Thursday, March 31, 2005

Knocked Toothless...

Haiz... today was a bummer. I had a really close shave today, would have blown my head off if it actually did happen. Take a guess from the title of the post. This is probably one of the worst things that has happened to me. Alright, here goes.

I went to school early today, and i played soccer with some friends. Halfway through the game, i gained possession of the ball and worked my way down the right flank. I went one-on-one with Duc (A good friend of mine), and i skipped past him with neat flick. haha, he was left standing there like a block of puzzled wood. Well, as the usual saying goes "Pride comes before the fall".

I continued to gallop down the right wing at an extremely fast pace, looking out for a target in the penalty area. Then disaster struck. Shane (Another good friend of mine), came charging down on me. But i was running at such a fast pace that i couldn't stop in time to avoid a full-on collision. I though for a split second - Should i bump head-on against Shane and send him flying? Or should i reduce the impact by converting my velocity into a vertical movement? Argh, i seriously made the wrong choice. I jumped up and tried to push Shane out of the way of my landing spot. haha, i knew i was gonna meet a hard resistance - but i never knew it would happen like that. T'was on accident, can't blame Shane.

I was literally 1 metre in the air, totally out of control, and i landed mouth first into Shane's shoulder. Smack! The impact almost took me out as i fell to the gound gripping my mouth in excruciating pain. I could feel pain in one of my two front teeth, and i was like...oh no...God please don't let this happen. I thought my front tooth was going to drop off. I touched my lips with my fingers, and found that they were stained with blood.

I'm alright now, as usual. Intially, one of my front teeth was a little out of place, but i managed to get it back in position somehow. still hurts, and i'm don't want to shake it just in case it goes loose. Hope it'll harden up soon = ...(

I can't imagine myself with only one front tooth. No, that can't happen. No, it won't!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What a Relief!

I could feel blood thumping vigorously on the walls of my worried heart as i ventured on. I held a stack of notes with my right hand. I glanced at the many eyes that were fixed on me. My hand started to shiver, and i couldn't see my notes. I tried to maintain control, and steady my hand. But to no avail. I prayed "Help me O God"

It wasn't too bad after all. haha, i did a pretty good book report and i'm really happy. About 5 minutes into my presentation, i told the class to give me a minute because i was really nervous. haha! However, i felt really relaxed straight after. I was all pumped up, and very enthusiastic about sharing my book with the rest of the class. Thank God! The class was actually listening, a few good questions were asked, and many people seemed interested. I think that was my best book report so far. I'm extremely relieved now because most of my assignments are over! Yippee! The only obstacle left in my way is my Science test tomorrow.

I just found a real weakness in me. My left foot. Argh, i'm really disappointed with it. I can't even take a proper shot on goal with my left. That'll provide me with something to catch up with in the holidays. I've gotta start training the muscles and learn how to control them well. I don't know why, but i just can't stand having a weak spot in my body. I feel SOOOO weak!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Julius Caesar Essay

This is the rest of the shakespear thingy for all the die-hard shakespear fans. haha!

Entry Two

Faithful One,
Great is the hunger in my heart for that that is honourable. But the measure of the love for my dear brother is as great. Brutus hath received mandates from helpless citizens who cry “Speak! Strike! Redress!”. Each word adding on to the weight of the heavy responsibility weighed on noble Brutus’ heart.

Shall Rome stand under one man’s awe? I feel caught in the center of a perplexing web of love, honour and integrity. A fierce battle in which dire consequence will be produced, in which only honour will prevail. For did my ancestors from the streets of Rome the Tarquin drive, so shall Marcus Brutus act on the mandate of the people. As the stoics did practice self-containment, so will I, Marcus Brutus, enforce self-sacrifice.

Cassius has passed his worth, and surprised me much when he came with several other gaits besides his. The adventurous Casca, the articulate Decius, the swift Cinna, the nimble Metellus Cimber and the mighty Trebonius. All men of good valour. May their contributions speed our worthy enterprise.

Caesar’s death is a painful necessity. But it shall be honourable. His death will mark the start of a new beginning. His burial shall be as important as the Tiber is to Rome. For we are purgers, not murderers. O great Rome, I make thee promise, if the redress will follow, then receivest the full petition at the hand of Brutus!

Entry Three

Loyal Friend,
What mutiny ravages in the heart of Rome! Savages roaming the streets, fickle cowards with foolish spirits. Oh what has chanced is beyond conceivable thought. Antony and Octavius drool over feeble Rome, as a vicious serpent salivates over a helpless cub. My mind shudders at the very thought of Rome being lead astray by an amoral being. Like a wasted harlot, is Rome in Antony’s eyes. And what am I, Marcus Brutus, doing? My heart crouches at its lowest nadir. For what help can one in need of it give?

Foolish are you Brutus! To have welcomed a shrewd contriver, such as Mark Antony, into your ranks. Doth Cassius not warn of his threat?

Oh Caesar, better you alive than lying silent. Speak! Caesar Speak! My callous hands, my mind of stone seeks Caesar’s pardon! As you did say “I am constant as the northern star”, so did my dagger plunge into your innocent flesh. Brutus stabbed himself in the heart as he crafted Caesar’s last. For your last words “Et tu Brute?” did pierce my contrite heart. I cried freedom, liberty! And Peace! But thy death marked the start of what I had feared.

Entry Four

Speechess Listener,
Portia, my dear Portia, Brutus hath wronged thee most. My heart is grieved but let not my face show it. The weight of my guilt clings on like a heavy yoke, making every breath horrible. My spirit is dead; I find no pleasure save the thought of death. How I loved you, let us never forget. But how I harmed you, I can never repay.

Antony and Octavius are advancing, and war is but a proven prophecy. As wooden homes withstand torrential floods, Brutus’ and Cassius’ armies will withhold Antony’s and Octavius’ legions. The verdict is short and clear; unfortunate, but true.

Several times Casear’s ghost did rudely awake me. He maketh my blood cold, and my guilt to arise. He spoke of my death at Philippi. So it shall be, Brutus will pay for his foolishness! Caesar, soon I shall hold more talk with thee!

Wherefore Art Thou?

Hi peeps, how're feeling?
I had a buldge day today, two periods of P.E and two periods of English. haha, it was great. Did the usual weights for P.E. Oh yea, i was a little intimidated by the weight exercises which involved enforcing pressure on my legs. the past 20 days, i've grown 2cm! haha! I'm really happy. I've been asking God to let me grow taller, and that's what happened! Thank God!

Alright, the time bomb has less than 24hours left on it's face. however, i'm not as intimidated as i was. I've just finished practicing for my oral book report and i found that it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. haha, but i'm still feeling a little nervous. God, please help me tomorrow!

I worked on an extremely interesting piece of literary today. It was supposed to be an English topic on the play "Julius Caesar". We could choose from five different topics, and i chose a the most intersting one - To provide some diary extracts from Brutus' diary. The teacher said that we could choose to either use modern day english or Shakepearean English. haha, i chose the fancy one. I spent one and a half hours doing the first entry. Have a look!

Trusted Companion,
Troubled is my heart. I feel something amiss, like a heart with three tubes, like a cupid with arrows. True is Cassius' love for Brutus, his passion like the radiance of pure gold, and his words like a sharp sword that has slit apart the black veil over my face. The razor edges of his blade, some shaped by honour, while others shaped by a jealous flame.

Julius, a man of morales and character. A mighty fortress, a strong tree, the life-giving fountain of Rome. Caesar - An office unfit for such a man half as great as he. His name lives long in the books of history, and it will go on forever, if it lasts for as many years as his victories count. He has won everything one could ever dream for...with great pity. Pity, gained he also a growing ambition.

I hate Caesar more than i love Brutus. From him, i learnt how to fight, to speak, to be a Roman. Doth fear and terror grip my heart? For in the last winter's cold did he on the high hill of Zion proclaim "I am he who rules Rome as a sceptre". But oft he speaks of democracy in public, but doth he put Marullus and Flavius to everlasting silence?

Brutus will serve, with his life, only for the general good. For it is the reason he was born, and it is what he will die for. Set honour in one eye and death in the other, and i will look on both indifferently. For let the gods s speed me as i love the name of honour more than i fear the burning depths of hell.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Holiwork Day -.-"

It's supposed to be a Easter holiday today because of Easter. And guess what i did for the entire day. I spent 9 hours in my rotten and smelly room (it's actually quite comfy =p), doing nothing but work! ARgh!!!! I can't stand it... i'm like a steam engine going at full-speed when everyone else is relaxing. haiz... all i can do is to look forward to the holidays which are only a week away. haha!

My dad just flew to New Zealand this morning and he won't be back till next Saturday. Argh....this is one of the busiest weeks of the term. I've got a Psychology SAC, an English book report, a difficult Science test, etc. the list goes on. Hope it'll pass soon.

Looking forward to better days!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bendi - Go!

Wow! That was a wonderful weekend in Bendigo! haha, it was enjoyable...but a little frustrating as well. We arrived at the campsite on Friday afternoon. It was a rather run-down campsite in the forresty area. haha, exactly like those scout camps shown in movies. The camp was for children from the age of 2-13. So, the kids were to stay in the shabby cabins at the campsite, while the parents(including my sis and i) were to live in comfortable 3-star motels.

I brought tons of homework over, expecting to do 3/4s of it over the weekend. But guess what? The younger kids (2-6) were separated from the older kids (7-13). Sonja, Danica and Grace were the only 3 leaders taking care of the younger kids, the ratio was like 3:15. It was a little too overwhelming for Sonja, so my sis and i decided to help them out. In the end, i didn't do much work at all. The only work i did was when i stayed up till 12am in the night.

haha, despite that, it was really fun taking care of the young kids. It can get really depressing sometimes when they don't listen to you, or when they start fighting, or when they want something that you can't get them and they start kicking up a big fuss. haha, the list goes on. But it's really comforting, and sometimes satisfying when they call you by name to ask of a favour.

I like this 2-year old boy, Nicholas, in particular. He's just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable. ASk my sis if you don't believe me. haha, i'm not the kindda guy that says kids are cute, but this dude; he's just adorable. He's only 2, and he can converse pretty well! he has an innocent look, and he loves to be carried. Moreover, he has an awesome memory. He remembered my name right from the moment i introduced myself. haha, he's better than i at remembering names.

I really loved the camp, i got to know many more FGA people better. Also, i could finally get my mind of work for a while. Back to work tomorrow! haha, oh yea, the food at the camp was terrific! haha, it was really good. Fried rice, Roasted chicken with plum sauce, tender grilled steak, spaghetti, etc. What's better than that? haha, thanks to all the hard working cooks in the kitchen!

Alright, it's now time to do something really worthwhile.

Happy Birthday to Joce,
Happy Birthday to Joce!
Happy Birthday dear Jocelyn,
Happy Birthday to You!

Zu ni sheng re quai le,
Zu ni sheng re quai le!
Zu ni sheng re quai le-er,
Zu ni sheng re quai le!

haha! *Claps
Just wanted to wish my best pal a Happy Birthday!
Good to see ya so happy!
Hope your play went well!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Finally, the smell of new rubber permeates in my room. After 2 long months of soccer drought... a new Adidas F-50. haha, i'm really happy with it. Thanks Jin! It cost me 30 bucks! But it's worth the price, it has a good bouce, nice pattern, awesome colour. It's just the perfect representation of a soccer ball. haha! I'm gonna have a kick with it tomorrow morning with my sis.

I'll be carring a ton of homework with me to Bendigo. What a way to spend the church camp. haha, well, that's life for me. For all of you who are still questioning me about what life in Australia's about for me, there's your answer - Doing homework during camps. How much worse can it get? haha!

Actually, it's not that bad. It don't like it, neither do i dislike it. I just take it as a process of gaining knowledge. It pleases me in a way.

I just came back from the Easter service at Crossway. It was a massive blast! haha, there were hardcore solo performances by terrific singers. The message was to non-believers, it was like the ringing of the daily alarm to my ears. But it was well delievered by the Senior Pastor, Stuart Robinson.

I have no idea what i'm going to do in Bendigo. 80% of the time work, 20% of the time soccer. That's my estimate. haha, opps, i forgot time for God. Erm...that goes without saying, haha! I'm feeling all nervous for Joce. The Easter play is due this Sunday and i doubt it's all ready(But it MAY be). haha, i wish them all the best, and i hope their put in their best efforts for God!

*I walk as he leads

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New Adidas Rubber

haha, finally... new Adidas rubber to look forward to tomorrow. I gave Jin the 20 bucks i owed him, on top of the 20 bucks for my own ball. He was going to the city to get a new adidas ball for himself. It was very kind of him to offer to buy me a ball as well. haha, i'm loking forward to it tomorrow! =)

Thank God that joce is alright now. I've been praying for her over the last few days, and God actullay did answer. haha, good to hear from her again.

I'm experiencing another wave of homework right now...this is all due to the 4-day weekend ahead of me. I think it's Good Friday this friday(duh), and there's a holiday on Monday to commerate Easter. haha, it may mean fun to most ppl, but it means hell for me. Anyways, i'll be going for a church camp over the weekend. Thus, i've gotta complete all the work prior to that. Sighs... Work Overload!

I'm feeling kindda dumb now, especially in Maths...and maybe Science. The Australian education system for these two subjects pales in comparsion to the extravagant Singaporean standard. All my friends back in Singapore are beginning to outshadow me. Haiz...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Thank God Again...

What can i say...when has my God ever failed me?

"...I will guide him and restore comfort to him, creating praise on the lips of the mourners in Israel..."
- Isaiah 57:18-19

I prayed for comfort from the Lord, and that is what i received. Praise the Lord!
I'm delighted now. Although i'm in some debt, i don't feel the weight for some reason. haha, I didn't climb the fence today. My dad told me not to do so in the morning, but i was not persuaded that easily.

I looked at the high fence when i got to school, and asked myself: Would you risk your life, or God's life rather, just to get a $40 soccer ball?
The answer was pretty obvious.
I went to the co-ordinator's office during reccess to inquire about the David Beckman incident. (For all those that don't know, Beckman's the Year 12 dude who kicked my ball over the building.) Well, she said that she had a chat with him, and that he agreed to pay in cash. I told her that i bought the ball for 40 dollars, but 30 would be good enough. She said that was reasonable, and that she would get Beckman to pay me tomorrow. haha, problem settled.
Thank God!

Jin was really gracious, he said that 20 bucks for the ball would be good enough. I'll just pay him the 20 from the 30 i'll receive tomorrow. And i'll just save up for a ball of my own. haha, all's good. Oh wait...something's bad.

I just can't get my mind off Jocelyn. I can't believe that she's in such a dreaded condition of dengue fever. Tab told me that death was a possibilty, but i refused to believe that. Until i heard that joce actually cried because of the pain. I feel really bad for her. haiz...and all i can do is pray.
For all of you who know Jocelyn, please pray for her. Right now.

Monday, March 21, 2005


What have i done?
Why have you turned against me?
The world has lost its grip on me, and let me loose to eternal space.
The ground i walk on rejects my heavy footsteps,
And the air i breathe causes me to choke.
Heaviness and guilt overwhelmes my humble soul,
It supresses my pride and dispresses me,
All my ego, is crushed at the palms of your hand.

I can't figure out why. Why everything just turns out bad for me these days. It's like God has turned his hand upon me. Had a terrible day of school today. A week ago, i signed up for an arm-wrestling competition just for the fun of it. It was held today, and i was up against a massive aussie dude. I knew i was gonna lose, but i didn't know i was gonna lose in front of half the Year 10s. It was so humiliating. Sigh...

Later on, i played soccer. Disaster struck soon after when i carelessly booted the soccer ball up unto the roof of a building; the exact same thing that the dumb Year 12 did to my ball. I felt so humiliated and guility. Humiliated because all my friends saw me do it, and they'll think that i suck at soccer. Guilty because the ball belonged to a good friend of mine, Jin. I wanted to buy a new ball for him, but i just didn't have the money. I guess i'll just have to save up slowly, haiz... I tried climbing the 3 metre high fence to get up the building. When i was 5/6 of the way up, someone shouted that there was a teacher nearby, and i hesitated for 30secs. That took up all my strength, so i came down. Sigh... i can't even muster the strength to climb that fence.

Well, i've not given up. I'm gonna bring some gloves tomorrow to try again. Most of my friends think i'm crazy cuz i'm risking my life climbing such a high fence. It'll be the end of me if i were to fall, but i'm so pissed now that i'll do anything to get Jin's ball back for him. Besides, if i make it up, i could get my ball as well.

I've got so many things troubling me now..
1. English Oral Book Report
2. Maths Assignment
3. Get Soccer ball back from Year 12
4. Buy Jin a new soccer ball
5. Try to climb that fence tomorrow (with gloves)
6. Science Worksheets
7. Get Right with God

So many bad things happened to me this year.
1. Tie got stolen
2. Shirt got stolen
3. Soccer ball got kicked up some roof. Still not returned yet.
4. Kicked friend's ball up the same roof.
5. Pilaged by tons of work every weekend.

But i thank God for all the good things.

Test me, O Lord.
I will not fail.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ballarat - The Gold Mines

Hi peeps! How are ya? Please tag more!

I went to Ballarat for the weekend because my sister had a "Total Girl" soccer competition there. Left for a 2 hour car ride on Friday, and i just got back from another 2 solid hours in the car. I'm seriously dead beat now....don't know how i'm gonna stay awake for the 7pm church service later.

Ballarat was AWESOME! It's mostly a tourist town, very few people live there. The city was never congested and the roads were easy flowing. The buildings in the city were left standing since the 1900s - there were traditional bars, cafes, barbers, solicitors, banks, etc. They looked really extraodinary.

However, it wasn't the beautiful architecture or the deserted roads that won my praise. It was the homeliness of the people there, they were extremely friendly. The atmosphere throughout the town was very casual. My parents and i visited the flea market in town, and many people would venture out in really grubby home clothes. I really felt a sense of warmth that was never present in the busy city of Melbourne. haha..

We spent the night in a portable cabin. lolz... It was a huge area that was leased out to caravan owners. There also were many portable cabins, like the one we were renting. Whoa, the cabin was really small and crampy. But it felt warm and cosy to be in. lolz... We had pizza for dinner, and watched Bridget Jones Diary 2 while eating.

My sister's team, Glen Waverley, won the Under-16 tournament. Haha, honestly, every single one of their 4 opponents were really crap, and were outshadowed by them. haha, i was really surprised that Jerusha only scored once. The tournament was an ALL GIRLS one, and i stuck out like a sore thumb. haha, there were about 300 gals from the age of 10 to 18.

Oh yea, while Jerusha's soccer matches were going on, i came up with a brilliant idea. I took nice pictures of the gals in action. haha, it was really tough as i had to anticipate every move. For example - If she's gonna take a shot, or not. Yea, i managed to come up with some excellent shots, but most of them were either blurr or taken after the action had passed.

That was a really awesome weekend. The only negative part was that i had to squeeze in some time for the tons of homework i had. haha, made me look like a nerd. Well, i really enjoyed myself though i didn't play. Thank God!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ping Pong..

Just had my table tennis training...i'm completely stuffed out. From 1.45pm to 3.15pm, i had normal table tennis sport, which involved 20 students. Specialised training started at 3.30pm and ended at about 4.30pm. Whoa, i was reminded of the times in Maris was sheer hell. haha...

Yippee! We're going to Ballarat in two days time. I've gotten so much work, that i could well use a break. Didn't do anything much today...erm...Liverpool drew with Blackburn : 0-0. Couldn't believe my eyes...i'll stop supporting Liverpool if they continue like this =( Arrr....

Oh yea, interrupted my sis while she was talking to lyd. Wanted to speak to joce, but she was sleeping. I really pity her, she has to run the Easter Script, Study for the exams and recover from her illness as well. Nothing i can do to help =( Sigh..

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sleepy Head..z.z..z.z

I meet another Singaporean in my school today! haha, his name's Mark. He came last December. In addition to that, i found out that we went to the same church! Whoa, how cool's that?

Clock's ticking away for the Saltshakers, wonder how they're doing with the Easter Play. Joce has come up with a really good script, and it would be a great pity if her dream wasn't realised. Sigh.. I tried inviting more friends to the Franklin Graham Festival this weekend. I seriously can't believe myself, i just found out that i would be in Ballarat for my sister's soccer game. That means that i can't go for the Festival on Sunday! ARgh! Fortuanately, it's held over three days. Unfortunately, different special guests are being invited each night..and one of my favourite singers Darlene Zchech will be singing on Sunday =( Whoa... i can't believe i'm gonna miss her. Furthermore, i won't be able to accompany the friends that i've invited.

Just started doing weight lifting for P.E. Haha, i still remember admiring the Sec 4s doing weights in the gym. Can't believe how time flies... I felt a little daunted by some of the weight machines, especially those that require the use of my legs. Not that i'm too weak for them. The reason that i'm one year younger than my mates, thus, i may stunt my growth with excessive weight on my legs.

I thank God that Friday night's still an option. I read the last page of "The Mark" today. haha, i'm delighted. I think i'm ready to do an Oral book report on it next week. I'll do it for God, and through God!
My arms and legs are really aching from the thorough workout i did yesterday. Staggered into my room after school...did my QT and then slammed my head against the soft pillow. ZZZZ...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Made of the best soccer blunders today. I can't believe it. I was playing as a central defender. Btw, it's just a friendly game i played with my friends during lunch. Three attackers were coming my way, i stole the ball and worked out some space to clear the danger. Just when i was going to clear the ball, i heard a familiar voice behind me "Isaac! Back!" I passed it back immediately because i thought another defender was in a better position for the clearance. However, it was that sly fox, a good friend of mine, Turk. haha, he tricked me into passing the ball to him, and he booted the ball past the keeper. Haha, i was bagged for the rest of the day.

Not that it was a very important goal or anything, but it really taught me something. The same thing applies to my Christian life. One question strikes me, how do i tell God's voice apart?

I completed my Totalitarianism project today. I'm really glad. The rest of my family were slogging outside in the cold night, painting the new veranda, and i was in my warm and cosy room doing work. haha, i felt really guilty, so i rushed out the moment i completed my project. Whoa, we were at the mercy of the cold and uncertain night. A chilling cold wind would blow onto our exposed necks while we were painting. My back started to ache after bending down for 15 minutes, and i could hear my parents groaning. haha, it was hilarious. I really pitied them. Well, it's all painted now...Thank God!

Monday, March 14, 2005

My Help

7 days to go. Another countdown timer has been set - my oral book report. I really hate oral book reports, as most of you already know. haha, it's just gets so tense and nervous when you get up there. I mean, it's alright if you know what to say, and say it fluently and confidently...but it takes practice. Something that i find hard to do, is to keep my calm and talk slowly and precisely when i'm doing a public speech.

Haiz...There's just so much work to do.

Lord, I need your Help.

It was my Grandfather's birthday a few days ago. I can't believe that Tab actually forgot! How could you tab! haha! Fortunately you remembered on the day. Hmm...wonder how Kong would have felt. It's a pity i can't celebrate his birthday with him. He's been a real inspiration to me....he actually spends most of his day reading the bible. Seriously...MOST of his day, meaning hours and hours. He's really motivated me to do my QT everyday. I thank God for him.

Lots of people i know are experiencing troubles...some tough problems, some minute. But they're still problems that have to be dealt with. The worst situation is not knowing how to deal with a problem...people try hard to think of a solution...consult help from adults. But fail to do the most important thing - To seek God first.

My Help
I try hard,
I give my all,
To pursue my wants.
But I often fall.
Weak and feeble,
I push and nudge.
But the brick wall,
Just proves too much.
I need you Lord,
With you I plead.
Only then,
Will I succeed.
You are my help,
When i'm in need.
Take my hand,
And onward lead.
Fill my cup,
And make me whole.
Stregthen me,
Renew my soul.
God & Isaac

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Alright, i guess no one has views on the suicide incident.

My weekends have really changed alot. A huge amount of soccer juice has just been injected into my weekends. I've got a soccer game with some friends on Saturday evenings and another soccer match with the Fungus Youth Group on Sunday afternoons. haha, i'm really enjoying it. Gonna look like a roasted chicken soon.

Oh yea, on Firday night, i had my usual Table-Tennis tournament. Won one game and lost two, as usual. haha, that seems to be the constant streak for me. But it was kindda humiliating this time. I lost to a young girl about the age of 12! I can't believe myself! Argh...she plays for the Victorian Girls Team but STILL....a girl! ahh....i'm sexist.

I invited my good friend, Harish, for the soccer game yesterday. We had a great time...there were mostly young kids on our team who couldn't kick the ball properly even if you paid them. So we had to run our guts out, up and down the field. haha, at least i did. Harish you slacker!!!!

The peeps back in Sginapore are all enjoying the start of their well-deserved holidays...and what am i doing? Working my guts out again.....haiz....looks like my three day weekend's gonna be ruined again. I worked on my History project on Totalitarianism for 5 hours yesterday and i'm only half way through it. haiz...

God Help Me!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Cultural Diversity Week

For all those who don't know. It's Cultural Diversity Week this week.
To celebrate the event, our school organised a cultural-dress day, which was today. I was thinking about what the Chinese wore traditionally, i thought of the Chong Sum, but i had no clue what the blokes wore. haha, i went to school in my T-shirt and jeans.

I was surprised to see Kevin all dressed up in a Sari. haha! he had borrowed it from his mum, and was made a real-laughing stock in school. But he took it well, I'm pretty amazed.

Still remember the Year 12 dude who booted my ball over the roof of some building? Well, he hasn't returned my ball yet, and my patience couldn't hold out any longer. So, i went to the co-ordinator. She took my case very seriously and said that she would get back to me a as soon as possible. haha...that's put my heart at ease.

I had a debate with my mum yesterday about the gal who committed suicide on the train tracks yesterday. What do you peeps think, pls tag. Does the gal desreve pity? I mean, are we supposed to feel sorry for her? Well, i reckon that she's probably committed suicide because of a tight situation that she's gotten herself into, thus, she doesn't deserve pity. In other words, she's getting her just desserts. Just for your info, she didn't die, instead, she was severely injured and was rushed to the hospital.

One of my friends went "She tried to kill herself because she failed at everything... but she failed at that too."

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Another bites the dust. Why do people do it? What is so daunting a problem that couild trigger the "self-destruct" button in a persons mind? It's plain stupidity to me...many think it's just an easy way out of "suffering". But in actual fact, they're just condemning themselves and making it hard for the people around them.

My day was ruined because of a successful suicidal attempt by a teenage girl on the train tracks. I mean, why did she have to choose the train tracks? It's gross, unsightly, dumb and exceedingly unconsiderate. It's probably gonna be on the news tomorrow. I had to find an alternative route home...took the train to Darling. There were about 400 people affected, and most of them flocked to Darling. It was really crowded. Harish, Marcus, Branny, rashan and i caught a bus to Chadstone and got on another bus to Glen Waverley. Got home at 5.40pm - a total of 2 wasted.

I had table-tennis for sport today. I was surprised to hear that the school employed a Chinese coach for us. Haha, she's gonna give the top four (Including me) proper trainings. It came in handy because i wanted to brush up on my dusty skills. However, there was this Eurasian man, i think he's her "middle-man" or something, that was extremely repetitive and irritating. He kept giving me "lectures" that were exactly the same, for no particular reason. I just stood there staring at him, nodding my head in approval. -.-""

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mouse Morale

Venturing like big giants from the past all ready to claim the House Chorale event for Yarra, to put our house where it belongs and to replenish our thristy spirits. While deep inside our courageous hearts lay a intermittent sense of doubt.

We sang our hearts out... gave it all we got. At least, i gave it all my guts had to offer. haha...we lost to an outstanding and remarkable performance from Forrest. The contest was extremely close; like that of photo finish of a sprint race. Our very own "Highland Cathedral" wasn't as thrilling as Forrest's "Imagine". Still, i reckon we should have won. Well, better luck next time...looks like Yarra's not gonna win the Cockhouse this year. Sigh..

I was watching Chelsea versus Barcelona this morning. The biggest Clash of Giants i've ever witnessed. However the slick skill and precision of Barcelona paled to the fluent and nimble feet of the mighty Chelsea. It was a sight to behold, especially when Ronaldihno's brilliant footwork excellent strike earned his team a precious second goal. I wish Liverpool were as good as either one of these clubs. =(

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Step for Christ

My arms, my limbs, my head, my everything's just filled with joy. I was given the opportunity to invite my friends for the Franklin Graham evangelism event. haha...i really thought if it would jeopardise my friendship with my friends, particularly my good friends. I thought about for a minute, and invited Trent and Michael Tran without hesitation. It really wasn't too bad. I mean, i had to explain a little, but both of them said they would consider. Well, i'm just doing my best for Christ. lolz...i'm just delighted that He's pleased with how i dealt with his test.

On the train back home, something really strange, yet embarressing happened. The train carriage was extremely packed with students from various schools, while i had the luxury of sitting down. Sitting right in front of me was this old lady in her 70s. About 3 stations to my destination, a friend of mine, Anthony, looked at me and he pointed to my legs and then looked at the old lady. I had no clue was he was on about...i think he was trying to say that i was perving at the old lady's legs. WTC! haha! just guessing...Just then, i felt a excruciating surge of pain in my right hamstring. I was like...oh crap!

I had a cramp. For no particular reason. I wanted to scream, but i shut my mouth tight and constricted my vocal cords. haha! didn't want to embarress myself in front of an old lady and a carriage full of students. lolz...i just sat there grabbing my right hamstring as though it was gonna drop off. The lady must have thought that i was going nuts. After a horrible 2 minutes, the pain died down. Thank God! I still can't figure out why the cramp started up. Stupid Anthony, i don't know if he had anything to do with it or was it just pure coincidence.

I'm gonna try to invite more people tomorrow. Many more - Tat, Matt, Jack, Paul, Peter, Jason and Barn. And maybe Turk. This Turk guy overheard me when i was inviting Trent, and he started questioning Christianity. Unsurprisingly and unevitably, he critisised some practises.

God encouraged me today through these two verses:

"Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you."
- Isaiah 46:4

"I am bringing my righteousness near, it is not far away; and my salvation will not be delayed..."
- Isaiah 46:13

God is Good, and he will forever be.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Love Retards?

I find it hard, almost impossible. It's like saying "It's Alright" to the driver of a car that's just run you over on purpose. Or smiling back at a pimp who has just viciously slapped you across your cheek. Sigh...i played soccer during lunch time today. It was the Year 10s VS the Year 12s Didn't want to run much, so i played in central denfence. Haha, what do you expect from a former Super League defender? lolz..i'm not bragging, but i owned this Year 12 striker.

Stopped him from scoring 6 times in a row...and after each time, his face turned more toddler-like. haha.. after my first tackle, he went "That F***ing(me) asian!" I was shocked because i didn't expect him to take a game of soccer so seriously. After my second tackle, he ran his shoulder into my back when i wasn't looking. wtc.. i really wanted to beat the daylights outta him, but i just left him alone. After a few more tackles...and these tackles were good and clean tackles...I sensed that something was wrong, i knew something was approaching me from behind.

"Bong!"he had taken a 5-step run up and hit me full-on in the back and the impact carried me forward a few steps. Haha, you've got no clue how weak he was...couldn't even knock me down. lol! I went up to him and said, " Why do you take this so seriously? It's just a game of soccer." He didn't reply. Well, i hate sore-losers like him. But God commands us to love them. So...i'll try.

I had my Psychology SAC today. haha, i reckon i aced it! Thank God. What i studied last night really paid off.

Oh yea, one of my new year resolutions is to invite some friends to an event called "Festivial Victoria". It's a Christian evangelism event in the MCG on March 18th-20th, with a renowned host - Franklin Graham. I can't wait for it. On Sunday, i prayed to God to give me the "Go"; and Low and Behold....during Fungus, Pastor Chris gave out invitation cards for the event! haha! i was really happy. I think God has told me who to invite...Tat, Matt, Jack, Paul, Peter, Trent, Jason, Barn and Philip.
Some of these people are really....erm...hard to crack.

But Guess what? During my QT, God spoke to me through this verse:

"I am the Lord, who has made all things,
who alone has stretched out the heavens,
who spread out the earth my myself,
who foils the signs of false prophets and makes fools of diviners,
who overthrows the learning of the wise and turns it into nonsense,
who carries out the words of his servants and fulfills the predictions of his messengers...
'Let its foundations be laid'"
- Isaiah 44:24-28

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Work Overload -.-"

Whoa...finally, sneaked out some time to blog. My whole weekend has been ruined thanks to my excessive workload. Haiz... I did work from 3pm to 7 pm yesterday. 11am to 2pm and then 5pm to 7.30pm today. A total of 9 and a half hours. I serious don't believe it. My school's turning me into a full-on nerd. I really feel so isolated from the outside world when i lock myself in my room, away from the keen temptations of the TV and computer, doing my homework. What the...

Anyways, i've done most of my work. Not totally done yet. In addition to that, i've got a SAC for Psychology tomorrow and i've not gotten down to studying for it yet! Argh! It's 7.40pm now....haiz. I'm so nervous...i really hope to do well for my first SAC.

Haha, i think i've picked up a kindda bAd habit. lolz...guess what it is? Gum Chewing. lolz... i think i chew 8 pieces of gum a day. haha, it's kindda like smoking. I mean, i'm not addicted to it or i think. haha! My mum was like "Isaac, why do you keep chewing gum?". I replied " It helps to keep my teeth clean and my breath fresh." haha! what an excuse. But it's true though! lol...

I went to church today and i really enjoyed the message. The speaker was talking about having a generous spirit. And one point that really caught my attention was this :
Have you ever felt a sense of jealousy or envy when someone that you know was blessed more than you?
Well, i have. And i'm determined to change that through God's help. =)

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Dreams. I seriously wonder what they're all about.
Some say that they are outbursts of thoughts, emotions and feelings buried deep in our "unconscious" state of mind. A part of the mind where it is hard to gain excess to.
Some say that dreams, or, more specifically visions, are from God; telling us what we need to know, or what is going to happen for some specific purpose.
Some say that dreams are just nonsense. We hardly even remember them anyways, they're just passing images of what we saw while in our conscious mode.
Others say they're mostly revelations of the future. Pieces of information coded in various forms or objects which may even represent emotions and feelings.
I wonder.

I had a good start to the day. Had a full 2 and a half hours of learning in Chinese school. I was finally able to dust away the cobwebs from the "Chinese Section" of my brain. haha, went to Hans Palace for Dim Sum with Uncle Amos and the other cell group members. Whoa, the food there was awesome...never knew such sweet-tasting food existed in Melbourne. haha.. reminds me of Singapore.

There's a huge pile of homework stacked up on my study table right now, and i'm just staring at it in pure disbelief. Have you ever had that feeling when you know you've got lots of work to do, and you want to get it done, but you just don't know how or when to start? lolz..I'm feeling that now. Argh...Off to Work.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Hi peeps... i mean, hi Jeremy and Tab. No one else seem to be reading my blog.

I had a pretty bad day today... i mean, the day was good, i enjoyed all the classes in school but something just ruined my day. I had sport for the last two periods of school. I got changed into my sports gear in the change rooms, left my shirt and all my other stuff in there.

After one and a half hours of table-tennis, i went back into the change rooms to get changed. To my horror, i found that my shirt was no where in sight. I was like...what the. I couldn't believe it. As you already know, my tie got stolen earlier in the year, my soccer ball got booted up the roof of some building and it hasn't been returned, and now it's my shirt. Haiz...i can't believe how poverty-stricken the students in my school are.

I went to tell the teacher in charge, Mr.Pritchard. He's an awesome dude... he put my heart at ease. He told me to look around the change room for other shirts. Thankfully, i found another shirt, it wasn't mine, it was some cheapo shirt from some unknown brand. It was close to the spot where my shirt was. So, i took it and gave it to Mr.Pritchard. He took it and said that it was most likely an acciedent. Some dude may have taken my shirt instead. He said that he would find me a decent shirt from the 2nd hand shop if my shirt didn't show up in the next few days.

Well, this is a day the Lord was made,
I will be glad and rejoice in it.
Thank God!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

National Gallery of Australia

Hi peeps! I'm experiencing another "tag drought". haha... i need more tags! Tag tag tag!

I went on an excursion to the National Gallery of Australia (NGV). There was a speaker who lead us to several parts of the museum to take a look at the fantastic architectural features. It was really facinating to know how much detail the designers and architects went into. The lightings, signage and even the positioning of the artworks. haha... it's similiar to "Feng Shui". The talk was pretty good, but the fact that we had to take notes for a report about NGV just blew the fun away. haha..

I had a meeting in school today. It was for all the atheletes who won their events at the House Atheletics. I knew it was to be about running for the school. My mum had told me to try to represent the school in something because it would be really beneficial for an entry to a University. I had that in mind, but i wasn't too keen on atheletics. haha...i'm not bagging all the people doing track and field, but it's just dead-boring. I really want to run for my school, but i had second thoughts when the teacher mentioned that there would be training sessions. I'm not willing to give up my soccer time to train for atheletics, no way!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Thank God for the cool wind right now. It was boiling hot in the afternoon. Seriously, no one was in the right mood to study because of the intense humidity and heat. haha, i'm supposed to be used to it since i'm from Singapore, but this time, it got the better of me. I couldn't concentrate in class, and neither could the others. all of us just turned off.

Just received another assignment today, just Great. haiz...i'm gonna get my first SAC next Monday for Psychology. I was raelly enthusiastic at the start of the year about the subject, but i lost interest when my teacher announced that we were gonna study the "History of Psychology". haha, it's getting more interesting now as we progress to the many interesting theories.

I've just had a hair cut. lolz..i reckon it's alright. Just wanan thank my Mum for her love and patience. She's given me a total of 5 hair cuts since i came to Australia. The first one was really really dissapointing. haha, but it's been improving. This time, it took about 50mins. Many strands of short and sharp hair fell into my T-shirt, and i had to bare with it for that amount of time. haha, it was unbearable. I'm glad it's all over. I hate getting hair cuts!