haha! A few friends asked what i was doing after school, and they were shocked when i told them that i was lanning -.-" The word spread like wild fire... even Peter somehow knew about it -.-" What's wrong?! When i told Leo, he was like 0.0" "Isaac? Lanning?! LOL!" -.-""""""

They refused to believe me when i told them that i used to play CS everyday back in Singapore. Sigh... why do people take me for a nerd?! -.-" I mean...i've only lanned once at N2C since i came to Australia, i never went back as it was too expensive.

Anyway, Duc, Nam, Luan, Duong, Phan and i went to AE after school. haha! Guess what? I top-fragged 2 outta 3 games! haha! Kong was taken aback when i told him that today. Anyway, the morale of this incident is that one shouldn't judge another too quickly, there can be hidden talents hidden deep within =)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Blood Dries Up...

"Blood dries up... like rain... like rain."

That's from the song "Four Seasons In One Day". It's an awesome song that we're working on for mass singing. I read this verse during my QT today.

"Now faith is being sure of what wehope for and certain of what we do not see."
- Hebrews 11:1

I don't know about you, but my philosophy is that nothing "huge" can be gained, nothing dramatic will change if there's no faith involved. In our current sophisticated world, full of hypocrisy, cliches, highly-advanced technology, fancy scientific theories and stuck up intellectuals, there is hardly anyone i know that would do something in complete faith. Well, it took a lot of faith for me to believe that there IS a God out there who loves; who loves me for who i am. It took faith for me to find the best gift in the world, Salvation.
Whatta ya think? Please post your opinions =)

Banh was away today. I wonder if he's alright. I feel pretty bad right now. I was in an unusal bad mood on Monday, and i kindda neglected him. He was trying to do these stupid pranks on me like taking my calculator and punching me lightly on the back to get my attention, but i just ignored him. Sorry Banhy! Don't get angry!

At this time of the year, the workload never seems to ease. In addition to that, i've got some other sporting events coming my way. I got to school at 8 today for the table-tennis trials, only to find out how tight Mr.Bushell is. Calvin, James and i walked up to him and asked him if we could join in. He replied, " You guys were supposed to sign up last Friday. You don't deserve to play if you can't follow instructions" -.-" I got so pissed that i walked away, went to work out at the gym instead. Sigh... Fortunately, Andrew and Michael managed to book a time slot on Thursday for me to show my "skills". haha! I'm really bad at TT right now, i've gotta start training up if i wanna beat those year 9s.

Haiz...Table Tennis...Soccer...Athletics...Work.

God I need You!

Monday, August 15, 2005

State Futsal Trials

Hey peeps! How are ya? Banh's been saying that my blog's becoming slack. I agree to a certain extent, because of the extreme workload and the many events that have been yoked upon me. Many things have happened in the past two days, but i'll only include the really interesting ones. haha! Please remember to tag! You're the ones that inspire me to keep the blogging uppy!

Jerusha and I went for the State Futsal Trials on Saturday. I went with a half-hearted motive as i've never played futsal much, and i knew that i wouldn't be able to compete with players that train every week. When I got there, i learned that they were gonna pick a team for a trip to Sydney for the Futsal State Championships. So yea, i wasn't too keen on going, but i thought that it would be a good i gave it my best shot. There were about 25 dudes that rocked up, and every single one of them were pro. Seriously, i don't usually call soccer players "pro", so yea.. these dudes are elite, the froth on the cream of the crop. haha!

The coach was really strict. He said that we would have 10 minutes to impress him on the field, and we had to put in our full 100% during that period. There were 25 dudes, and only 5 were allowed on the field at a time. I felt extremely fatigued when it was my turn to shine, i got onto the field. And yea...made a complete fool of myself. The defenders would press hard on me whenever i got the ball. There was literally NO SPACE to manuvere! Thus, I lost tons of possession. I don't believe i played so badly! I mean... i didn't stuff up or anything, the others just outshone me.

The coach told me to come off after 5 minutes or so -.-" I got a drink, went to the toilet and splashed my face with cold water. Then i prayed. About 20 minutes later, the coach put me back on. This time was a completely different story. I managed to shove the defenders away from me, shield the ball, gain some room, make some delicate touches, and pass it off accurately. I made two amazing through passes which ended up in goals, and i did this spectacular dribble past two markers. Yea, i reckon that impressed the coach a little. Well, all's not lost yet, i've got next Saturday to impress him.

During the hectic and demanding Friday night's indoor soccer and Saturday's Futsal trials, an old injury in my right knee ligament acted up again -.-" Sigh... it hurt whenever i blasted the ball and when i run too hard. So i've decided to go on a self-imposed rehabilitation program. I'm gonna be doing light weights during every lunchtime till my knee ligament gets strong enough. Please pray for me!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Perfect Debut

Hi peeps! How are ya? I've been really busy lately, and have failed to post for the past two days. There's just so much going on, but i'll just skip to the good parts. Thanks for your comments on my poems. I submitted all of them on Thursday. Yea... the hit counter reached 779 this morning! Please keep coming, and keep the tag board busy!

Lil Joe and i made our debuts for "About:Blank", our new team in a private indoor soccer tournament at Greensborough. Banh and I went to Jin's house straight after school, and his mum sent us there. Thanks Jinni!

Anyway, as the title suggest, last night was sensational! I met two awesome defenders, Steve and Louis. Jin told me a lot about them before the game, and his praises were not overexergerrated at all as they dominated in the defence throughout the game. Tommy and i started off in front; we exchanged nice little passes and got several shots on target. Unfortunately, none of them beat the keeper.

Darren and Jin came on for me later on the the first half, which ended 0-0. Jin said that it was unusual for such a scoreline at half time. Anyway, this was a must-win game for us. Tommy, Louis, Steve and i started off the second half. After three minutes of play, Tommy got possession of the ball and took it down the right flank. I ran on parallel with him to provide a passing option. Sure enough, the unselfish Tommy, passed it straight to me, and i slotted it into the top right hand corner with a first-timed shot.

Steve smashed in this awesome shot. Darren made a hopeful attempt on goal from the halfway line which somehow found its way past the keeper's sloppy hands. The opposition did make some threats, but lil Joe put on an outstanding performance to ensure his clean sheet. The game ended 3-0.

I'd hoped for a dream debut, and what can be better than contributing to a 3-0 victory! Apparently, Jase hasn't kept a cleansheet since the start of the competition. But lil joe, aww..he's a legend! A clean sheet on his debut! How cool's that?!

I just came back from Chinese school. We had an awesome time watching Initial D. Oh...i love that show! Hmm...i'm feeling really nervous now. I'll be in Oakleigh trying out for the state futsal team in less than 2 hours. knee ligament started to act up last night, and it still hurts even now. Argh...i better go see a proper physio soon.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

SG National Day!

Hey peeps! I'm being weighed down with tons of work right now, but i just had to come online to do a quick post. It's Singapore's National Day today! Yeeha!!! Happy Birthday Singapore! Oh...i really miss home, but i still have 4 months to wait. I can still remember the good old days when we use to sing those lovely national day songs.

Hey, please read to the end of this post. Or just skip to the end bit. I've got something important right at the end. It's a poll!

The dudes and i carried out Mission X yesterday. Okay, i'll reveal the secret now. I've been planning this surprise present for Jase since last week. Banh, Tommy and i went to get a slick orange and black Man Utd ball from him. I managed to get about 14 dudes to chip in, and we secretly signed the ball. It looks fully-sick as! Anyway, Jase apparently knew about all thanks to a slip of the tongue by Joash! -.-""""

We went to Happy Cup after school today to celebrate Joyce's birthday. haha! We're about a week late, but's the thought that counts. There were quite a few people there. Yea... we had cake, and a cup of bubble tea. It's a pity Tommy couldn't make it.

Sigh... i've been dying to take a jog for ages. the X-Country's coming up really soon, and i've gotta start training. Also, i'm gonna try out for the state futsal team this Saturday, and i've gotta regain my stamina. Sigh... the only thing stopping me is the unbelievable amount of work i've got. I've got, literally, 10 major assignments due soon:

1. Science Experiment Project
2. German Film Assignment
3. German Cultural Assignment
3. English Webquest Project
4. English Book Review
5. Cad Presenation
6. Maths Assignment
7. Gerography Assignment on China's pop.
8. Geography Assessment task 2
9. English Analytical Essay on Catcher in the Rye
10. Business Management - ASX Assignment

Anyway, i took off sometime today to compose a poem for the optional poem competition coming up. Here goes!

Final Destination

Walking through a lush green field,
Listening for a sound.
Colourful petals and barky trees,
With flowers all around.

Peaceful tranquility,
Fills my tired brain.
The cool air,
Drowns out all the pain.

I shut my eyes,
In a gentle breeze.
Pondering my life,
With little ease.

I think of home,
And little Jim.
When we were young,
When he was slim.

Time has passed,
With dreadful realisation.
What comes next?
My final destination.

God & Isaac

I've got two more poems below. But i don't really know which one i should submit. Could you peeps help me out? Just put the title on the tagboard! Thanks!

My Hope

Why should I live,
In this world of agony?
Weak in the flesh,
With nothing left for me.

Living each day,
In simple repetition.
Searching aimlessly,
For a humble consolation.

But I put my hope,
In your unfailing love.
You are the bright light,
That shines from above.

All my dreams,
Have rolled down the slope.
But in your Love,
I will have Hope.

God & Isaac
*Time Unknown*


I see nothing before me,
But a dark black space.
I stand on nothing,
But a small round base.

A step forward,
Could seal my fate.
And a step back,
Would prove too late.

I am trapped forever,
For the lack of faith.
The chill around me,
Makes me feel unsafe.

It is through faith,
That light can abound.
Believing by nothing,
That Hope is found.

God & Isaac
*Time Unknown*

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Poem Comp?

I just came back from Fungus with Joyce and Tim. (Thanks a lot guys!) At some point during our conversation, Joyce mentioned the statcounter on my blog. And i realised that it had hit 630 in just 3 weeks! I just wanna thank all you folks out there for visiting my blog faithfully =) haha! I know my life's really boring, but yea...what can i say? God's given me awesome friends! =)

Have you ever wondered if something you believed in, or thought strongly about, would be accepted by the modern "civilised" society out in the world today? I do. After adding a long english analytical essay to my torturous load of assignments, Ms. Mejias, my english teacher, informed the class that there would be a poem competition coming up this week and that she would be open for submissions. haha! Then she asked for a show of interest. No one raised their hands save for me -.-" Some of you may not know that i have a huge passion for composing Christian poems. (You can check them out in the archive pages) However, i'm faced with this question right now: "If i were to submit a Christian poem, would it be shunned away?" But i know God gave me this gift. I won't use it for anything else, except for Him =)

Fungus was awesome. We had a "party", pizza and all, instead of group discussions. It was supposed to be a belated celebration for the unbelieveable success of the Youth Rally. I feel awkward because i failed to bring anyone to the rally, not even one. Sigh... i'll try better the next time. Jin, Banh, Tommy, Harish, Marcus, Andrew, Turk, Trent, Jase, and all the soccer dudes, you guys better not turn me down the next time i invite ya!

Oh yes, i played two of my songs for Brian during Fungus. He seemed quite impressed, but i seriously doubt my judgements. haha! I really hate playing in front of people with a perfect pitch. They instantenously pick up mistakes that are oblivious to the average ear.

I've gotta get back to work. Oh yea! Hey peeps, you can choose to read on from here, or not to...but i can assure you that you won't regret it if you do. Seriously. I had to write up this script for a German assignment which the theme "Time, Light and Space". Yea, i had to come up with a synopsis of the play, which will be entered into a competition. Here goes!

It's about this young and innocent German boy named Matthias. His teacher, Ms Kingston, tells the class to bring an item which represents, depicts or expresses the meaning of "Time", "Light" and "Space". This task is due the next day.

At home, Matthias asks his mother what "Time" meant. She replies, "Time is something that is irreversible, something that money can't buy." He takes note of her comment and then goes into the living room. He finds his grandfather resting on the couch, and asks her what "Light" was. He replies, "Light is something that is neccessary, something which enables you to see clearly." Again, he takes good note of his answer. Finally, he walks into the kitchen and finds his grandmother doing some cooking. He askes her what "Space" was. She replies, " Space is a place of existence high above the skies". For the third time, we takes good note.

In school the next day, the teacher tells her students to present their respective items in front of the class. A girl named Sarah does her presentation on this fully-sick, posh, fanciful item and she gets a tremendous applause from the class. It was Matthias' turn. He walked up to the front slowly, feeling a little timid. He was holding something tightly in his hands. The entire class started giggling at him when he pulled out a picture of a mid-aged man with gray hair. A tear rolled down his eyes as he started to speak," This is my Father. He passed away two weeks ago due to leukemia," He coughed, and swallowed some saliva before continuing, " he represents Time as he can't be bought, or be brought back to life. He depicts light perfectly as he comforted me when i was down and enabled me to see clearly." The entire class, including Ms. Kingston, were in tears. "Lastly, i believe he is in space right now, a place high above the skies."

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Whitehorse Soccer

Hi people! How're ya? Hope you're all doing fine. Hey, feel free to email me if you're bored, or if you like like pouring out your life problems to a wall. And keep the tagging up! I'm really glad to see that joce and lyd tagged recently. Hey joce, i'll reply ya soon =)

Anyway, today was full of exciting events. It started off with Chinese School. haha! really exciting stuff. Class was alright. We had a debate on whether sport is good or not, which seemed to go on forever. During recess, Jin, Brendan, Tat and some other asian dudes took on this hardcore gang of Indonesians in a friendly game of soccer. Yea.. we lost 2-1, but it was fun.

After school, we rushed to Box Hill for the Indoor Soccer Tournament. It was held at the Box Hill Aquatic Centre. Yea, we could only book the courts for two hours. One court was used for Netball, and the other for soccer. There were two Fungus teams, two Young Adult teams, one Burmese team and an Adult team that competed.

Nick, Jerusha, Germaine, Shaun, Gabriel, Aaron, Eammon, German (THE ABSOULUTE GUN), Pete and Trium formed Fungus ONE. lolz... i expected us to lose from the start. But anyway, we went into the first game with a bang. German and i created many awesome chances, but neither Jerusha, Gabriel nor Shaun were able to convert. Meanwhile, Nick were resolute in defence. The game ended in a 0-0 draw, sadly.

The second game looked really hard as we were up against Youth Adults One. Fungus have got a grudge against the Youth Adults. We beat them 4-0 in the past, and they were out to get revenge. Anyway, German scored a clinical goal 5 minutes into the game; the ball was cleared from our defensive area, he trapped it perfectly and slotted it past the keeper in style. Nick and I kept the defence water-tight, as we managed to pull through 1-0.

We made it into the semis with that win, and we were up against Fungus Two next. Their name suggests that they should be inferior to Fungus One, but that really isn't the case. They lashed out at our defense with sheer aggression early in the game. But we managed to score through two counter-attacks. German, the Legend, with two more clinical finishes. I really love his finishing. Especially when he flicked the ball over the on-rushing keeper into the empty net. It was simply sensational! We managed to keep another clean sheet for that game: 2-0.

We were in the Finals. I don't know why, or how, but we made it. And that's just that. haha! The only reason i can think of is that Quinton, German, Nick and Jerusha put on outstanding performances in every game to see us off into the finals. Anyway, guess who our opponent was? Yep...Young Adults One AGAIN -.-" We were being dominated in the early stages, but Nick and I managed to preserve the clean sheet. Unfortunately, we got chased out of the court as out booked time had expired. We were forced to resume the game on the footy pitch outside. The rules were extremely dodgy, but we managed to pull through with a 2-1 victory. Thanks to goals from Shaun and German (AGAIN!) haha! I had a really fun time with my new boots. Sigh... someone stepped on my foot at some stage and left a cut in my new boots! -.-"

Anyway, i've got a huge load off my back after completing my English analytical essay on "The Catcher in the Rye". Phew..Thank God! There's a barbe going on at my house right now...but i'm playing "nerd" in my room. -.-" The life of a Melbourne High Student.

Friday, August 05, 2005

201 Posts!

Yippee! This is my 201th post on ! *pauses for a round of applause* And yea... *hears none* Today was a really exciting and suspenseful day. I had to work on Mission X again... I had to make an intelligent last minute attempt to save it. Tommy man, can't you just keep your mouth shut! lol! Turk was extremely pissed with ya too =P

Anyway, Jin and i accompanied my sister to the Nike outlet in the City after school. I'm not too sure if i've posted this before, but i bought a new pair of indoor soccer shoes last night from the Rebel Sport at Dandenong Plaza. It cost me 100bucks! -.-" It's a pretty good pair though, i think it was the Pulsados 3. I had to take the black and red ones as they had run out of the white and blue ones. But i wasn't too content, so i exchanged them for a Total 90 III in the city.

Anyway, back to my sis. We walked into this fully-sick, unimaginably posh two-storey Nike outlet. They had tons of staff walking around, making sure that every customer was served well. They even had awesome machines that kept records of their stock - something that all the other outlets didn't have. I was very impressed by their service. Anyway, Jerusha bought the newer version of the Total 90 III for 100 bucks -.-" The same price i paid for the older version. Rebel ripped me off -.- Sigh... Here's a good piece of advice: Don't EVER buy soccer boots from Rebels.

I just wanna thank Jin for taking time off to accompany me in the city. We grabbed lunch at KFC before heading off to his house. He told me that i was the first MHS dude to see his splendid house. Seriously, it was slick as. Anyway, i was shocked at the location of his house. I used to have a friend living just a few houses away from him! haha! And i've probably passed Jin's house tons of times ignorantly. haha! What a small world!

I met Jin's mum and sis. They're extremely hospitable people. Seriously... they treated me as though i was a king. I didn't stay at Jin's house for long. We had to leave for this indoor soccer competition at Greensborough (forgive the spelling). I was really excited as i was making my debut and trying out my boots for the first time. We took about half an hour to get there, only to find out that we had a bye game -.-" So we played among ourselves - Tommy, Darren, Lobo Jr, Lobo Senior, Jin and myself. We had a fun time.

Oh yea, Tommy told me about this really embarrassing moment of his at Flinders today. But i won't go into the details as it may offend the parties involved. I don't know if he's posted it up on his blog, but it's sure worth a read. Go check it out by clicking on "Tommy" on the links column.

I'll just end off with one of my impromtu meaningless quotes:
"Embarrassment is like a mirage, face it with boldness and it'll disappear."

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mission X

Hey peeps! How're you guys going? I've got tons of work to do right now, but i wanted to get a few things off my mind. I've been really busy these few days coordinating this secret thing, but i can't reveal what it is due to valid reasons, but i'll just call it Mission X. haha! Listen up cuz it MAY affect you. It's gonna be awesome, and someone's gonna be really...erm..shocked? and a little surprised. Anyway, i'll reveal the big mystery early next week =)

Someone posted on the tagboard recently about my use of the word "disgusting" to decribe the fashion show. Can i please beg a favour of you, to actually leave your name down in the future. Sigh... i'm not the type of person that you can't talk frankly to. Concerning my poor usuage of words, i'm terribly sorry. Sure, it was the main incentive for inviting fellow youths to the rally night, however, i've been reading this book called "The Catcher in the Rye" recently, and it has really deep and meaningful themes hidden in it; one of which is about the inherent hypocrisy in today's civilised society.

In my opinion, the theme of the Rally Night was to encourage people to desire an internal, spiritual change instead of an outwardly, external one. Thus, they put on this fashion show to exhibit the phoniness and hypocrisies of this world, and to make people realise that there's more to it than just a person's looks. Well, i apologise if you didn't see it that way, but i sure did... and i felt that it was very intelligent.

I'm gonna go to Rebel Sport at Dandenong Plaza tonight with my mum and sis to look for some street soccer boots. I realy need them for tomorrow night, and this Saturday's indoor soccer game with Fungus. Argh... i hope there'll be some worthwhile buys.

Keep it Real!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Hey peeps! How're you guys going? Please keep the tagging up =)

Today was a pretty Smithventurous day. School was alright...but my desk is still piled up with pending homework tasks. Sigh....Anyway, i thought i'd just spend some time blogging. It helps me relax my overworked cranium.

After an EXTREMELY tiring day of school, which consisted of double PE and double CAD, Banh and i went to Flinders. I told Banh that i was going to Smith Street in the arvo with my sister to get some indoor soccer boots, and he wanted to tag along. So yea...we were at Flinders. Then Tommy gave me a ring and said that he wanted to tag along too. So we waited 20 minutes for him. He had wagged the last two periods of school for a bowling game at STRIKE -.-"

Anyway, we took a tram up Elizabeth Street, and met Jerusha and my mum outside Uni High. Then we drove to the Adidas factory outlet along Smith Street. Tommy got me really mad when we got into the car, he bagged me about something that i don't feel comfortable sharing. Anyway, Banh and I came back with a non-stop bagging spree about Tommy and Joyce. lol!

It was about 4.50pm by the time we got there. Tommy's brother works at the Adidas Factory outlet, and said that he could get 20% off the listed price for any product. So yea...Jerusha and i were looking for indoor soccer boots, while Tommy and Banh searched for a soccer ball. I was shocked to find out that there were NO Indoor Soccer boots on sale! -.-" Everything else was really cheap though, the T-shirts, the field soccer boots, the gloves, caps, and other merchandise.

We walked down the road to the Nike Factory Outlet, which looked much better. It was more..."posh". Anyway, THERE WERE NO INDOOR SOCCER BOOTS THERE TOO! -.-""""""" I don't believe it. We bought two balls in the end, one for my sister, and one for Tommy.

It was already getting dark at 5.40pm. We dropped Tommy off at Cliffton, and Banh at Nunawading before heading home. Sigh...i was expecting to get a pair of good indoor soccer boots today...doesn't matter. Some other time maybe.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Drop Dead And Die

Drop Died And Die.

I wish that could happen to me. But it's not time yet. It's the time of the year when the school decides to suffocate students with tonnes of homework, sucking all the leisure time they've got. If you see Melbourne High boys with thick textbooks in their hands, mini posters, calculators, knives and egg beaters, don't be surprised. We're all going through tough times.

Sigh... i've got another 6 assignments pending, due sometime next week, and what am i doing? Blogging. Hey! Please tag! Anyway, i wanna tell you peeps about this free packet of chips i got from Coles yesterday. I didn't steal it! It was supposed to be on offer for $2.99, but i got charged $3.50. I went up to the cashier and told her that i was mischarged.

As she was checking the price and all, i saw my Glen Waverley train arrive at the station. I was said, "Miss, it's only fifty cents. Just forget it." But she held me back and said that i could get a refund, plus a free packet of chips. Yep, a free packet of chips... but i had to wait 20minutes for it though -.-" Made me miss my train.

Harish, Jase and Turk got me really pissed today. They kept touching my hair!!! -.-" It got me really pissed because i had a Athletics Photoshoot, and i didn't want my hair all messed up. But HARISH, just had to play the fool. He ran his dirty hand through my hair during German. I turned around and sunk my fist into his shins. lol! I can still remember his scream of agony.

Back to work!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Colin & Justina

This week's gonna be an extremely busy one for my family. A distant cousin of mine, my cousin's cousin, emailed my dad yesterday morning, telling him that he would be in Melbourne and asked if he could stay over at my place from Monday to Friday. Yea, the notice was really short... anyway, they're here right now.

He's got his girlfriend along with him. He's Collin, and she's Justina. haha! However, we've only got one spare room, and my mum doesn't want ummarried couples to spend the night together in the same room. Thus, Collin's sleeping on the couch, and Justina will be in the room. It's good to have some new company in the house.

School was pretty good today. It was the first time i played soccer since i sprained my ankle badly last week. This insane Year 11 dude hacked at my ankles as i was dribbling; they nearly came off! -.-" Fortunately, they're alright, but they still hurt a little.

There's gonna be a Indoor Soccer Tournament this Saturday, organised by FGA. There's gonna be a Fungus team, a Young Adults team, a Men's team, and a Women's Team. I'm playing for Fungus. Sigh...i sure hope my ankle will recover fully before then.

Time for some work! OH yea, to end off...i just have to bag Tommy a little. During the double Business Management lesson we at the end of the day, he kept talking to me about Joyce! -.-""" He was telling me about how James was playing the fool at the Mac Rob Carnival; bagging him loudly in front of everyone. haha! Tommy kept telling me about how badly he wanted to bash James...but the thing is...he can't. Physically can't. haha! Anyway, i have to end of saying that Tommy's the most egoistic dude i know. Tommy man, you're my inspiration!