Thursday, June 30, 2005


I'm leaving for the Fungus "Dare to Be" camp in about half an hour. For all who are reading this, i thank you for wanting to know more about my lowly existance. However, i apologise for any inconvinence caused as there will be no new posts for the next 4 days and thus, you will have to find something else to do for the spare 20 minutes you will have. For the readers that enjoy laughing at my humiliating mistakes in life, scorning at my mishaps and smirking at my embarrassing encounters, i suggest this blog to you as a temporary substitute. (Click Here)

Things you can do in your spare 20 minutes:
- Bunge Jumping
- Swimming in the Yarra
- Sky Diving
- Go to the Zoo
- Sing India's National Anthem
- Get a haircut
- Skin a cat
- Set a bush ablaze
- Watch a Fraser

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Demented Intellects

At long last, i finally fixed my community service placement. I went to Arpad Hostel at 10am this morning to check it out. Ilelko, the lady at the reception, treated me with tremendous hospitality. She didn't show the slightest hint of disapproval. Instead, she gave me the liberty of selecting the times and dates for my service. I'm really reliefed to get this burden off my back.

I'll be doing my Community Service next Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am till 3pm everyday. I don't really know what i'll be doing though. The hostel is a special home for the Hungarian elderly, only some of them understand english. Even so, according to Ilelko, most of them are demented; they talk gibberish. I'm feeling a little intimidated right now, but there comes a point of time in a man's life when he has to face demented intellects of some sort.

Fungus Camp starts tomorrow and i can hardly wait for it! I just wanna get outta my house, outta Melbourne, and up into the freezing cold mountains! haha! I don't know why, but i've been in a constant rush since yesterday... i can feel a terrible urge within me, something that needs to be fulfilled; but i don't know what. Sigh...i feel really vexed, and the only times i'm relaxed is when i'm watching TV, playing FIFA, praying or reading the bible. i gonna turn into a demented intellect? lol!

Oh yea, i saw the Youth World Cup semi-final match between Argentina and Brazil yesterday; In a fierce battle which saw Argentina stand tall over the mighty Brazil with a 2-1 victory. I pushed to the edge of my seat whenever this 18-year-old future wonder star named Messi touched the ball. This limbs are more vavacious than raindrops falling from the sky, his feet are like the nimble hands of a magician, producing breath-taking magic with every twitch or turn. I reckon he's the next Diego Maradona in the making! Liverpool, there's your target!!!!!

The rivalry between Brazil and Argentina never ends, does it? The Finals of the Confederations Cup will be held early tomorrow morning at 4.30am. Guess who the finalists are? haha! Brazil and Argentina again...but it's the senior team this time. My dad's gonna wake up early for it, but i've got camp on the same day! -.-" It's a question of importance right now - Soccer or Camp? Hmm...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I wanna start off by reprimanding my dear friend, Tommy Wu. -.-" Tommy, has your unrealistic, starry-eyed dream of becoming a world-class soccer star been given a quixotic boost by an alchemistic inspiration? I know you still hold a gravid grudge against me for asking your 1/2 year old sister out. Look, i've already told you about my indefatigable need for infant company. It's called SICS - Severe Infant Crave Syndrome. just had to have that last laugh didn't you? I've had had enough of your relentless torments!

I woke up at 4.30 this morning to catch the "extremely-thrilling" Argentina VS Brazil match Tommy informed me about last night. I flung myself onto the couch, rubbed my hands together and turned on the TV only to find out that the "extremely-thrilling" soccer game was some boring news telecast.

At 7.30am, Jerusha bursts outta her room and into the kitchen. I overheard her telling my mum about catching some free movie with Blee while i was in bed. Yea, what do you know, we were at Dandenong Plaza by 9am. The Villiage Cinema there has some kindda promotion going on at the moment; they're showing one free movie every morning at 9am through the 2 weeks of holiday. Isn't that cool? We watched Madagascar. loL! The cinema was filled with little kids and their parents. Jerusha, Blee and i looked really wierd as we staggered clumsily down the isle looking for three vacant seats. Oh yea, my mum, Blee's mum, her friend and her friend's kids were around too.

For some strange reason, that my sis can hardly believe, my mum and Blee's mum hit off extremely well. They ditched us for 3 hours of shopping straight! -.-" We had no idea where they were, and how long they would take. So, we didn't know what to do! lol! We thought about going to Blee's house, catching another movie and having some sushi. But we ended up walking around, into various shops and onto random streets. Yea, we looked like lost vagabonds.

That was the highlight of the day. I came home, made some calls to inquire about community service. Sigh...i hate calling up organisations. It's really irritating when you have to keep introducing yourself over again and again......and again. I hope to get this fixed by tomorrow. This wonderful lady at Arpad Hostel told me to drop by tomorrow to see what i could do. Yea, i reckon i'll be completing my 16 hours of pestilential Community Service there next week.

Got a haircut from my mum, and got my hair dyed a little. Erm..yea..that's about. I also composed a poem lying on the toilet floor while waiting for the dye to take effect. Enjoy!

Jars Of Clay

Forcefully struck,
Hard-pressed on every side.
These jars of clay,
Remind me how Christ died.

Carefully moulded,
With a spiteful blow.
Tested through fire,
So the world might know.

Troubles, Temptations,
And come what may.
I'll hold on tight,
To my little Jar of Clay.

God & Isaac

Monday, June 27, 2005

Make Your Own JayJays Design!

Okay, here's a treat to the loyal readers of my irresistable blog :P Let me reveal a deep secret about myself. For the gals, you're gonna go.." Yuck!" and probably puke all over the ground. Hopefully, the floor will be a little cleaner. For the dudes, you'll think that i'm a disgustingand revolting sporty nerd. You'll disregard me as a friend, and name all your pet dogs "Caasi". Ofcourse, there'll be one exception. From my half-year study of psychology, i can deduce that if neither of the predicted results above take place, people from either gender would buy a bottle of petrol from the nearest COLES petrol station, buy a box of matches from the closest COLES supermart, buy a motorcycle from the automobile shop closest to the COLES supermart, drive to my house, spit on my front lawn, smirk and mumble "RENEGADE" before setting it ablaze.

I spent the first day of the holidays doing a detestable fitness drill - shopping -.-" Sigh...i seriously HATE shopping! I mean...i do it at 5 times a year at the most, but i hate walking around shopping centres just looking at clothes, most of which look utterly disgusting. If you look carefully at all the T-shirts in any clothing outlet, you'll find that 52% of them won't suit yourself, and 47% percent of them look gay and would only be worn by the 1% of the modern day society, gays. After three hours of hardcore shopping, i bought a long-sleeved T-shirt from JayJays and a fully-sick rip curl jacket from Planet Surf. Thanks mum and dad! And i thank God too! =) Oh yea, back to the point. So, according to my calculations, 70% of the clothes would remain unsold.

I was thinking about this problem a few days ago, and i told my mum about an ingenious idea. Well, someone must have overheard our conversation the other day. I picked up a attractive card from the cashier's counter at JayJays which the text " Want to Design a JayJays tee?" -.-" Well, if any of you are interested, go to .

I'm gonna get my community service placement tomorrow. Hopefully, i won't get turned down again. I've already contacted 6 different organisations, and i eneded up with 6 different negative answers -.-"

I don't know what i'm gonna do tomorrow. I can't do any sports at all because of my knee. Don't wanna go shopping. Don't wanna go for a movie with Emma's group. I'll just sneak away in my mum's car, take a slow drive down to Frankston to pay Denholm a visit. Then, pick Marcus, Harish, Banh before gate crashing Jason's gay strip party.

I guess you fell into my psychological trap of deception :P The secret i was gonna tell yea. Wait.. you've gotta get a bucket, a shovel, a billabong bag, a pair of Ushina thongs and a plate of Sashimi before reading on.................okay, the secret is... I LOVE PEAS!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Grateful Heart

I woke up at 8 today, and went for the 9am church service. Brett Mitchell's sermon is one of the best i've heard. He spoke about the topic "Following Jesus, Changing the World". It was simply fantasic.

Uncle Lawrence, Joyce's dad, gave me a lift to FGA for a Fungus meeting. Thanks a lot!! Fungus was great. Oh yea, the Fungus Youth Camp is starting this Thursday. It's gonna be held at the foot of Mount Buller, at a place called Mount Auka. lol! yea, I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!

I've been thinking pretty much lately, about certain things. A persistant thought, a good solution, would always penetrate the deep commotion in the inner midst of my minute mind and i just wanted to get it out. God's implanted a Grateful Heart within me, and it is that grateful heart that revives me from depressing, life-sucking obstacles in my life.

Coming into this foreign land at a young and tender age, i didn't know what God had in store for me. All the difficulties and hardships he has in stall for me will definately shape my character. Imagine starting all over again from square one. A uncertain finance plagued my mind as both my parents came to Australia jobless. I abandoned all my friends, dear friends i grew up with, close friends that i still miss, coming to a place unfamiliar world. I had no comprehension what so ever about the orientation of the place. I was a clueless.

I still don't know why he brought me here, but i know he did it for a reason - A good reason. And even if i don't know what it is... i sure know that he taught me how to be grateful. I thank God for giving my dad a job, for letting me play soccer for Box Hill Inter, for giving SOOO many great and wonderful friends, for my prestigous school, for my room, my house, my soccer mates and so many other things that seem to blend into the "take-for-granted" nature of the human mind.

I look at this specacular sight. I wonder at it everytime i see it. It's just... beautiful. I'd never be able to catch a glimpse as such in Singapore. The bright, visible rays that break through the heavy and dark clouds remind me that my Saviour's coming again.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Never Enough..

Let's just say that i'm a crazy, inconsiderate, unthinkably foolish, dumb imbicile that loves Soccer so much that health problems don't seem to matter anymore. Yea, i failed to comply with my commitment to rest my injured knee for about a week. The temptation was just too great.

My parents invited lots of friends over for a barbeque lunch. The house was getting a little too crowded, and i didn't know what to do with the kids. So, Jerusha, Jun Siang and i decided to join the usual Saturday Soccer group at Terrara Park. I had a GREAT time there...but all good things have to come to an end. But this was a bad ending, i put a little too much stress on my knee ligament again. Sigh... Don't you just hate it when you do something dumb, and you regret it SOOOO much when you reflect on it? Well, i do. Many times -.-"

Just got my semester report back yesterday. The comments were generally, if not totally, good...but i had a D+ for one of my Science class tests XD. It wasn't my fault! Read the earlier posts in the archives to find out what caused the big slip up -.-"

I've been so busy with so many things lately, and i somehow feel that i'm missing out on some of my friends. Sigh... I can name a few off the top of my head, take Jin for one; i haven't seen him for 2 weeks! I don't know why. I got lots of friends...maybe too many...but i feel that none of them are strong bonds. I feel like the teenage losty in boring, but inspirational movies. The one that gets ditched by all his/her friends when she/he is feeling down.

Oh yea.. Blee's finally made a blog! Click here to check it out!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Strike One - Freedom!

Finally! This looong, draggy, loomy, despressing semester's finally over! Yea! I can't wait for the next one. No, i didn't mean that =D I'm looking forward to two spine-thrilling camps - the Fungus Youth camp during the holidays, and the Year 10 Milgrove camp the first week back. But i still have 16 long hours of community service yoked on my back, i called 4 different organisations offering FREE service, and i got rejected every single time -.-"

I had an extremely busy day yesterday...won't go through all the details, but this is what basically happened. We had inter-house soccer yesterday, and despite my still-recovering knee, i decided to play for Yarra anyway. However, we ended up LAST -.-" Waterloo won it. Sigh...i still don't understand how we ended both matches losing 1-0. One of them was partially my fault. Some Year 9 dude pumped a ball over Johnny's head (he didn't even jump -.-") and came into Harish's possession. I rush in from the right as fast as my injured right knee would carry me. As usual, Harish chose to capitalise on his dear friend's injury; lobbing the ball clinically over the keeper, banh, into the back of the net :P

The competition ended at about 3.40pm, and i caught the 4+pm train back to Glen Waverley. Then i had to rush back with my parents at 6.30pm for the Career's night session at 7.30pm -.-" I had to sit through 3 half-an-hour sessions on Sales and Marketing, Economics, and Medicine. Some old MHS boys took the sessions; sharing their experiences with their respective jobs. Yea, it ended at 10pm. What a day!

Now for today. School ended at 12.30pm today. Turk, Marcus, Harish, Duc, Darren, Victor, Shervin, Tommy, Jamie, Ambul and i had lunch at Hungry Jacks....again -.-" They took ages to decide where to go after. Harish and i opted for a movie, but we were outnumbered by the people who wanted to go down to "Strike" -.-"

I met my sis and mum at The Glen to do some shopping at 3pm. After shopping for two and a half hours, i have no doubt about this: Shopping is the most unproductive, yet tiring activity. Yea... it's no wonder why girls like it so much.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ironic? Nah...just Grateful

"Why?" The huge question in my mind right now. The answer's not comprehensible to the foolish human mind. Sigh...why did i have to get my knee injured at a time like this? I've been waiting for practically the entire year just for these few days of representing my school in Soccer. But i just had to get a pretty serious knee-ligament injury at this time -.-" I've not been able to play at my full performance for the Intermidate Soccer Tournament last thursday, the Intermidiate Futsal on Monday and i'm in doubt for the Junior Interhouse Soccer tomorrow. Sigh..

I know God has His reasons. But i just can't understand why. I can't get angry, yet i'm frustrated. I want to play, yet i can't. I don't know if i'm gonna suffer permanent injury; i haven't really given my knee a proper rest. Currently, i can only think of one reason why God allowed me to get injured, and i thank Him for it.

Through my experience, i've learnt that my level of self-control has gaps in it; and that's when it comes to soccer. I just CAN'T sit out of a soccer game. I just can't! God made me realise that. Then i wondered:"Am i addicted to Soccer?" Most people don't know this, save for the people who knew me well since i was really young, but i used to hate Soccer. I used to think that it's a game involving 22 people chasing a stupid round ball. I only decided to pick it up as i became more sporty, as i needed something to invest my time into. But now...look at what i've become! Am i a Soccer addict? Well, i don't want to be.

Since the start of the exams, the pressure within me has amounted up to exceeding levels, and all that i could think of for the past few weeks was how to neutralise all that unwanted stress. It's easy to get stressed out when work is needed to be done, but who would have ever thought that it would be more stressful to find something relaxing to do? -.-"

Then i took a moment to realise that i'm not in a rush. I'm just putting myself in a completely unnecessary rush! I took some time to thank God for the things around me - for my wonderful parents, for the greenery outside, for my sister, my grandmum, for my homeland, for bringing me to Australia, for my house, and especially, for my friends.

I really want to play for Yarra tomorrow. Duc, Marcus, Steven Tran, Johnny, Banh, Jack and several others are already getting ready to shed some RED blood tomorrow. But my knee's restricting me from making any commitments yet. It's my passion to represent Yarra, but it's an even greater passion of mine to serve my God. Whether i play or not...i'll let Him do the deciding.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Old Change New

Hey, please read yesterday's post if you haven't already done so. Don't freak out due to it's length! And don't forget to add a tag!

I had a normal day at school today, haven't had one of these in ages. Hmm...Peter was trying to tell me something, but i just didn't have the time to hear him out x.x" Sorry Pete! My knee's doing pretty well. I thought it felt worse than before in the morning, but the pain just went away by noon time. Oh yea...Inter-house Soccer's gonna be on this Thursday. I hope my knee will recover fully for that. It's the first injury that i've had that has ruled me out for several important soccer competitions. -.-" Sigh... I really hope Yarra wins this time.

Yea, today's post is one of the shortest post ever. Remember my trip down to Frankston some time ago? Yea, i've put the pictures up for you peeps =) I just realised all my friends in Singapore haven't seen my new hairstyle. haha! They'll be shocked. Enjoy!

At Frankston Beach

The Beautiful Horizon

My Cool Dad and i


Monday, June 20, 2005

State Futsal

I'll try to keep the long story short and enjoyable, it's already 7.05pm and i'm gonna watch a movie tonight with my family. Another day off school...sigh...i've missed tons of classes in the last week. Marcus and i caught the train to Flinders in the morning. We were going to meet the Intermediate Futsal team at 7.50am. It was Turk, Tommy, Duc, Marcus, Chalky, Brad, Jase, Kev, Denholm, Johnny and myself. Laios almost broke his leg on the weekend and so decided to sit this one out -.-" *SPECIAL* There's a BIG revelation at the end. Don't miss it!

I was praying hard and hoping that my 35-dollar-unbearable-pain sesssion of acupunture treatment would pay off. We got to MSAC at 8.40am, got changed and started mucking around with the ball. The games started an hour behind schdule at 10.30am -.-" Sigh....we were there from 8.40am till 3.40pm and we spent 4 of those 7 hours sitting around, waiting for our next game -.-"It was terribly unorganised. I mean...the organisers were yea, that explains why :P Even Johnny, the wog of all wogs, admitted it.

In the first game - I decided to start alongside Brad with Jason in goals, Turk and Denholm up front. We took a little too long to get into the game, and we soon conceeded a goal - a shot deflected off Brad...again! -.-" lol! Anyway, i felt my knee acting up again and i got subbed off for Chalky. It was really funny how Brad was screaming his guts out for me to come on; Chalky was just too slow and Brad had to cover up for him. It was about 5 minutes to full time when Jase pumped a long ball into the opposite half, Kev rose high and strong beat two players to the ball. The ball dropped in Denholm's dangerous strike zone, and he skilfully converted. Marcus came on for 30 seconds :P before the game ended 1-1.

We waited for about 2 hours for out next game. The situation then was exremely tight - there were two pools/groups with 4 teams in each. Every team will get the chance to play each other only once in a round robin. A win would ensure 3 points, a draw 1 and none for a losing team. One team from our pool didn't turn up and thus, every team picked up a bye-victory of 3-0. So we had 4 points; a bye-victory over the team that didn't turn up (3), and a draw(1). We had only one game left against North Geelong. They had 6 points; a bye-victory and a win over the team that we drew with. If we won that game, we could overtake them with 7 points and that would ensure us a place in the grand final.

I decided to start that game again. Before the match, i prayed " Lord, give me the strength. Help us for we need you." And God was gracious, he enabled me to start the game. So it was jase in goals, Brad and i in defence, Denholm and Tommy in attack. I don't know why, but my knee felt perfectly fine! i was able to win most of the headers against these massively tall greek strikers. Brad was doing well too. We worked together to close down, literally, all the spaces. I reckon we had the best defence around. Jase was doing fantastically well in goals! lolz... i mean, Brad and i made sure that he had weak shots to deal with...but yea...he did well. Turk was struggling a little at the front, and Denholm was running relentlessly at the defence; most of their attempts were in vain.

Things started to get moving 8 minutes into the game. Kev lobbed a ball into the danger zone, and Denholm made a precise dash for it. he got the slightest of touches with the tip of his toe and lifted it past the diving keeper, leaving him with absolutely no chance. However, he hurt his left toe in that couragous attempt and had to come off for the rest of the game. My knee started to act up again as well, and i had to be subbed off. The half ended 1-0.

We desperately needed a win to qualify for the grand finals. At 1-0 up, we felt so close to that well-coveted spot. I thank God for literally healing my knee for that short period of time; i couldn't feel ANY pain at all at the start of the second half! haha! We started the game with a bang. Kevin took a kick-in, i controlled it, dribbled past one, faked the shot, pushed it past another and blasted the ball at goal. However, there were two defenders who got a block on my shot, but the sheer power on that shot took the 3 of us out - we just fell the ground. loL! It was hilarious. Ke picked up the stray ball and slotted it past the stunned keeper with his left. At 2-0 up, we thought the game was in the bag.

With 4 minutes left on the clock, the atmosphere was intense. The next two minutes were ones that i will never forget. The ball was played back to Brad, but he couldn't get it under control and was robbed of the ball. I was left to take on two advancing strikers. I had 2 choices - To mark one and leave the other, or to rush to one and leave the other. lol! Both were to my disadvantage. Like a doomed experiment rat trying to find cheese in a maze, i rushed to the player with the possession of the ball and left my man unmarked. He passed it off to the unmarked player and he made no mistake with his strike. Jase was literally screaming his guts out when the ball flew past him; 2-1.

We had to restart the ball at midway. I don't know what got into Kev. He was supposed to belt the ball towards goal, but he made an ambitious pass back to Brad instead! -.-" It was about 4 metres away from Brad and he was taken by surprised. A striker latched on to the stray pass, got past Brad and struck it sweetly past Jasey; 2-2 -.-""" Everything happened so quickly! knee started to act up again, and i was replaced by Turk. Marcus and Turk had many chances to seal the game, but they were just unlucky. With one minute to go, Marcus took the ball with really fast pace on the left flank. He dribbled past a defender, did a 360 turn past another, got to the corner and flicked it up into the penalty area just before it crossed the by-line. However, Turk was well-marked in the area. The game ended 2-2.

Sigh...that was it. We came second in our pool with 5 points; a win and two draws. North Geelong topped the pool with 7; two wins and a draw -.-" We spent another 3 hours or so waiting for the wog organisers to determine if a semi-final was gonna be held. We had the shock of our lives when they told us that we were in the grand final! lol! But it was shot-lived. An expected mistake from the wog administrator -.-" We waited 3 hours in vain! -.-"

Tommy, Turk, Duc, Marcus, Kev and i decided to stay back for the Frand Fianal - North Geelong(the team that we drew with) VS St. Bernards. It was a fantastic game. North Geelong made a spectacular comeback, much better than the one they came up with against us, from 6-1 down at half time to win 8-7! They were the state champions for Futsal! The atmosphere was filled with joy, roars, jubiliation and sheer hapiness. I felt happy for them too =) Duc and Turk claim that we're supposed to be the champions because we nearly beat them. Plus, most of our players have never played Futsal before, AND Brad had a little problem with his quad, Johnny's injured, i had a big problem with my knee and Laios couldn't play. Sigh...we'll try again next year.

I've gained a whole different view of Johnny now. I reckon he's a good captain. Although he may be a little proud, he's a good friend to have. It's a pity that he had to sit out for the tournament due to an injury. Also, i was really touched when i saw my dad at MSAC today. We came down from work just to make sure that i wasn't pushing my knee too hard. I thank God for giving me such loving parents! =)

Okay, now for the BIG secret. It's really HUGE. Trust me. What happened was...after the social last friday, we went for supper in the city and we took a train back home. The "we" consisted of Marcus, Harish, Prashan, Anthony and myself. It was 12am+ and i was feeling extremely tired. I leaned against the window and fell asleep. Five minutes later, i woke up just to check what station we were at. Just then, i felt something on my left shoulder, and then a "Shmuck" sound. I turn to my left and saw Prashan's head just next to my shoulder -.-" I was like..."What the heck?!" I was flustered! He jumped back in horror. Even Marcus and Harish saw what had happened. I asked him what he was doing. He said that he had to tell me a secret. But he couldn't answer when i asked him what it was -.-" x 10000000000 WHAT THE! He's GAY! I just kept quiet through the rest of the train ride. I couldn't believe it. It's hard to believe. I mean...i'm just inferring, he didn't admit it... but...why else would he kiss me on the shoulder when i was sleeping?!

I just wanna end of by thanking God for all that has happened today. Doesn't matter if we didn't make the grand finals, we felt the place with sweet memories and an experience that i'll never forget.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Needles - A Cure for Pain

My mind is engulfed with bone-breaking thought of the excruciating pain i had just undergone. After church, my mum looked up the asian version of the yellow pages in search of a chinese doctor/physician open on Sundays. Well, she found one by the name of Mrs. Zhang and made an appointment in Wheelers Hill at 11.30am.

When we got there, Mrs. Zhang took us into one of the smaller rooms in her grand, fully-furnished house. I told her, in mandarin, that my knee ligament would hurt after several vigorous actions, and she diagnosed the problem. She told me to lie on the bed. What happened next gave me the fright of my life.

She opened a pack containing something metal, but i couldn't see what it was. I looked around the room and saw some medical posters of various acupoints in the human body. Then she said, " Ze bu hui tong de, zhe she yi dian dian suan." - which, in direct translation, means "This won't hurt, it'll just be a little bit sour". I was like...WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?!?! ACUPUNTURE?!?!?!?! My parents didn't tell me that i was gonna have needles stuck into my knee! -.-"""

As the first needle went in, it only felt like a small ant bite; nothing i couldn't handle. Then she started to twist and turn it, and i was like (@@##%%%#!!?!?!!. The pain was just excruciating! It wasn't the normal type of pain, it was at a totally different kind of pain at a totally different level! Sigh... That was only the first needle. I shut my eyes and bit my tongue, refusing to scream as another went in....then another....and another...and another. 6 in all. Then she lit a fire above every one of those candles. I could feel the heat slowly advance toward me delicate flesh and down into the sensitive nerves. Oh, i was suffering from serious trauma. I tried my best not to twitch my leg muscles at all through the 40 minute session as they would hurt even more. After the heat treatment, she attached some metal clips to each of the needles - electric shocks -.-" I couldn't really see what she was doing throughout the whole session as i was lying down, and that really freaked me out. I could only feel the pain with no clue what she was doing to my knee.

Needles - A cure for pain....sure hope so.
Alright, i've gtg for Fungus now. Hope i'll be ready for tomorrow's indoor soccer tournament!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Social? Or Roadshow?

Marcus, Anthony, Banh, Prashan, Harish, lil Joe and i went to Hungry Jacks after the Junior Social last night. haha! We were all exhausted, but we were even more hungry. The city looked really unfamiliar at 11.20pm.

I found the social a bore. I expected it to be like a casual party, chatting with friend over some food and drinks. However, it was a full-on, rave-like dance party! -.-" My parents would literally burn my dog if they knew that the "Junior Social" was a rave party. Well, there was extremely loud music in the hall - hundreds of people dancing. But i didn't like the idea of that kindda dancing - jumping up and down, flinging your head around in circles and screaming your guts out.

I wondered how a calm and collected person in everyday life could turn into such a "ravaging" party animal at such an occasion. It was an contradiction in itself. That reminded me of the people that jumped around wildly during Christian worship services. Why was there such a similarity? Sigh...that really puzzled me. I know that the youths of this age look to rave parties as outlets of stress release, but my outlet is God.

Although alcohol was banned last night, i believe that that was a real-life simulation of a nightclub, or a late night bar, which would have alcohol readily available. Then i wondered, if the "parents" of this age disapprove of alcohol consumption, why then do they approve of them going to simulated bars or nightclubs? I believe dancing crazily would also causing people to do stupid things like smoking, sex, or even drug-taking Well, i spent most of the time talking to friends in the "chill out" rooms and along the corridors. I've learnt my lesson - not to go to fancy "socials" ever again.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Draw the Sand in the Line

"Draw the Sand in the Line"

A famous quote from my good friend, Jason Lu. He's obviously not that smart, despite his "pro-keeping-mud-dodging-rain-fearing skills". But that phrase really made sense to me as i was doing my quiet time.

"Everything is permissible - but not everything is beneficial...No body should seek his own good, but the good of others."

Sigh... i felt really guilty as i read that. Am i being a little too self-centred? I feel that i've been seriously thinking too much about myself and have been neglecting my friends. I've been using really crappy words, saying really crappy stuff, and doing really crappy things. Sigh...i'm not setting a good example as a Christian.

I'm about to leave for the Junior Social tonight. It's gonna start at 7.30 and will end at 11pm. Hmm...i wonder what we'll be doing. Anyway, more people said that i'm a real "pimp" in school today, but i really don't want people to think that of me whenever my name is metioned! I'm NOT a pimp! I believe that there's more to it than just flirting around with girls. I believe there's a difference in "love" and "true love". If you really love someone, you wouldn't mind if she/he had a cut right across her/his face. If you really did love someone, you would think about her/his feelings BEFORE thinking about yourself.

Well, i'm gonna behave myself tonight and follow the example of Christ.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


This post is extremely long. It's about one of the most exciting days of my life. I've learnt so much today. PLEASE finish reading it and add a little tag on the right. Thanks!

The long awaited ultimatum was pronounced today. Marcus, Harish, Matt and i took the 7.06AM train to Flinders to meet up with the dudes for breakfast as Maccas. It was funny because everyone (almost everyone) already had their breakfast even though i told them that we were gonna meet u for BREAKFAST! -.-" When we got their, everyone inquired about my knee. I told them that i might not be playing, but i knew that i would NEVER be able to resist the temptation.

A massive gang consiting of Denholm, Jason, Harish, Marcus, Lil Joe, Phan, Turk, Matt, Chalky, George, Banh, Victor, Narayan, Darren, Jonno, Nick, Jamie, myself and Duc walked into Maccas. haha! Everyone just stared at us when we walked in. Turk and i were the only ones that actually "had breakfast". You won't believe what he ordered - A Sausauge and Egg Muffin + Hot Cakes! -.-" I mean, what can you expect from a Turk that weighs 70kgs? I ordered some hot cakes We had a "food race" - Turk won -.-"

We took a tram down to Fawkner Park and got there at 8.45am. We got changed and did some warm ups. Sigh... i could feel some pain in my knee during the warm up, but couldn't care less. I told Johnny that i had 10 minutes in me. It was a 4-3-3 formation: Jason as Keeper, Steven as left back, Johnny as Sweeper, Brad as Stopper, and myself as right back. That was a pretty solid defence. Turk, Chalky and Kevin formed the Midfield. Denholm, Duc and Jamie made the front line.

I did pretty well for the first 10 minutes; managed to stop a breakthrough. But my knee started acting up soon after. I told Ganella( the coach) to take me off, but we had to wait for the ball to roll outta play. Well, that never happened -.-" The opposition pumped a long ball down the right flank and this dude sprinted past me as though i was wind. Sigh...i will never forget that! -.-" That's not sportmanship. He took the ball down the flank and crossed it in. I was too focused on my knee, and i didn't see the goal. But apparently, Brad slid it and scored an own goal -.-" I was replaced by George. I took up the responsibility of being a linesman for the rest of the games. That was it. That was ALL the soccer i PLAYED today, and probably ALL the soccer i WILL play for the school this year.

Thanks to two outstanding strikes from Turk and a fantastic finish by Marcus, we made a remarkable comeback from 1-0 down to win 3-1! There were four teams in our pool - ourselves, University High, Brunswick and Princess Hill. We went into the Princess Hill game all pumped from the victory over University High. We beat them comfortably - Marcus with two senstional goals, Harish with two and Turk with one. We looked really good. Our front line was like a race team - Denholm, Duc and Jamie were sprinting their guts out, giving the defence lots to deal with. Kevin was amazingly strong in the midfield, Marcus with his usual gun-performance, Harish with his fancy, yet neat tricks, Chalky with a occasional flashes of brilliance. Steven Tran had an awesome time owning the people on the right wing. Seriously...we was kicking their bums! Johnny did what he had to do, but he really didn't have to do much with Brad in fornt of him. To my amazement, George was awesome in defence; he made crunch tackles and slid in at the right moments. Aww...last, but not least, our precious keeper Jason who has been waiting patiently from some praise. He said that he would prove his worth today, and i reckon he did. With our awesome defence, he didn't have to do much. But i must say that he had the toughest job on the field - keeping warm. lol! It was literally freezing! He also made some brilliant saves, and many brace dives to snatch the ball from the strikers; he hurt his ankle while doing so though. He's a hero behind the scenes.

Although, we were like a bull on a rampage, we were met with a brick wall in our third game. Brunswick just proved too strong for our injury-plagued team sheet. Tommy's at camp, i've got a potentially permanent knee problem, Tran's pulled his hamstring and Brad's recovering from a torn quad. Anyway, we lost 3-0 - two good shots and a dubious penalty. This dude was running inside the penalty area, threw his body at Turk, bounced off his flubby fat man boobs and landed on the ground. According to Turk, he pretended to cry! LOL! It looked convincing. The ref was deceived.

Halfway through the second half, another dude got into a tangle with George and both of them fell to the ground. He knocked his eye against George's right boot and started screaming in pain. His team mates started flooding around George, and the entire Melbourne High squad, including the tanks that were playing footy, rushed to George's aid. lol! It was hilarious. Then, a University High dude ran out from nowhere and punched George right in the face! The commotion was settled soon after by some teachers. Apparently, the uni-high dude confronted George again hours later; asking him where Melbourne High was and what time school ended. lol! He can be rest assured that if he ever set foot into the premises of our school, he will need to undergo serious surgery to remove the thousands of stanley knives.

After losing to Brunswick, we were out of the tournament. It was the ultimatum, these 5 months of constant squabbling, quarrels and arguments have come to naught. They were all in vain. If Tommy and i were playing, we would have beat them easily. But that's not the issue.We're OUT for the rest of the year and that's that. No more Soccer for the school for 2005. No History to be made. No names to be remembered. Just sweet memories of the adrenaline that once flowed through our wrinkled veins.

We carried our demoralised hearts into our last game against a deaf school. YES, a DEAF team. It didn't matter if we won or lost, but we had to keep our dignity. However, we coped a stupid goal in the first half -.-" We were playing like year 1 girls. Fortunately, Blee and Flo came along and i had a nice chat with them. Sigh...i couldn't bear watch anyway, by the way we barely won 2-1 if you're thinking of bagging us :P

Although i didn't get to play, i thank God for giving me those precious 10 minutes. I thought to myself: "Is Soccer EVERYTHING to me?" Soccer's taking up lots of my time, and it's one of my top priorities. It's truely enjoyable, but it can be like an idol. Have i gone to far? Have i neglected friends, family, or even God?

Although we lost and were almost humiliated, i learnt some lessons. I learnt that i had to be humble; to step down to the sidelines occasionally and let others have a go. I shouldn't be up there all the time, hogging the limelight and winning everyone's praise. I learnt to see things at another perspective while i was being the linesman - isn't as easy as it looks. I realised what a loving father i've got! He actually came from his nearby office to watch my sis and i play. I learnt that all the players play as a team, stand as a team and lose as a team. I was surprised that George didn't retaliate when he was punched! I learnt how to be calm during tense situations.

I was really struck at what the dudes were saying as i walked off with Blee and Flo. As well as what Jonno said to me when we went to Hungry Jacks for lunch. He called me a "player". I gave it some thought. But no, that's not what i want to be! I wanna treat girls as good friends, not just as toys or objects. I don't even wanna look at them with an ulterior motive. i behaving like a player without even realising it? I'm not interested in having any relationships now, i wanna be wholly devoted to my God.

My Cry

You made me,
To worship thee.
You saved me,
That i may be free.

Though pain abounds,
And trouble lies.
My last breath,
Will be my final sacrifice.

Girls and Soccer,
Fame and Pride.
For you Lord,
I humbly put aside.

Be with me,
Through the ages.
That i may soar,
Through life's cruel pages.

*My life is Yours, O Lord. Take it.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Freak Accident

I don't believe myself. My knee's been acting up a little for the past few days, and my worst fears were realised today - a day just before the long-awaited inter-school soccer tournament -.-" Imagine walking around the whole earth for 10 years looking for the girl that you love, only to find out that she's already attached. That's how i feel right now.

I went to school early in the morning, met Duc, Turk and the other soccer dudes on the hockey field. I told them that i could feel a tingy feeling tugging away at my knee and that i MAY not be able to play on tomorrow. I can only laugh at the sight on their faces - especially Duc. He got sooo worried, and he kept bugging me to get off the field: "Go Sit Down! I don't want you playing! Go NOW!" lol! When the first bell rang, he told me not to do PE. I nodded just to satisfy him :)

Joining in Touch-Rugby for PE was one the worst decisions i made *receives a punch from Duc* x.-" I could run pretty well for most of the double-period. In the last five minutes, Mr.Pritchard passed the ball to me and i burst off with breakneck speed, but i dropped the ball and fell to the ground metres from the touchline -.-" The dudes couldn't believe that i had stuffed up; it just wasn't me. But i didn't stuff knee did -.-"""""" The pain was excruciating! I couldn't straighten my leg, and had to limp to a bench nearby. Sigh... I think i picked up the injury from my "persistant" run last Sunday.

Mr Pritchard spoke to me after PE. He told me that i had stretched /sprained a knee ligament which is connected to a cartiledge in the knee. He said, "Isaac, i know that you're gonna play soccer for the school tomorrow. Considering your current situation, i would see a physio tonight. He could probably wrap it up, and you would be able to play tomorrow." A short pause. "However, he may also warn you of the possibility of sustaining a permanent injury in a cartiledge in your knee." Sigh... i've got a really easy decision to make right now - Possible Permanent Knee Injury OR Help Jason keep his clean sheet. Duc, Turk and Denholm said that they won't let me take the risk. But...with Johnny and Brad alone in defence? i don't know.

Duc was EXTREMELY PISSED when he heard about my injury; he even started punching me! -.-" i couldn't defend myself. The news spread throughout the entire year 10 by the next period. Whoa...i got so shocked when so many people asked how i was - Denholm, Kev, Calvin, Jason Yang, Joe, Arpit, George, Shane, etc. Especially Shane. He was quick to cease the opportunity of "replacing" me -.-""" What a friend!

Well, most of the dudes from the A and B teams are gonna meet up at Flinders at 7.50AM tomorrow for breakfast before the big game. I'll be going along although i MAY not play. I don't want to be the only soccer player present in school. It'll be embarrassing, and boring.

My mum was kind enough to apply some chinese medication on my knee. And i was surprised that my sis offered to wrap it up! haha! Thanks Sha! In my quiet time, i prayed real hard asking God to heal me. I prayed that if it is according to his will that i shouldn't play, then so be it. But i can't take out the fact that God works in wondrous ways; that he may heal me and make me a living testimony of his Love and Grace.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Ever since the berth of my nickname "Apple", i've received constant bagging treatments in school. Currently, there are many variations to the name - Darth Apple, Green Apple, Rotten Apple, Apple Apple and !Apple. Well, Banh wants to spark the dawn of a new generation of nicknaming by "testing" the name "Crunchy" on me. -.-" Crunchy. do i look "crunchy" to you?

The day started of with a crunch; a crunch to my mood. I'm just using that word for the sake of it. haha! I caught the 7.06AM train and got to school at 7.50, just in time for soccer training. I got changed into my full sports gear (including boots) and trodded down to the oval, only to be informed that soccer training was cancelled because of the mud -.-" Sigh... i was so pissed. i reckon it should be cancelled for just Jason, the rest of us aren't afraid of mud =P

Two more days to go before ALL the soccer disputes are settled, before our soccer fate is decided. I'm already feeling the tension building up in my veins. Sigh... i don't believe that i almost got into a heated argument with Banh over Johnny. Fortunately, we didn't....but i sure hope he understands why i'm angry with Johnny. There was another heated quarrel between Turk and Johnny again. Turk was explaining his 5-3-2 formation, but Johnny insisted on his 4-3-3 formation, which looks like suicide to me. He even said that Turk "doesn't know shit about Soccer". He also shrugged off responsibility for the crap players in the team. Hmm...what a captain. Johnny has very little respect left, the only people i can think off who are still supporting him are Kev, Banh and Chalky.

Today was the first day of Term 3. Oh yea, the first thing that came straight into my head was the thought of the fresh air, the sweet-tasting food, the lovely beaches and the cudley animals in Singapore. But it's a little too soon to talk about that. Anyway, I've got McComb for Geography! -.-""""" My WORST nightmare was become a reality. ARgh... at the end of last year, i said that i would hang myself if i had McComb in Year 10 -.-"" I've got Mr.Jahanes for Business Management; he looks like a cool, but stern teacher. And i've got good old Ms. Poletti for CAD. Although TONS of students HATE her to the core, i kindda like her actually. haha! Don't even think about it!

Next, the "are-you-going-to-the-social" question. I'm being presured to go. If i don't go, i know i'll get jumped by Kev, Trent, Turk and probably Banh. I don't mind going, but the only thing giving me second thoughts is the 10 dollar entrance fee. -.-" What in the world?! I'm not paying 2/3s of my allowance just to dance and chat with some friends! That's insanity! PLUS, there's NO FOOD!!!! How can you have a party with NO FOOD?! Not even a hint of alcohol! I'm not even allowed to take a puff in there! Sigh... Anyway, i'll be having a sewing class on that night.

I took the 3.31pm train back today. I had a good time bagging Harish. He hasn't attended a single soccer training session, and for that reason, Ganella has put him in the B Team. lol! Little did i know that my sis was with Joyce in the third carriage -.-" I only learnt about it when i met them on the bus. I had a chat with Kev on the way back, i don't really like talking to Kev about Soccer. He just doesn't know people well enough to pass critical judgements. Although some of them may be true, like when he spoke about "glory-seeking" asians in the team. I thought that he would be a little bit more open, but as usual, i thought wrong.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Holiday - On The Road -.-"

I slept at 1AM last night and woke up at 6 this morning, i just couldn't get anymore sleep -.-" My eyes felt blistered and my limbs were still feeling the effects from yesterday's run. Today is the Queen's Birthday and almost the whole of Australia's celebrating it by declaring the day a public holiday. I love the Queen! I was intending to spend the day slacking at home, never had the time to do that since the last hols.

My parents wanted to go to Sorrento - the VERY EDGE of the Mornington Peninsula -.-" I was quite reluctant, but i thought that it would have a tinge of fun in it. Besides, i love the beach. I thought wrong. We left our house at 10.30AM, accompanied by Aunty Lily and her family, and Uncle Steven and his family.

However, our journey was lengthened by an hour as we had to pick up Jun Siang's friends. They are on a holiday all by themselves, and they were feeling bored. Argh... the car was like a can of packed sardines with so much compressed air occupying every iota of space. My dad and mum were in the front and i was sandwiched in between my sis and grandmother. I had the worst seat, i couldn't stretch my legs out. I couldn't even slouch! Sigh... Imagine holding that position, not for 1 hour, not 2, but THREE WHOLE HOURS!!!! -.-"

This is definately the worst public holiday spent - ON THE ROAD. That's SIX HOURS to and fro in a couped up, cramped, packed, stuffy, congested, contaminated and smelly car! Sigh... we didn't even do much at Sorrento! The beach wasn't that fact, we only spent 2 hours there. We had fish and chips for lunch, walked around a bit, and drove back. dumb could that have been????

I mean... the only good thing was the sweet-tasting, soft, tender flesh of the whiting. Oh Yea! The fish was awesome. Besides, i know how my parents love the beach, to travel and to "walk around". Well, despite the excursion being such a bore, and a complete torture, i'm sure they appreciate my company.

I just got home an hour ago, 6PM. Headed straight for the shower. Sigh... my entire body feels stiff right now. My thighs are sore, my head's spinning, my eyes are desert-dry and my fingers are aching. Argh...i've gotta go to school early in the morning for soccer training tomorrow. Adrenaline fills my body whenever i think about the soccer competition this thursday. I can picture Jason stuffing up. I just don't know if it'll be an own goal, a variation or an exact replay of the "mud-incident" that happened last year. haha!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Key to Clearing Obstacles

"I can clear all obstacles in my way..."
I can vaguely remember that lovely song. It's a very very old song, but it describes my day perfectly.

I had to wake up early for my sister's soccer game which was at Sunshine -.-"" That's really really far out! I's close to the city, but far away from Glen Waverley. On the way there, I told my parents about the excessive drug use, the constant robberies, pervertic perversions and loose shringes in the North. Glen Waverley won the game 1-0, it was a really close game. Fortunately, Jerusha didn't score. Unfortunately, Jerusha didn't score =)

The game ended at started at 10 and ended at 12pm. We rushed down to Box Hill to satisfy my urge for a nice plate of Char Kuay Teow! Boo Yah! I just LOOOVE Char Kuay Teow. haha! I miss reminds me of Singapore.

After lunch, we went for Fungus. The worship was really good. The message was about obstacles. Then i thought to myself: "Obstacles are called "obstacles" only because they CAN be overcome." (Danica, here's a quote for you. PS. Try not to be so sad) Yea, it won't make sense the first time you read it, but it will sooner or later. There's this particular obstacle in my life that just seems to big. I know that i can overcome it, just doesn't seem to budge.

While waiting for my dad to pick us up after Fungus, Germaine asked if i was interested in playing in the Fungus Band. LOL! I couldn't believe it! I mean....i'm just an amateur. I've not been taught by a certified teacher. All that i know is...partly from my dad, and mostly God-given. Yea, Germaine passed me her guitar and asked if i could play her a song. haha! i had memorised quite a few famous songs, but i decided to sing her one of my own - Lord Of All.

I was a little shaky, my singing was horrible as usual, but the sound of the guitar was fantastic. She didn't reveal her thoughts much; she looked shocked, amazed, confused, and dissapointed all at the same time! haha! My visual perception's starting to fail me =( I'm not confident of playing for Fungus. But if that's what the Lord wants me to do, i will pursue it with all my heart.

We gave Tim and Joyce a ride home. Had a good chat in the car. I invited Tim to the park for a kick right after we got home. He's a pretty good player actually, for his age. Jerusha joined us. It was during this time that God really showed me that obstacles could actually be overcome, but it takes persistance and determination. After stroking the ball around with Tim and Jerusha, i decided to go for 5 laps around the oval at a fast constant pace. I didn't really know how long 5 laps was until i got to the end of the second. I could feel the strain in my calves already, but i knew i was unfit. I pushed on for the third lap.

At the end of every lap, there was a voice in my head saying "That's it, you've done enough." But there would also be another soft sound lingering "C'mon, just one more!" My calves and my hamstrings were dying by the end of the 4th round, but through sheer determination and perserverance, i managed to complete the 5th round in utter agony. I felt really pleased at my accomplishment... i'm not extremely fit, but i'll get there some day =)

Saturday, June 11, 2005


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I had a really busy day yesterday and i couldn't find the time to post. Trent made an escape from school on a FREE flight to Sydney yesterday after "jumping" Ms. Fry. That lucky goat! Term Two is finally over, and i'll be having Business Management and Visual Communcations with Computers as electives. Yippee! I needed a change. I'm gonna take my studies a little more seriously this semester. These are my grades for my exams:

Maths - A+, A+
English - A+
Science - A+
History - A
Visual Communication - B
German - B+, A
Psychology - A+

There's no grade for PE, but i'll probably get a UG for not being Greek.

The FINAL soccer team sheet for the A and B teams came out yesterday. About a hundred students flocked around it -.-" The first competition is on Thursday. We'll be up against a few schools. According to Jason, just ONE loss could send us all the way back to the school on the hill -.-" I pondered over it... 5 months of soccer trials, practice and constant political squabbling could be over in just ONE game. Hmm... how facinating, i don't mind losing. At least it'll put a sock in all the big mouths.

A Team

Johnny (C)
Denholm (VC)

B Team (I'm not so sure about the B team, but that should be right :P)

Matt (C)
Nick (VC)

Harish (He should be in the As, it was probably a mistake)
Lil Joe

Turk was so pissed off because he didn't gain captaincy, nor vice-captaincy. Well, i told him that it was because he had too much hair. The only reason why Johnny became captain was because he remembered to shave before trainings. As i expected; Johnny started bragging about his position. The thing is, he now has the authority to "command" us on the field. Sigh...i don't wanna be under the command of a luny Greek! We're gonna call for a poll at the next soccer meeting to elect a captain that everyone likes... or at least...non-greek.

I can foresee a boring day ahead. No Chinese school, No soccer cuz of the bad weather, only the wet beaches of Frankston. My parents are having a cell meeting at Uncle Steven's house tonight, and that happens to be in Frankston. Unfortunately, they decided to go there at 2pm to check the beaches out -.-" Unfortunately, my sis and i have to tag along -.-"

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bible Study

School was a total bludge today. There was only one real period of studying - Maths. Every student in Melbourne High has been taking it easy since the exams ended. Nothing much to do except for the holidays to look forward to. For me, it's Soccer. haha! I'm really looking forward to next thursday's soccer game. It'll be my first time representing my school intermediate soccer. Jerusha's gonna be there too.

I'm praying for an outstanding performance, and hopefully a clean sheet. I mean... it would virtually impossible to penetrate the MHS backline, but the sole problem lies with our egoistic keeper - Any shot that gets through the backline is bound to hit the back of the net regardless of its pace. *Shakes Head* I can only dream of the Year 9 state keeper springing into Intermediate action :)

I decided to endure the pain in my right knee and go for soccer training today. There were about 20 players, Ganella was there. We played an 8 a side game on the hockey pitch. I was wary that if i was to commit to a sliding tackle, i would rip the healing fresh flesh off the cup of my right knee.

The teams were really biased: People with Jerseys VS People without -.-" That was really gay. Both my jerseies were in the wash. Obviously, the people wearing Jerseies would be more skilfull than the ones without. It's common sense. But then again... Melbourne High students have 10 wierd senses - rare sense, cow sense, giraffe sense, pig sense and Cropley-red-pants sense.

As usual, the underdogs defied all the odds and literally owned the all-star team. The score was 7-0 by the end of the first half. However, the flambuoyant opposition managed to make an outstanding comback in the second half. Good, but not good enough :P The final whistle blew and the all-star team resigned to a humiliating defeat of 5 goals to 9. I don't know what got into Ganella's crazy cosmo of chromosomes. He said that the game wasn't over, and that the winner would be decided in a penalty shootout -.-"""""

It wasn't JUST a penalty shootout. The kicking spot was the full width of the hockey pitch! -.-" So that's a distance of about 50m, and a 2 metre-wide goal. No one managed to score, not even Duc, Steven nor Banh :P But Marcus stepped up for the Jersey team and lifted the ball sweetly and accurately into the back of the net. He made it look so easy! The underdogs were losing 1-0. I was next up, the pressure was intense. I "closed" my eyes, said a silent prayer before curling the ball into the goal. haha! 1-1. But the joy was short lived as some random Como dude converted his kick -> 2-1. Well, at least the underdogs put up a good fight.

I spent quite some time calling up different associations to inquire about vancancies for community services but there were none available. I even tried calling some Chinese organisation for the elderly, but most of them spoke Cantonese instead of Mandarin -.-"""""" I don't believe it's so hard to offer FREE services!!!! AHHH!!! I'm SOOO PISSED! If i was an elderly person, i would be more than happy to have a young high schooler mowing my lawn for free. Sigh...

My accelerated reading course really paid off. I finished the 225 page book, Holes, in 3 days! That's a new record. I'm happy with my achievement. I thank God. My plan was to start reading on Monday, finish it by Wednesday, do the book report on Thursday night and hand it in on Friday. HOWEVER, i forgot to bring the book home today!!!!! AHHH!!!!! I don't believe how careless i can get! It looks like i'll have to go to school early tomorrow. Sigh...

My parents want to start a weekly bible study session with my sis and i. The first one starts tonight at 8pm. I feel extremely tired, don't feel like doing it. But God comes first in my life =)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

To Judge, Or Not?

I'm suffering from a memory wipe right now. I had plenty to write about this morning, but after some hazardous knocks to my head, courtesy of Turk, Tommy and Banh, my mind is totally blank at the moment.

I took the 7.45am train with Marcus, Harish couldn't join us as he's "sick". Sigh...tons of people are falling sick. We met up with Banh, Turk, Jin, Victor and Phan. It was just the 7 of us -.-" Jono couldn't find his sleepyhead, Duc was parent probs, Jamie was doing secret-ops in his bed and the rest were planning to kill Osama. We had breakfast at Maccas. haha! I had a free Deli-Choice coupon in my wallet and i felt reluctant to use it. No, don't get me wrong, i felt bad walking up to the counter just to ask for a free hamburger. But i did it anyway. Jin got me an Apple from Maccas. Yes, an APPLE -.-" [Darth Apple moans for his children]

3-on-3 soccer was pretty fun. It was Turk, Phan and Jin VS Marcus, Banh and myself. Turk was making semi-successful attempts on several FIFA Street tricks, but he would end up getting owned in the end :P Marcus and his brilliant dribble, Jin and his iron curtain, Phan with his dynamic left, and Banh with his thunderous roars.

After soccer, we met up with Tommy at about 10am. He was sitting on a bench just outside Myers. loL! I seriously thought he was waiting for some little girls. He looked really sick though and i decided not to bag him anymore...Tommy, be inspired! We spent half an hour walking around Myers. Turk, Marcus and myself were looking at soccer boots while Jin and Tommy were trying on some Speedos. Victor, Banh and Phan were...erm...on the bench.

I felt really wierd as i was literally the only dude in Melbourne city wearing shorts. People were staring at me as we strolled along the streets. I felt really warm and i didn't wanna put tracks on. haha! My poor calves got bagged again -.-" The usual dudes kept going on about how nice Jamie's house is, how big it is, how fun it is and how cosy it can get when the sun goes down. So Marcus and i decided to check it out; i spent more than 3 hours travelling today -.-"

We had to take all three modes of transport to get to Jamie's: Tank, Submarine and Spaceship. But it sure was worth it. His house is HUGE. The actual land space isn't that big, but it's 3 stories high and has a gigantic backyard. I finally got to see the Japanese garden in his backyard. was awesome. There was a fully-sick bridge. Oh yea...the bridge. The backyard was a sloping hill leading down to a river next to a golf course. This created a spectacular sight from the balcony. Marcus couldn't resist taking a photo of it. haha!

We had competitions for FIFA Street and FIFA 2005. I was really impressed with the soccer skills and tricks displayed in FIFA Street. It's an awesome game. If only Ronaldinho was that great in real life. Then we played live FIFA Street on the driveway. lol! Tommy was attempting skilful tricks, but they all ended in vain :P

We left the house at 2.30pm and headed back home. Had a good chat with Marcus on the train ride back. Hmm...i can recall being really resentful of Johnny. At some stage, Turk, Marcus, Tommy and myself were talking about the Soccer team and i full on cracked it. I was bagging the crap outta Johnny. lol! I don't believe myself, and i don't think they could either. Hmm...i should seriously learn to cool it. Well, God spoke to me while i was doing my QT today. He reminded me that HE is the ultimate judge, that true Christians will bless when they are curse, endure when being persecuted and answer kindly when slandered.

To Judge, Or Not?


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Grazed, Scabbed, Infected, Amputated

Look at the title. Have a short guess. Keep that thought in your mind. I'll begin on my marathon post.

I woke up really early today, at 6 to be exact. I was told that i had to catch the 7.06 train to be in school by 8am for my soccer training. The information was wrong, i got to school at about 7.45 -.-" Stupid Peter! :P However, i finally got to meet Emma on the train. There was a really awkward presence on the train this morning. I was sitting down with 4 gals to my right, and the only person i knew was Joyce. I was extremely tired this morning, and i was caught in a daze. loL! the gals were in a conversation and i didn't wanna interrupt. Fortunately, Peter hopped on the train at the next station, Syndal, and i had an amusing chat with him. Then Michael and James got on at Mount Waverley. The train ride was really enjoyable from then on. The dudes have been trying to get me on that 7.06 train for ages, but i found it WAY too early. But it wasn't that bad after all.

Soccer training was awesome. Not that i liked the training, but it was really organised. Fortunately, Johnny wasn't there (Although he's the "captain"). Whenever he was in charge of the trainings, everyone ended up mucking around. However, we managed to get through some proper drills this time.

Ooh...the subject of the title happens here. I thought we had training on the Hockey field, and i didn't bring my boots. The runners that i was wearing felt like like a bar of soap in a bath tub. They caused me to slip on some rock-solid mud in the middle of the oval and i ended up grazing my right knee really badly. The entire knee was grazed, and i could literally feel the hinges of the bones moving when i walked.

We played Footy during the two periods of sport that i had. It my class versus Peter's class. I never knew Jono La was such a gun at Footy. lol! Even Peter was good. We were competing with each other; trying to get above each other for a specky. haha! Peter, you got OWNED! :P Well, halfway through the game, i slipped and slided; my grazed right knee rubbing hard onto the wet grass. The pain was excruciating. I could have screamed my head off right there and then. haha! Yea, i could even see some green chlorophyl on my open wound. But i couldn't be stuffed cleaning it up.

Well, that was one of the worst decisions of my life. My knee was KILLING me when i was playing soccer during lunch. The game was awesome, but my knee just took all the fun outta the game. It was, and probably still is infected. haha! The hot water literally burned as it flowed onto the scab when i was in the shower. That's probably the only place in the world where i would feel to scream, i did.

Lots of people have been noticing my new hairstyle lately. I could name 5 people off the top of my head. haha! It's kindda late. I cut it two weeks ago, and dyed it last week. Victor just left my a message on MSN: "You look like a gangsta with your new hairstyle" -.-" lol! Do i? Even Turk has been bagging me about being more like a gangster. Sigh...if i ever become a gangster, i'll be a good one. I'll rescue cats from tall trees, help smokers light ciggarettes, stop kids from sitting down on dirty train floors, reprimand the Coca-Cola rioters and save the Queen from a prophecied manicure assasination attempt on the 11th of September 2001.

Oh, i almost forgot, it's Trent's Birthday today! Banh, Jason and i got him an awesome Parker pen as a present. I wanted to make a card last night, but i couldn't be stuffed. haha! Trent's not such a good friend anway :P Instead, Banh and i made up a last minute "card" on line paper. loL! We wrote tons of random sentences like "Happy Birthday (In Chinese)", "Don't worry about the length, it's a radius that matters" and " I love peas!" It was hilarious!

Argh, my knee's killing me right now. Sigh... i'm gonna put some medication on it after this. Tomorrow's report writing day for all Melbourne High dudes. Hmm... i'm halfway through that book i'm reading. I'm gonna try to finish that by tomorrow. I don't really know what's going on at the moment, apparently all the dudes are gonna hang out at Jamie's, but i really don't wanna do that. It's really sad; playing FIFA Street and 05 on a holiday -.-" Marcus suggested taking me 1-on-1 on the school hockey field, first to a hundred wins. haha! And i never knew he played the violin. lol!

Monday, June 06, 2005

30 Pages -.-"

It looks like i'm gonna have a really hard time coping with all my work at the moment. I don't believe it. The exams are over and i've still got work due -.-" An English book report and an Analytical essay. As i mentioned yesterday, i've just started a 233 page book entitled "Holes" today. I've gotten as far as the 30th page. lol! I don't know how i'm gonna finish it by Thursday!

School was pretty good today. I was happy to get an A+ for my Psychology exam. I thank God for that. We watched the show "Enemy of the State" during the double History that i had. Erm...School's a real bludge right now besides English, Maths and Vis Comm. Yea, that last subject just makes my blood boil. My crappy model got selected, somehow, to be displayed at the open house -.-" loL! My model has the ability to make eyes bleed. I don't really mind it getting displayed, the only problem is that i've gotta get my folio into 'top' condition. Sigh... i've got an axonometric drawing to do, some pictures to take and tons of rendering to do -.-"

Saw Peter, Brendan, James and Michael on the train back from school today. I was surprised that they could last one day without any contact with gals :P haha! I was with my usual group: Marcus, Harish, Welson, Shunni, Steven, Josh, Anthony and Zac. I witnessed another one of those we-want-to-uphold-our-pride phenomenons again. Peter and his group were just one carriage away from us There was more space on our carriage, so i asked them to come over, but they refused -.-" I don't know what Peter's up to. I used to think that he was lost and was in desperate need of help. But now, he seems to know very well what he's gonna do. So....i'll just sit back and let him do his stuff.

There's soccer training early tomorrow morning. I hope few people turn up. Tons of people turned up for the last training session we had, and it was total chaos. I was informed that Matt Horat may be taking my first team spot in the soccer team. Johnny's the one that calls all the shots now, not Turk nor Denholm. Matt and Johnny know each other really well as they play for the same soccer club. Well, Matt's a good friend of mine, and i don't mind stepping down to the bench if he seriously wants my spot. Harish, Marcus and i were joking about making a strong B-team that would defeat the A-team in the finals. haha! If only that were reality.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Today was a long, but satisfying day for me. It started off with church. My parents had to take a look at some new furniture, so we went for the 11am service instead of the 9am. The message was awesome! It was based on Exodus 14:13-16, about the three steps on how to solve problems.
1. Stand Firm
2. Be still the Lord will fight for you
3. Move on with God's plan

This is my personal space, this is what i believe. Don't bag me about my religion cuz i take it really seriously.

After church, we picked Joyce and her brother, Tim, up before heading for Fungus. Jerusha couldn't join us (again!) as she had a soccer game, which resulted in a unfortunate 2-1 loss :P Fungus was really good, Chris spoke about how we perceive things. He said that we tend to be lead astray by the many distractions in this world, which may hinder us from the real picture, God's plan. I found it really interesting... What goes on in your mind when you see an attractive person of the opposite sex? What do you do when there is a sex scene in a movie? What do you do behind closed doors? Most of which do not seem wrong, but they sure are in God's eyes.

Joyce's parents were kind enough to give me a ride home from Fungus. I saw her Dad for the first time, and i found it really cool when i heard them talking as a family. I don't want this to offend anyone, but i don't see many happy and united families here in Australia. Even if they are united, they're not neccessarily happy. I don't know what's happening in this age - why can't people see the difference between true love, responsibility and lust?

They had to make a stop for some groceries. It was the same Asian factory that my parents patronise. It's such a coincidence. Don't know if the food there is good, but i can name 4 people who buy food from there off the top of my mind.

I told Joyce's dad not to drop me off at my place because i wanted to take a walk home. The stroll home was fantastic! I never knew the neighbourhood would be such a facinating sight. haha! I think i've been wearing my nerdy glasses, wrapped up in mucus drenched blankets, at my study table for too long. I haven't taken the time to appreciate the Australian facade. I saw how green the leaves were, the freshness of the cool breeze blowing gently on my cheeks, the neighbours washing their cars, some maintaining their gardens, the beautiful shades of the sky and...the silence...pure peace.

Although the exams have ended, i've got tons of work to do. I've got a book report due this friday, as well as an analytical essay -.-" I haven't even started reading a book yet! Looks i've gotta put my accelerated reading skills to the ultimate test in the next four days. Hmm...that'll be a record, an entire book(a thick one!) in 4 days. I couldn't be stuffed getting down to work, and i decided to have a kick. I was shocked when Tommy told me that he's gonna start "pumping" himself up. lol! I wasn't shocked, i was more like...erm...surprised. Well, he's my inspiration! *wink wink nudge nudge* I trained my left foot a little more, juggled a bit and improved my weak stamina. It's been a long dream of mine to have a perfect left foot. Then it occurred to me that all it takes is Determination.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Assimilation of Chinese?

My level of Chinese has been rapidly diminishing. Sigh... I couldn't even read a Chinese write-up fluently. Argh! I'm still alright when it comes to speaking and writing, but not reading. I know that i've gotta do something about it, but i can't be stuffed. I could start reading lotsa Chinese books... but i've got enough of reading for the moment. Is this assimilation? Would i forget Chinese totally in time? Sure hope not.

Chinese school was pretty fun actually. Blee gave me this CD with Landy songs and some show on it. Haven't had the time to take a look at it yet. Peter and Yvon were still ignoring each other. It seems like i'm doing this every week now. haha! Peter! You've gotta be more of a man! I don't believe him. Look, put yourself in his shoes. Let's say that you liked your best friend, not just like, but really pearly swirly dearly mearly furly tirly dwirly pinkly like :) However, you just don't have the guts to tell her :P And... you're not sure if she feels the same way about you.
What would you do? Would you:
1. Ignore her, don't talk to her. Greet her if neccessary, but nothing more than that.
2. Talk to her like a best friend would. Treat her as a good friend.
3. Confess your feelings to her and risk your friendship
Please answer in the tag board!

I'm extremely exhausted right now. I had to muster all the strength i could at the dinner table to stuff food into my mouth. The chewing was a torture, and the swallowing sheer pain. lol! Marcus, Harish and I played soccer with the normal group at Terrara Park. There were tons of people today, about 30+ in all. The ball was flying up and down the field in all sorts of crazy ways, but there was flashes of pure skill, precise passes, thunderous shots and swift dribbling. We played for about 3 hours. -.-"

Marcus and Harish played extremely well today. I still can't believe that he didn't make the school team! Instead, Chalky took his place -.-" What's this world coming to? Sigh... Anyone here like Politics? Well, i hate it. It's prone to the corrupt nature in humans. People normally look at it on the National level, but it's evident in our school soccer team. The selection board, consisting of Johnny, Turk and Denholm, is in a mess. Johnny's injecting crap people into the team(including himself) in place for more skilfull players just because they're his good friends. Don't even wanna think about it.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Train Frenzy

I was dissapointed that i didn't get any papers back today. Actually, i did - Visual Communications. haha! That's my Art elective, and those of you who know me well should know that i HATE Art! I didn't know that Vis Comm was all about technical drawing, designing Art galleries, design processes and all that crap. I tried my best, but it looks like i'm bound to be an Art tool. There were two parts to this exam. Part A required Technical Drawing (Axonometric Drawing), which was REALLY easy for people who can draw a straight line (not me) and Part B was a written section about the design processes and all the factual stuff. Well, i did extremely well for Part B, and i couldn't be stuffed making an attempt on Part A. I ended up drawing a few random lines on the page. LOL! Well, had 9/30 for Part A and 52/55 for part B, giving me a poor, but satisfying, grade - B. =)

School was a bludge today. Ms Bryan, Berlin and Ms O'Reiley weren't in school today. Argh...i was soo looking forward to getting my Psychology exam paper back from her. Harish was even more pissed. Class periods were bagging periods. Turk and Harish, esp Turk, called me "Darth Apple" and started cracking up in German class. LOL! German was a total bludge, Mr Wright played some of his "fully-sick" German punk rock, and tried to shut us up with really tasty biscuits. I don't know what's wrong with that little Turkish brain. He kept trying to "convert me to the dark side" LOL! It was hilarious.

It all started off like this. I was at my locker, trying to get my stuff out for History and Turk kept proding me from behind. I got pissed, shoved him a little and shouted "Piss Off!", and he's like..."Ooooh....what did you say? Christians have to be good, they can't hurt people." -.-" From then on, he kept trying to "provoke" me to anger. Kicked me in the head during soccer, punched me in the guts during Maths, pushed me into the latrine in the toilet, stole my shoe, chucked my bag in Ms Fry's fish tank, sprayed me all over with Banh's disgusting deo and shared some of his eye shadow with me. -.-" What more do you want from me Turk?!

The train ride home can only be discribed as chaotic. There were so many people on the train today - Marcus, Harish, Josh, Shervin, Phan, Andrew, Branny, Brendan and his year 9s, James, Anthony and myself. Brendan was pimping with his new year 9 gal, think her name's Joy. Yea, and Branny's eyes were all over her. Marcus, Harish, Josh, Anthony and i were teasing Brendan throughout the entire train ride. He made a desperate escape to the next carriage; Mel was in that carriage with more Year 9 despos. Well, i couldn't believe that Brendan actually flirted in front of his ex. I don't know what's happening, but there seems to be a craze for Year 9s of the opposite sex ?.?"

Thursday, June 02, 2005

More Results...

2 more results came back today. I was really confident about acing both of them, but i ended up a little dissapointed. I really hate it when the teacher's giving out the exam papers, and you're sitting in your chair, awaiting your name to be called out, awaiting the verdict. haha! I had a dissapointing A for History, and an A+ for English. I was really dissapointed with my History, because of several reasons. My teacher apologised for "not teaching" us about some portions of the Chifley government, and thus, we couldn't do well for the first part of the exams. Also, she's an EXTREMELY tight marker. I missed A+ by 3 marks, but i'm gonna try appealing tomorrow. I studied way too hard for it to get a mere A.

During chorale, Mr.Balis announced that we were supposed to be fully-prepared for a song presentation in two weeks time -.-" It was our first time listening to that dumb song. It was SOOOO boring! Urgh....sounded like 10% pop, 20% Baroque, and 70% Opera. -.-" I'm not gonna sing it. It's unbelievably gay.

The soccer dudes and i caught the bus down to the crappy Como park again for soccer. It was more organised this time, the real teams were finally set - A and B Teams. Jason, Jin, Brad, Steven, Myself, Chalky, Tommy, Duc, Turk, Denholm and Jamie made up the A team. I was shocked when Marcus and Harish were omitted. I couldn't believe it! Chalky had taken their spots! -.-""" What's this world coming to? This seriously shows the corrupted nature of the selective trio - Denholm, Turk and Johnny. Johnny in particular, he's not liked by anyone, hated by everyone, and is still able to hold his head high in utter arrogance. The fact is...he's not even good at soccer! Sigh... i'm gonna make sure that Harish and Marcus are in the subs at least.

I did something really bad to Marcus today. I really didn't mean it, but i think he's angry at me considering that he didn't talk to me throughout the train ride home. I was playing the defence and he was playing in an attacking midfield role. We were going against each other. They had been isolated for long periods of the game, but there was a sudden break. Marcus made a burst of pace, brilliantly exchanged passes with Calvin and Steven. I made a dash toward him, but Steven unintentionally stuck his arm out. I collided into it and slumped into an awkward position - my feet were running really quickly, and my body was stationary. It wasn't funny, I had my studs pointing up, straight at Marcus' shins. I was engulfed in panic, all this happened in a matter of seconds. The next minute, Marcus was rolling on the ground in agony. I felt sooo terrible. I apologised to him profusely, but he only gave a unconvincing nod. He probably thought that i did it intentionally. I wanted to explain it to him, but he didn't look like he wanted to listen. Sigh...he's a really good friend of mine.

Got to Glen Waverely at 3pm. Harish and i went to KFC for wicked wings. haha! We wanted to ask Marcus along, but he was busy doing something at GW Secondary College. Yes, i just have to say it. Wicked Wings ROCK!!!!!

I promised Jin that i would write something about him in this post. Hmm... He defied all the odds by making it into the A Team! Yippee! Well Dont Jin! He's one of the best left-footed player's i've ever seen. "Player" - On, as well as Off the field. haha! I can identify with Jin because both of us came to Australia last year. This is our second year of schooling in Melbourne, so we can called...erm... "The FOB Duo"? lol! He's a really funny dude, but he can get really serious when it comes to his personal affairs. Especially when it concerns Banh a loud quote from Jin "No One Hurts Banh!!", "I want Banh!" and "Banh likes this hot chick on the train." Yea, i'm proud to have such a good friend in a fellow MalaySingaporesian.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Double Grattitude

The bad phases of my life have passed and good things are starting to dawn. 2 things i wanna thank God for today. But i won't divulge the secrets at the beginning of my post! :P Take a guess! Continue to tag!!!! If you don't know what to say, just state the universally acknowledged fact that Liverpool are the Champions of Europe!!!!

haha! I was enthralled at the promises this day held, was looking forward to getting good grades, as well as the finals of the Interform Soccer tournament. However, the only exams i got back was the Science one. And, thank God, i had an A+ for it! My God-given 69 marks outta 75 topped the class. Jason has been bagging me about my Science, and this really shut him up. On the contrary, he had a C+ after scabbing a precious mark that saved him from a D. I'm not gonna get an excellent overall mark for Science, but i sure proved that the bad marks were just slip ups. Sigh...

Yea, that's just one of the things i wanna thank God for. Just before getting to the second one, i have to state that Banh's suffering from a severe case of PEAS (Post Examination Anxiety Syndrome). He kept irritating, bagging to be precise, me through the ENTIRE day in school -.-" It's not like him... he bagged me no less than 5 times PER period -.-" He bagged me about EVERYTHING possible - my crappy soccer skills, bad looks, poor maths skills, girls, over rated tankiness, extreme tightness, etc.

Alright, then came the Event-Of-The-Day, the Finals of the Interform Soccer Tournament! We struggled long and hard, pretty much =D , to get to where we were. It was the mighty Laios leading his legion of soccer troops to battle. Laios is, without a doubt, the best player in Year 10. Despite being a defender, he's not failed to score many goals in many games (Unlike me). Well, the game started off with a brilliant atmosphere, Jin and the Asian Soccer Mob were all spectating from the second level. I think 3/4 of the Year 10s were watching the match.

I was busy controlling the game in defence making stupid "sliding" (More like "Sit-down") tackles at the back. I had an extremely tough time isolating Laios. Every joint in both my legs is aching right now, i can't even walk straight! Fortunately, Banh and Matt were there to aid me as substitutes. The crowd were screaming their guts out saying: "WE WANT BANH! WE WANT BANH!" lol! It was hilarious. Oh yea, Banh made a remarkable contribution to the game by winning a header contested by Laios. It was unbelieveable. No one expected him to do it....he just...appeared from no where, jumped high above Laios and made good contact with the ball. Just before half time, Kev (The Fluke Master) took a really sloppy shot from defence. It wasn't even a shot, it was more like a clearance. However, it proved to be a goal after a fumble from the keeper.

The second half started off with a bang. Laios started unleashing shots of fury, while Turk, Kevin and Johnny missed several chances. about 2 mins into the second half, Laios progressed into our half and lined his left foot up for a killer shot. I slide in at the last moment and stole possession off him, jumped to my feet and broke clear of the defence. It was just the keeper and i. I unleashed a full-bloodied goal-bound shot past the keeper into the top left hand corner. It was definately a goal, no doubt about that, but everything happened so quickly that somehow, Denholm (the referee) didn't see the goal -.-""" I couldn't believe it, but it was no use questioning him. Turk scored a fantastic goal a few minutes after, and then sealed the game with another goal 2 minutes from time. He's a real gun... the game ended 3-0. It was an awesome game. I wanna thank God for letting us win, and the SRC execs for organising it! Oh, the prize is pizza for the class. haha!