Thursday, March 24, 2005


Finally, the smell of new rubber permeates in my room. After 2 long months of soccer drought... a new Adidas F-50. haha, i'm really happy with it. Thanks Jin! It cost me 30 bucks! But it's worth the price, it has a good bouce, nice pattern, awesome colour. It's just the perfect representation of a soccer ball. haha! I'm gonna have a kick with it tomorrow morning with my sis.

I'll be carring a ton of homework with me to Bendigo. What a way to spend the church camp. haha, well, that's life for me. For all of you who are still questioning me about what life in Australia's about for me, there's your answer - Doing homework during camps. How much worse can it get? haha!

Actually, it's not that bad. It don't like it, neither do i dislike it. I just take it as a process of gaining knowledge. It pleases me in a way.

I just came back from the Easter service at Crossway. It was a massive blast! haha, there were hardcore solo performances by terrific singers. The message was to non-believers, it was like the ringing of the daily alarm to my ears. But it was well delievered by the Senior Pastor, Stuart Robinson.

I have no idea what i'm going to do in Bendigo. 80% of the time work, 20% of the time soccer. That's my estimate. haha, opps, i forgot time for God. Erm...that goes without saying, haha! I'm feeling all nervous for Joce. The Easter play is due this Sunday and i doubt it's all ready(But it MAY be). haha, i wish them all the best, and i hope their put in their best efforts for God!

*I walk as he leads

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