Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Demented Intellects

At long last, i finally fixed my community service placement. I went to Arpad Hostel at 10am this morning to check it out. Ilelko, the lady at the reception, treated me with tremendous hospitality. She didn't show the slightest hint of disapproval. Instead, she gave me the liberty of selecting the times and dates for my service. I'm really reliefed to get this burden off my back.

I'll be doing my Community Service next Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am till 3pm everyday. I don't really know what i'll be doing though. The hostel is a special home for the Hungarian elderly, only some of them understand english. Even so, according to Ilelko, most of them are demented; they talk gibberish. I'm feeling a little intimidated right now, but there comes a point of time in a man's life when he has to face demented intellects of some sort.

Fungus Camp starts tomorrow and i can hardly wait for it! I just wanna get outta my house, outta Melbourne, and up into the freezing cold mountains! haha! I don't know why, but i've been in a constant rush since yesterday... i can feel a terrible urge within me, something that needs to be fulfilled; but i don't know what. Sigh...i feel really vexed, and the only times i'm relaxed is when i'm watching TV, playing FIFA, praying or reading the bible. i gonna turn into a demented intellect? lol!

Oh yea, i saw the Youth World Cup semi-final match between Argentina and Brazil yesterday; In a fierce battle which saw Argentina stand tall over the mighty Brazil with a 2-1 victory. I pushed to the edge of my seat whenever this 18-year-old future wonder star named Messi touched the ball. This limbs are more vavacious than raindrops falling from the sky, his feet are like the nimble hands of a magician, producing breath-taking magic with every twitch or turn. I reckon he's the next Diego Maradona in the making! Liverpool, there's your target!!!!!

The rivalry between Brazil and Argentina never ends, does it? The Finals of the Confederations Cup will be held early tomorrow morning at 4.30am. Guess who the finalists are? haha! Brazil and Argentina again...but it's the senior team this time. My dad's gonna wake up early for it, but i've got camp on the same day! -.-" It's a question of importance right now - Soccer or Camp? Hmm...

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