Monday, August 06, 2007

Midyear Results!

I apologise to those people whom i've offended lately. I've been in the worst of moods in the past week because of my desperation to get back on track in terms of homework. Sigh.. I'm terribly far behind in all my subjects and the constant thought of the tedious catch-up hours of hardwork that i have to go through just ruins my optimism. Sorry people! x.x" I'm nearing the halfway mark of getting back on track! :)

I just got my VCE mid-year results back today. My sister asked me how i was feeling in the morning in anticipation of my mid-year results.
"I'm very nervous, but i'm not a tad worried," was my reply.

Heather Packett spoke about PRAISE in church yesterday, and she really inspired me. This king in the old testiment named Jehosephat praised God even when inevitable death was approaching as swarming numbers of his enemies about to attack his kingdom. He praised God during battle. He praised God after God delivered him from the hands of his oppressors! Heather mentioned that we have to praise God at ALL times. The one thing that really struck me was when she mentioned that PRAISE was "acknowledging the FACT that God is all-powerful and that our difficult circumstances are INSIGNIFICANT compared to Him."

How cool is that? I really needed to hear that message because i was being so bogged down with work that i hadn't been able to worship God with a clear mind and a wholehearted spirit. Yeah.. So i said a little prayer in the morning, "God, whatever result i get, let it be according to your will for my life is in your hands."

Ms. Crossley smiled at me and said, "you'll be pretty happy with how you fared."

I looked at my score sheet which had two A+ entries for Chemistry and Accounting.

Praise the Lord! :)

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