Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Catching up on old times...

"Everyday i will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever." - Psalm 145:2

Most people spend their time on Facebook now rather than on Myspace or Blogger, but i'm still adamant on the fact that blogging it way more personal and sentimental than short comments on Facebook or Myspace will ever be, and that makes blogging more meaningful and a thousand times more worth investing your time in.

The VCE exams are less than 9 weeks away and the pressure's starting to mount on exponentially on a daily basis. Sigh... i've been so pressured to study that every spare moment of the day has become a priceless commodity that i'm not willing to spend carelessly. I'm actually thinking whether i should call up an old friend in Singapore or a friend in Australia; whether i should blog or read A Man For All Seasons; whether i should spend time watching EPL highlights or sleeping so that i can wake up early to get more study done! -.-""" Sigh.. study constantly plagues my mind! I'm not kidding when i say that Lead-accumulator battery equations pop into my mind when i'm reading the bible, i'm reminded of chinese detailed study questions when i pray, i'm thinking of Sir Thomas More on the train to and from school! Ahhh!!! I don't want to be bathed in an environment of study and nothing else!

The soccer season's ended. I had high hopes when i scored on my debut, the first goal for NQA, but i never managed to find the back of the net again! :( Sigh.. i wanna play soccer on the weekends, but i can't anymore because i've gotta study! I wanna have a long dinner with Danica, but i can't until 10 or so weeks from now, because of the same reason. I wanna have a long chat with Joce, but i can't... i wanna go for a jog, i wanna go to the gym again, i wanna stay after school to play soccer till 4 or 5pm like we used to do in the past, BUT I CAN'T!!!!!!

That little verse at the top of my post. That's from my QT today. Reminds me of how i should praise God regardless of the circumstance; be it failure in VCE, rejection by friends, lack of time for leisure, whatever... that's good to remember.

My dad's coming back from America tonight, and i've never been half so delighted to see him again. It's been such a long time since i met him. I think it was 2 months ago when i was back in Singapore doing my fitness test. He was there with me. Then he left for America from there. I miss him.

It's been so different without him. I've never appreciated him enough. He gives me support when i need it most, his smile brightens my dampest days a little, and he's just always there. Most of all, he keeps my mum happy. I don't know how he can live with her. She's soooo mooody and grumpy when he's not around. As you know, from my last post, that i got into a huge argument with my mum last week. Well, something worse happened last night and i think it's gonna take a while for me to get outta this one. Basically, she thinks that i've been disrepectful to her. I don't wanna go into the details cuz it'll just be one-sided and will make her sound unreasonable (although i think she was last night), but to be fair, i won't. I'm in the wrong, as usual, she's always in the right. I'll have to learn to get used to that.

I did something really terrible recently but i don't wanna go into so much detail. Basically, i've been a careless dick-head. A group of 12 friends including myself have been planning to go down to a beach house at Lorne to celebrate after VCE. I was organising the accomodation and all and basically i encountered some problems with the bookings and each of us was faced with a $600 fee for accomodation instead of the expected $138. By then, we had already made our "non-refundable" deposits of $110, yeah. Thank God for my caring, loving and accomodating friends who were kind enough not to blame or hold me responsible for the mistake. Theoretically, i owe 9 of them $110 each. Sorry guys! :( Boy, i felt so terrible when i learnt about it.. kept bothering me throughout the week and i couldn't sleep. Ahhh... I still feel guilty. I'll make it up to them somehow.

I should really be studying instead of making this post, but i felt rather sentimental and i really long to keep my blog alive. So.. i've been taking some photos and videos around school, at home, and at various places which i'd love to share with you. The quality might not be excellent but i can guarantee a laugh or two! :) Enjoy!

The jersey that Daz bought for Nick

Some scenic views from the top of Melbourne High School! haha! Thanks to Alexei for taking me up there, it was a good experience mate! :)

That's Jimmy suffering in pain after being smacked in the nuts with my apple :P
A barren tree by the roadside. Sometimes the most beautiful things in life aren't covered up in hypocrisy and artificiality.
"Fresh Snot" - Glennie's local bakery!
Driving on the wrong side of the road? lol!

This was during our Methods class. Macca's balls of steel!

LOL! Andrew (aka Stevie. G or Poland) tried picking on me in Methods class.

Mr Tonkin, our Methods teacher, showing us the tricks of the trade! lol! Rock the Cradle, sir!

Val and her WEIRD laughter!

Jase's Confession

Isaac: What if....?
Jase: I'll bear the responsibility! LOL!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Looking down a cliff

"You stay out of my conversations with her in the future! If you dare say anything in the future, you better watch out!" - my mum, 5 minutes ago.

Good quote, eh? We just had another quarrel over dinner. She claims that i "slapped her in front of my grandmum". All i wanted to do was to speak up for my grandmum. Sigh.. i'm wrong and she's right. I'm sorry.

If i was standing on the edge of a mountain cliff right now, i'd have no qualms about hanging on foot off the edge just to let my weight decide on my fate.

It's a stupid thing to say, and i know i'm gonna regret it in the future. But there's just soo much stress coagulated in my head at the moment.

I learned that i needed to obtain a 99.8 ENTER score in order to get into the Physiotherapy course at Melbourne on the weekend. Sigh.. that really demoralised my confidence, but i was sorta motivated to hit the books.

10 weeks left to the first VCE exam, and i'm currently WAYYY under prepared. I've decided to turn into a MASSIVE NERD for the next 10 weeks, which involves sacrificing most of my weekends. Don't be surprised if i look dazed or depressed the next time i see you, cuz i am.

God spoke to me today through his Word:

"Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat - for he grants sleep to those he loves." - Psalm 127:1-2

I take refuge in the fact that God has great plans for me. Since, i've committed my future into his hands, i will be happy with whatever ENTER i get or what course i am offered at the end of the year.

Truly, what's the use of studying when God's not with you?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Midyear Results!

I apologise to those people whom i've offended lately. I've been in the worst of moods in the past week because of my desperation to get back on track in terms of homework. Sigh.. I'm terribly far behind in all my subjects and the constant thought of the tedious catch-up hours of hardwork that i have to go through just ruins my optimism. Sorry people! x.x" I'm nearing the halfway mark of getting back on track! :)

I just got my VCE mid-year results back today. My sister asked me how i was feeling in the morning in anticipation of my mid-year results.
"I'm very nervous, but i'm not a tad worried," was my reply.

Heather Packett spoke about PRAISE in church yesterday, and she really inspired me. This king in the old testiment named Jehosephat praised God even when inevitable death was approaching as swarming numbers of his enemies about to attack his kingdom. He praised God during battle. He praised God after God delivered him from the hands of his oppressors! Heather mentioned that we have to praise God at ALL times. The one thing that really struck me was when she mentioned that PRAISE was "acknowledging the FACT that God is all-powerful and that our difficult circumstances are INSIGNIFICANT compared to Him."

How cool is that? I really needed to hear that message because i was being so bogged down with work that i hadn't been able to worship God with a clear mind and a wholehearted spirit. Yeah.. So i said a little prayer in the morning, "God, whatever result i get, let it be according to your will for my life is in your hands."

Ms. Crossley smiled at me and said, "you'll be pretty happy with how you fared."

I looked at my score sheet which had two A+ entries for Chemistry and Accounting.

Praise the Lord! :)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

MHS Formal 07

My blog's quite dead. I don't think anyone reads it anymore following the fact that the last comment was made many weeks ago. Anyway, i must make a post about one of the most spectacular nights of my life - the MHS Formal 07. Just wanna thank Em for coming with me. You made that night special! :)

Marcus, Rebecca, Andy, Kawai, Jimmy, Alyssa and Em came to my place at 5.30 and we mucked around till the limo arrived at 6pm. I had some problems tying my tie because it was thicker than the one that i'm used to. Yea, so i brought my orange tie to school that morning to get some help from Tommy. It was rather embarrassing learning how to tie a proper full windsor. Thanks Tommy and Matthias! haha!

The limo was white in colour. I would've preferred a black one, but i don't think a company called "Angellic Limos" would have limos in any other colour besides white! What a wussy name! haha! Anyway, we all snuggled into the limo, which was smaller than i expected.. but it was a great experience! The interior was so darn posh, there was a professional set of wine glasses, the seats were comfortable, the ceiling was black with little bright lights that were meant to resemble stars (a pathetic effort, really) but on an optimistic note.. an hour of complete luxury! :)

We got to the Grand Hyatt at around 7pm, a little early. We mingled around for a while, took a WHOLE TONNE of photos before getting seated. The atmosphere was fantastic and the setting matched the theme perfectly! Moonlight Romance. Moonlight Romance it was.. i'm short of adjectives tonight, so i'll just say everything was splendid. The candles and rose petals on the tables, the dance floor, the stage, the ceiling that seemed as high as the pitch dark sky above, and the ICE UNICORNS! LOL! I didn't believe Em when she said that the two unicorn sculptures on both sides of the front stage were made totally from ice until i touched it for myself.

Em LOVED the food. I didn't find it too appealing to be honest. haha! She carried out a CLEAN SWEEP on EVERY plate while i struggled to swallow the lamb chop. haha! The appetizer was a Chicken Caesar Salad, followed by the Lamb Chop main course and capped off by an EXTREMELY SWEET white chocolate cake with a scoop of raspberry sherbet on the side. haha! The sourish sherbet sent shockwaves down my taste buds and almost gave me a heart attack!

Em and i walked around more, meeting my friends.. we took photos, TRIED to dance (which i failed miserably and could only resort to performing weird hand movements and jumping up and down with Alexei, James, Andy, Henry, Alan and some of the others in a soccer-style celebration circle), took some professional photos, took more photos.. yeah.. we took about 80+ photos that night! haha!

Something worth recalling was the last dance. They finally put on some slower songs. So i plucked up some courage to ask Em for a dance ( i could've done better). It was romantic. The details are for me to remember. I don't feel like disclosing them :) Let's just say it feels good to sway with the music and having someone rest her head on your shoulder.

I enjoyed the events after the formal more than the formal itself. We left at 11.50ish. A group of around 16 of us went down to Brunette's along Swanston Street but it was already closing when we got there. So we caught a tram down to Crown. I'll always remember walking with Em along the Southbank. The night air felt so cool and refreshing and the view along the bank was spectacular. We just chatted and walked, chatted and walked. I wanted that moment to last forever..

Thanks for the night Em, i hope you enjoyed it! :)