Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I wanna start off by reprimanding my dear friend, Tommy Wu. -.-" Tommy, has your unrealistic, starry-eyed dream of becoming a world-class soccer star been given a quixotic boost by an alchemistic inspiration? I know you still hold a gravid grudge against me for asking your 1/2 year old sister out. Look, i've already told you about my indefatigable need for infant company. It's called SICS - Severe Infant Crave Syndrome. Sigh...you just had to have that last laugh didn't you? I've had had enough of your relentless torments!

I woke up at 4.30 this morning to catch the "extremely-thrilling" Argentina VS Brazil match Tommy informed me about last night. I flung myself onto the couch, rubbed my hands together and turned on the TV only to find out that the "extremely-thrilling" soccer game was some boring news telecast.

At 7.30am, Jerusha bursts outta her room and into the kitchen. I overheard her telling my mum about catching some free movie with Blee while i was in bed. Yea, what do you know, we were at Dandenong Plaza by 9am. The Villiage Cinema there has some kindda promotion going on at the moment; they're showing one free movie every morning at 9am through the 2 weeks of holiday. Isn't that cool? We watched Madagascar. loL! The cinema was filled with little kids and their parents. Jerusha, Blee and i looked really wierd as we staggered clumsily down the isle looking for three vacant seats. Oh yea, my mum, Blee's mum, her friend and her friend's kids were around too.

For some strange reason, that my sis can hardly believe, my mum and Blee's mum hit off extremely well. They ditched us for 3 hours of shopping straight! -.-" We had no idea where they were, and how long they would take. So, we didn't know what to do! lol! We thought about going to Blee's house, catching another movie and having some sushi. But we ended up walking around, into various shops and onto random streets. Yea, we looked like lost vagabonds.

That was the highlight of the day. I came home, made some calls to inquire about community service. Sigh...i hate calling up organisations. It's really irritating when you have to keep introducing yourself over again and again......and again. I hope to get this fixed by tomorrow. This wonderful lady at Arpad Hostel told me to drop by tomorrow to see what i could do. Yea, i reckon i'll be completing my 16 hours of pestilential Community Service there next week.

Got a haircut from my mum, and got my hair dyed a little. Erm..yea..that's about. I also composed a poem lying on the toilet floor while waiting for the dye to take effect. Enjoy!

Jars Of Clay

Forcefully struck,
Hard-pressed on every side.
These jars of clay,
Remind me how Christ died.

Carefully moulded,
With a spiteful blow.
Tested through fire,
So the world might know.

Troubles, Temptations,
And come what may.
I'll hold on tight,
To my little Jar of Clay.

God & Isaac

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