Friday, June 24, 2005

Strike One - Freedom!

Finally! This looong, draggy, loomy, despressing semester's finally over! Yea! I can't wait for the next one. No, i didn't mean that =D I'm looking forward to two spine-thrilling camps - the Fungus Youth camp during the holidays, and the Year 10 Milgrove camp the first week back. But i still have 16 long hours of community service yoked on my back, i called 4 different organisations offering FREE service, and i got rejected every single time -.-"

I had an extremely busy day yesterday...won't go through all the details, but this is what basically happened. We had inter-house soccer yesterday, and despite my still-recovering knee, i decided to play for Yarra anyway. However, we ended up LAST -.-" Waterloo won it. Sigh...i still don't understand how we ended both matches losing 1-0. One of them was partially my fault. Some Year 9 dude pumped a ball over Johnny's head (he didn't even jump -.-") and came into Harish's possession. I rush in from the right as fast as my injured right knee would carry me. As usual, Harish chose to capitalise on his dear friend's injury; lobbing the ball clinically over the keeper, banh, into the back of the net :P

The competition ended at about 3.40pm, and i caught the 4+pm train back to Glen Waverley. Then i had to rush back with my parents at 6.30pm for the Career's night session at 7.30pm -.-" I had to sit through 3 half-an-hour sessions on Sales and Marketing, Economics, and Medicine. Some old MHS boys took the sessions; sharing their experiences with their respective jobs. Yea, it ended at 10pm. What a day!

Now for today. School ended at 12.30pm today. Turk, Marcus, Harish, Duc, Darren, Victor, Shervin, Tommy, Jamie, Ambul and i had lunch at Hungry Jacks....again -.-" They took ages to decide where to go after. Harish and i opted for a movie, but we were outnumbered by the people who wanted to go down to "Strike" -.-"

I met my sis and mum at The Glen to do some shopping at 3pm. After shopping for two and a half hours, i have no doubt about this: Shopping is the most unproductive, yet tiring activity. Yea... it's no wonder why girls like it so much.

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