Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bible Study

School was a total bludge today. There was only one real period of studying - Maths. Every student in Melbourne High has been taking it easy since the exams ended. Nothing much to do except for the holidays to look forward to. For me, it's Soccer. haha! I'm really looking forward to next thursday's soccer game. It'll be my first time representing my school intermediate soccer. Jerusha's gonna be there too.

I'm praying for an outstanding performance, and hopefully a clean sheet. I mean... it would virtually impossible to penetrate the MHS backline, but the sole problem lies with our egoistic keeper - Any shot that gets through the backline is bound to hit the back of the net regardless of its pace. *Shakes Head* I can only dream of the Year 9 state keeper springing into Intermediate action :)

I decided to endure the pain in my right knee and go for soccer training today. There were about 20 players, Ganella was there. We played an 8 a side game on the hockey pitch. I was wary that if i was to commit to a sliding tackle, i would rip the healing fresh flesh off the cup of my right knee.

The teams were really biased: People with Jerseys VS People without -.-" That was really gay. Both my jerseies were in the wash. Obviously, the people wearing Jerseies would be more skilfull than the ones without. It's common sense. But then again... Melbourne High students have 10 wierd senses - rare sense, cow sense, giraffe sense, pig sense and Cropley-red-pants sense.

As usual, the underdogs defied all the odds and literally owned the all-star team. The score was 7-0 by the end of the first half. However, the flambuoyant opposition managed to make an outstanding comback in the second half. Good, but not good enough :P The final whistle blew and the all-star team resigned to a humiliating defeat of 5 goals to 9. I don't know what got into Ganella's crazy cosmo of chromosomes. He said that the game wasn't over, and that the winner would be decided in a penalty shootout -.-"""""

It wasn't JUST a penalty shootout. The kicking spot was the full width of the hockey pitch! -.-" So that's a distance of about 50m, and a 2 metre-wide goal. No one managed to score, not even Duc, Steven nor Banh :P But Marcus stepped up for the Jersey team and lifted the ball sweetly and accurately into the back of the net. He made it look so easy! The underdogs were losing 1-0. I was next up, the pressure was intense. I "closed" my eyes, said a silent prayer before curling the ball into the goal. haha! 1-1. But the joy was short lived as some random Como dude converted his kick -> 2-1. Well, at least the underdogs put up a good fight.

I spent quite some time calling up different associations to inquire about vancancies for community services but there were none available. I even tried calling some Chinese organisation for the elderly, but most of them spoke Cantonese instead of Mandarin -.-"""""" I don't believe it's so hard to offer FREE services!!!! AHHH!!! I'm SOOO PISSED! If i was an elderly person, i would be more than happy to have a young high schooler mowing my lawn for free. Sigh...

My accelerated reading course really paid off. I finished the 225 page book, Holes, in 3 days! That's a new record. I'm happy with my achievement. I thank God. My plan was to start reading on Monday, finish it by Wednesday, do the book report on Thursday night and hand it in on Friday. HOWEVER, i forgot to bring the book home today!!!!! AHHH!!!!! I don't believe how careless i can get! It looks like i'll have to go to school early tomorrow. Sigh...

My parents want to start a weekly bible study session with my sis and i. The first one starts tonight at 8pm. I feel extremely tired, don't feel like doing it. But God comes first in my life =)

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