Wednesday, March 02, 2005

National Gallery of Australia

Hi peeps! I'm experiencing another "tag drought". haha... i need more tags! Tag tag tag!

I went on an excursion to the National Gallery of Australia (NGV). There was a speaker who lead us to several parts of the museum to take a look at the fantastic architectural features. It was really facinating to know how much detail the designers and architects went into. The lightings, signage and even the positioning of the artworks. haha... it's similiar to "Feng Shui". The talk was pretty good, but the fact that we had to take notes for a report about NGV just blew the fun away. haha..

I had a meeting in school today. It was for all the atheletes who won their events at the House Atheletics. I knew it was to be about running for the school. My mum had told me to try to represent the school in something because it would be really beneficial for an entry to a University. I had that in mind, but i wasn't too keen on atheletics. haha...i'm not bagging all the people doing track and field, but it's just dead-boring. I really want to run for my school, but i had second thoughts when the teacher mentioned that there would be training sessions. I'm not willing to give up my soccer time to train for atheletics, no way!

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