Thursday, March 03, 2005


Hi peeps... i mean, hi Jeremy and Tab. No one else seem to be reading my blog.

I had a pretty bad day today... i mean, the day was good, i enjoyed all the classes in school but something just ruined my day. I had sport for the last two periods of school. I got changed into my sports gear in the change rooms, left my shirt and all my other stuff in there.

After one and a half hours of table-tennis, i went back into the change rooms to get changed. To my horror, i found that my shirt was no where in sight. I was like...what the. I couldn't believe it. As you already know, my tie got stolen earlier in the year, my soccer ball got booted up the roof of some building and it hasn't been returned, and now it's my shirt. Haiz...i can't believe how poverty-stricken the students in my school are.

I went to tell the teacher in charge, Mr.Pritchard. He's an awesome dude... he put my heart at ease. He told me to look around the change room for other shirts. Thankfully, i found another shirt, it wasn't mine, it was some cheapo shirt from some unknown brand. It was close to the spot where my shirt was. So, i took it and gave it to Mr.Pritchard. He took it and said that it was most likely an acciedent. Some dude may have taken my shirt instead. He said that he would find me a decent shirt from the 2nd hand shop if my shirt didn't show up in the next few days.

Well, this is a day the Lord was made,
I will be glad and rejoice in it.
Thank God!

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